Atlanta Falcons Embarrassed in Cincy

What an Ugly, Ugly Game

Antone Got No Looks

Will try to get more up here very soon, but wanted to go ahead and get a new thread up for the awfulness that was yesterday. All the optimism and awesomeness that came along with the thrilling win over the hated Saints has gone completely down the toilet. Some of the best at what they do say that you should never get too excited over a big win or get too crushed over a big loss. But did this person have 7 years of Mike Smith as head coach? Rest of post is coming soon, but here’s a preview below…………

Did the Real Atlanta Falcons Just Stand Up?

Offensive Line Back to Crap

That’s the Smittyball I’ve Come to Know and Love

What’s Left to Say on Defense?

No AJ Green = No Problem

Andy Dalton = Joe Montana

No Sacks, No Pressure, No Guts


299 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Embarrassed in Cincy

  1. Hamad Meander

    I guess the best thing that comes out of a game like this is the confidence it instills in the players. When they know they can blow out a team, albeit a not-so-good Tampa Bay team, then the riskier plays become more routine, and the routine plays should be executed with precision and success.

    Any updates on Harry Douglas and was Devin Hester just cramping? Evidently, using kick returners on offense is a good idea.

    Another thing that this game clearly highlighted – speed kills in the NFL. Antone Smith’s run was unbelievable because I thought he might get 8 to 10 yards. Then he kicked it into 5th gear and was GONE. Good night, if that kind of speed doesn’t make defensive coordinators cringe………..

    Let’s take the 10 day break, get rested up and go beat the Vikings next.

  2. Hamad Meander

    Thanks Arno – I didn’t think to look for the link. It’s really cool to see Deion so excited for Devin’s record breaking performance. It was so storybook – you couldn’t have written a more perfect script.

  3. John Waynesworld

    The obvious difference between last night and last Sunday was #70.

    The last time an O Lineman made ROY was in 1990 (Richmond Webb). Before that, there was some Guard from the Giants in the 1970s.

    If #70 keeps Ryan clean and Matt rips up the league, then it could (and should) happen again.

  4. John Waynesworld

    ALSO, I forgot to mention…Levine Toilolo is a TERRIFIC BLOCKER!

    In the bits I saw he helped so much last night, making some huge holes and protecting, I can’t wait to re-check the replays on him.

  5. John Waynesworld

    “I got a quarterback now that, he loves even the walk-ons, man.” –Devin Hester (via Arno)

    Arno, what a telling quote! It says so much about Matt Ryan for not playing favorites….and conversely the Bears QB and OC for not sharing the ball.

    And the previous quote, too…

    “I would always have a great camp, have all the receivers saying and coaches saying I had the best camp out of all the receivers. And once the season start off, I’m not there.” The receivers and coaches saying it, again, but not the QB & the OC!

    I know Hester doesn’t have great hands, but Ryan solves all that with his soft, accurate passes.

  6. Paddy O

    Arno: pretty good, comfortable feeling being up 35-0; you relax and work on things. This was definitely NOT smitty ball attitude. It would be weird if Hester was getting open consistently in Chicago, and Cutler simply never threw to him. Our good fortune. If teams opt NOT to kick to hester, Weems is still a good return guy. Hester has earned his keep.

  7. Birdman

    Don’t know What to think of it . But very cool win .Makes one wonder tho ? Did the Falcons just come out flat in week two . Was Mathews really a factor in that game?Are they going to play that way on the Road all season and be So great at home ?

    The Falcons did face a far better D line than last night . They now have 10 days to prepare for the Vik’s But once again on the road . Then The Giants .

    After that the real meat and potatoes Games start . As we see by there schedule.

    Got to hand it to M Smith . He did not let off the gas until it was wise to rest some men . I also heard him giving thanks 2 or 3 times to his coordinators and THERE play calls

  8. JB Falcon

    FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas, who left the game with a foot injury in the second quarter, had tests done on his foot on Friday.
    “They were all negative,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said. “We’ve got a couple of days to get some treatment and we’ll have an injury report on Wednesday.”

  9. falcon21

    Thanks for the info JB. I am still in shock of Mike Smith actually letting his team play all out for 3 quarters, I hope it is a sign of good things to come for our Birds.

  10. LRD

    JW: You pointed out someething on Toilolo but he is also turning into a passing weapon. OK. he will not be another Gonzo… but still so far I have been rather impressed with him this season, and the fact Ryan is targeting him, just not the 3 option when coverage is tight says something too.

  11. JB Falcon

    21, I don’t think we’ll see many games when we will be able to pull our starters but agree that we should go all out, no huddle, for the entire game. I’m still sitting on the fence scratching my head. Are we that good or are they that bad. If we’re that good, then the Bengals are far superior, which makes us that bad? Dammed if I know!

  12. John Waynesworld

    LRD, you are absolutely right. Ryan is occasionally looking Toilolo’s way as a 1st or 2nd option. I also think it is s a good thing that he fumbled on that play because 1) We won, and 2) it will remind him to high and tight that ball in traffic in future games.

  13. JB Falcon

    JW, I haven’t been zoning on Toilolo a lot but have noticed several passes MR has thrown to him have not used Toi’s height as an advantage.

  14. JB Falcon

    JB, are you talking about that pass MR threw to Toi that was knocked up in the air and resulted in a touchdown? If so, yeah, I saw that and wondered why MR didn’t throw it higher so that only 6’8″ Toi could have caught it.

  15. John Waynesworld

    JB, I first noticed it when I was trying to figure out how these big holes were opening up for SJ39, even though he’s always getting there late. In one play Toilolo turned the DE in a half-circle while Jackson ran by, and another was near the goal line when he was straight hammering some linebacker. He was also engaged plenty of times with D Linemen and pushing them.

    I saw alot of him doing that when I was scouting TEs for our 2013 pre-draft talent search, my favorite time of the year. There is lots of video out there with him doing plenty of blocking along with his catching, so he’s well-versed in both.

    If he stays healthy and hangs onto the ball, he’s Dimitroff’s dream double roster spot and Smith’s dream 3-down Tight End.

  16. falcon21

    JB, one man can make a difference, give Matt time to throw and he will pick a team apart with all the weapons he has. Jake is damn good and will get better. Are we that good? No not yet but we can be if Smith games plans around the talent we have or shall I say, let’s the DC and OC do their jobs. If so, we can get better and be that good.

  17. Nkosi DHunt

    Lol JB

    The young players on the team are getting some burn, and showing some growing pains. But hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes twice. And surely the in game experience will benefit them as the season progresses.

    Everyone is lovong on the offense nut this was a great defensive effort from pretty much everyone. Shembo was robbed of a sack strip, just one of a number of poor officiating moments; another being giving the Bucks their one offensive score by totally ignoring the worst case of offensive pass interference that I have ever seen. So I absolutely do not consider that a ding on Alford’s record. Trufant and Alford are for real. Safety is no longer a weak spot in pass or run defense. Bierman and Jackson were quiet again, but that’s better than being noticed for doing a bad job. Defense has to get the A grade this week

  18. JB Falcon

    JW, no doubt, Toi is twice the blocker the TG was. I believe, once him and MR figure out a pattern of familiarity, Tio will be dangerous. Toi has had some passed knocked down and missed a few but, like I was trying to point out, I think if MR would throw the ball high enough whereas the block couldn’t happen, Toi would be twice as productive. I am very optimistic that the two will develop the same familiarity that MR has with RW, JJ, & HD. It’s just a matter of time.

  19. JB Falcon

    I think we’re all on the same page here. We have beaten the Super Bowl bound Aints, fair and square, in a shoot out. We got outplayed by a better team who will stay only as good as they are now, and kicked the crap out of an inferior team. We are bubbling over with potential and will only get better, unlike the Bengals. Barring injuries, we should get better every week and, come playoff time, we should be able to be a legitimate contender with any team.
    I’m not going to say “Rise Up” because I haven’t liked that saying since the get go. It sounds too much like a guy with erectile dysfunction talking talking to his ding-dong. I like MR’s advice, DO YOUR JOB!

  20. Dewey

    Judging by how bad we looked against Cincinnati, and how good we looked against Tampa, I’m now convinced, given the short week, the coaching staff used part of the Cincinnati week game planning for Tampa. Even though all games count, a conference win, against a division opponent, carries a lot more weight than a non-conference game. Had the Tampa game been on Sunday, believe we might have looked better against Cincy.

  21. Arno

    ‘the worst case of offensive pass interference that I have ever seen’
    Dude looked like he was shoving Alford away with rowboat oars. I think the refs wanted to get out of there. Too bad. Not fair to Alford.

  22. medallion8

    Random thoughts:
    (1) S Jax looked quicker – perhaps he is fully recovered from his hamstring injury
    (2) through 3 games, interior run blocking so much better than last year I think – far fewer runs for negative yardage
    (3) very happy that Coach Smith didn’t pull Antone from further offense plays after Antone’s fumble
    (4) Biermann looked slightly better, but he was lucky to not get a flag on that coverage of Rainey
    (5) I expect more 4/3 as base defense on many downs – especially 1st downs – going forward this year. We just don’t have 3/4 outside linebackers, but it looks like we have lots of good options for a 4 man front with depth and varying strengths to deal with different types of offenses (except maybe a team with a great run blocking LG and LT like Cinci)
    (6) Hester seems really happy and motivated in Atlanta – his play to strip the ball after an interception and recover the fumble showed that to me

  23. medallion8

    Cinci game plan thoughts per the spider on the wall:
    Big Boss: well what the ___ are we going to do at LT for this game?
    Answers from the braintrust: well, we lost Baker in the preseason, Matthews is out for the game, we saw what Holmes did there last year, guess its a coin flip whether to try Carimi at LT even though he didn’t practice much at LT or bring up somebody from the PS
    Answer from Matty Ice: I vote for Carimi and lots of play calls that don’t threaten my health like last year. Take a road loss early in the season and play vanilla offense like it was a preseason game. If Matthews can play LT next week against TB, I’ll destroy them and we will be 2-0 in division and conference.
    Big Boss: No coin flip needed

  24. Wings

    I’m now convinced, given the short week, the coaching staff used part of the Cincinnati week game planning for Tampa.

    Dewey, I am going to take the opposite tack. I think very little of the time was used for planning for Tampa. Why? After the beat-down by Cincy, the short week did not allow Smitty to clamp down the weapons on offense. He had less time to interfere with the planning thus the two coordinators were left to do their jobs.

    Now for the optimism; maybe Smitty learned a lesson that he is much better off letting the others do their jobs. I watched the game a second time and his wired mike captured “Don’t take the foot off the throttle” or something similar in the second or third quarter with a huge lead. To my knowledge, he has never seemed to coach in that manner. It has always been a more controlled environment. It was as if someone had a talk with him. Maybe he learned a big “job lesson” if only he can remember from week to week.

    Go Falcons!!!!!

  25. Arno

    Wings– Smith’s exact quote was, “But keep the hammer down.” I thought it was so telling, I jotted it down. Hope it’s good for the rest of MSmith’s tenure.

  26. Ken Strickland

    Yesterday I closed on my new home & will be moving back to the ATL & Civilization.

    The thing I’m hoping will come from Thursday’s gm is the realization by Smitty & Co that using Massaquoi, Maponga & Goodman as pass rushers, rather than dropping back as pass defenders, makes our pass rush a lot more effective than continuing to rely on Osi & Biermann. And Peters has demonstrated that he’s recovered & is far more effective than Babineaux as a run defender & pass rusher. Start Maponga at OLB, Goodman & Peters at DE in place of Biermann, Jackson & Babineaux respectively, & start playing more 3/4 DEF.

    They should be starting even if we continue featuring this 4-8-5 DEF. To continue giving Biermann, Jackson & Babineaux high snap counts is a virtual repeat of the same mistake we made with former unproductive DE & FA REdwards. And why should Ryan stop focusing on JJones? No one told Montana to stop focusing on WR JRice, or DBrees to stop focusing on TE Graham, or PManning to stop focusing on MHairison.

  27. Wings

    Arno, thanks; he would have a long tenure if he stuck to that motto. He has many good qualities, and in the end it about winning the big games.

    Your picture above is good. I know that type of play has been tried previously under Smitty with JJones, Douglas, and in the past with Norwood, but I don’t remember it producing a touchdown. Hester is really fast as is Antone Smith.

    Your are good about posting good pics; can you find some big hammer that has motion?

  28. Grits Blitz

    Has DT/DE Hageman been relegated to WPP already? Is he injured? Outplayed by somebody? Is he out of shape for NFL contact?
    Sherlock always loves to solve a good mystery but perhaps Dr. Watson knows and is not telling…

    FS Ismael, with that smart interception alone, should already be starting over Lowery, IMO. Hope he gets a chance eventually to break through the VPP wall.
    Would like to see much more of A. Smith running the ball, too.


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