Atlanta Falcons Destroy Bucs

Falcons Lay the Wood to Rival Bucs

Hester Makes History

Amazing Early Effort

This is the Falcons that so many fans want to see on a weekly basis: tough, aggressive, and dynamic. It was a tale of two teams, looking utterly inept against the Bengals only 5 days earlier, and then they come out and not just win, but absolutely dominates. And then we’re right back in the mojo of beating our hated rival Saints. Our Falcons are imitating a version of NFL Jekyll and Hyde. But, hey, the potential for awesomeness is there. Can we bottle it, please?

Blitzkrieg Offense

Antone Off to the Races

Every game please sir! If we lose and we stopped and it doesn’t work, then so be it, but please continue this gameplan on offense for the entire season. No Roddy White? That’s OK, we just use all of our other weapons and use them well. Dirk Koetter gets a lot of flack for not using his weapons appropriately, but he certainly deserves credit for what he showed on Thursday night. He mixed in all the Falcons offensive dynamos in fantastic fashion: Julio, HD, Hester, SJax, Antone, Quizz, Freeman, and even a Weems sighting. It’s obviously easier to do at Home in the Dome, but please don’t change this gameplan going forward.

Devin Hester = NFL Record Holder in Red and Black

HD = TD!

Some Hester Crow, Anyone? Returned like a madman. Stripped and recovered a fumble that was just a fumble. Reverse for a touchdown. A fantastic receiving option. Oh yeah, and by the way, he just broke Deion Sanders return touchdown record for the NFL record in the “house that Deion built” and even did a damn good Neon Impression en route to doing so. I among many have to eat the best crow that money can buy. There’s nothing else to say. Early on, Dimitroff is looking at one of the absolute best free agent buys of the entire class.

Mobile Matt

Matt the Master!

It’s been evident to us fans, but it’s also become apparent to the announcers that Matt Ryan is using his feet to keep plays alive. This is a welcome relief and nice sign of promise for many fans. In fact, coaches have said that he’s run and used his feet more this year than the total of his entire career in a Falcon uniform. The more mobile Matt is, the more chance this offense can continue its upward trajectory.

More to come soon………..


388 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Destroy Bucs

  1. Gman

    Where will we need to be this year for AB to make a change? Are their enough bad teams on our schedule for us to beat and keep MS’ job?

  2. Nkosi DHunt

    When you make Matt Asiata look like Adrian Peterson, you deserve to lose. When you make Teddy Bridgewater look like Tarkenton, you deserve to get beaten badly. Yet we are somehow still in this.

  3. dawsondevitt Post author


    No Adrian Peterson, No Kyle Rudolph, No Teddy Bridgewater, No Matt Cassel. Absolutely NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

    Can we please just get rid of this damn fool HC already?

  4. Greg Mendel

    Okay. So the back-up back-up QB puts it out of reach. Arthur Blank needs to fire everybody and start over. It’s not hard. He has a whole team who rarely sees the field.

  5. LRD

    I will take responsibility for the injuries.. see my falcon gnome on the front porch fell off and broke today… and my son said UH OH we have injuries on the field… and I knew I jinxed us…

  6. Nkosi DHunt

    So last week, the Panthers give up over 100 yards to two RB. Is their defense horrible, or did they just have a bad game? It is so frustrating for the defense to not show up against a bunch of no name guys. But ultimately it’s just one game. The defense has to be better, but the offense and special teams both performed poorly as well. Something drastic may need to happen to get this Jekyll and Hyde thing off our backs.

  7. JB Falcon

    I don’t care if it’s a home or away, indoors or out, there is absolutely no f’n reason for a team to be so sporadic. You can either play football or you can’t. The Falcon’s are not playing up to their capability. Roddy has dropped more than he’s caught, JJ can’t get open against a mediocre CB, MR can’t hit the broadside of a barn. And now, MR throws to the other team? If I were to write “consistency” in big letters inside the Falcon locker room 80% of the team wouldn’t know the definition.

  8. Greg Mendel

    Even with dropped passes and injuries, we’ve scored 28 points. Our defense has given up 38 points to a lousy team.

  9. JJ

    Blame TD equally for not draftring a pass rush…their both at fault but we would hope our def HC smitty would coach them up….never happend in 6 yrs…thats on smitty!!!

  10. Paddy O

    it is a mystery – why we game plan so poorly on the road. our D is absolutely horrific; even when we knew they were running, we could not stuff it. I can’t tell you where to fix it. did anyone see hageman play? Our LB’s almost immediately suck up to the line of scrimmage; then easily get blocked by line men. i hope most of our o line can go next week. silver lining – we are 2-0 division

  11. Greg Mendel

    Falcon 21, the D hasn’t been THIS bad until now. Smith is responsible as head coach, but blaming it all on Smith is letting Nolan and, particularly Dimitroff off the well-deserved hook.

    I don’t know how NFL organizations work, but heads need to roll. Regardless of who’s responsible, this defense isn’t going to get any better. If I were Blank, I’d fire the lot of them.

  12. falcon21

    Lol Greg, that is about all I can say other than this D has sucked for years. Mike Smith is our leader but he is not getting it done.


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