Atlanta Falcons Destroyed Again, this Time by the Ravens

Team Looks Lifeless, Lost, and Hopeless

Nominee for Pic of the Year

Today’s post is a combination of D3 and The Godfather SW…………………

Well, this is turning out to be a fantastic season thus far, eh? As a matter of fact, this is almost identical to last year. The Falcons win a few games early in the season (albeit to teams with losing records and a combined record of 3-9), and then they proceed to fall apart and look helpless and lifeless. Mike Smith has lost this team and there’s really no other way to say it. The Falcons aren’t just losing, they are getting embarrassed by double digit points. Worse still, they never seem a threat whatsoever even to make a game of it.

Nary Room to Run

It matters not if the Falcons are still “theoretically in the game” points wise, because they have no fighting spirit and no heart. You can blame the players all you want, but the people that are mainly responsible are the leaders of the organization and that is Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff, Rich McKay, and Arthur Blank. If the 2007 debacle-trainwreck of Bobby Petrino and Michael Vick was the low point of this franchise (at least recently), than where does this rank? At this point in time, it really seems that there is only one question to ask…………

Should Arthur Blank Make Changes Now or Later?

Normal logic has that Blank would not fire Mike Smith during the season for everything that he’s done for our franchise, including 4 trips to the playoffs, a trip to the NFC Championship game, back-to-back winning seasons for first time in playoff history, and the winningest Falcons coach in franchise history. It would seem like the right thing to do on the surface. However, it almost seems silly to continue the agony any longer. This team has seemed to fall off the cliff and past the point of no return. And it would be one thing if the season was almost over, but for goodness sake, we’re not even to the halfway point yet. For fans, it has become more of a “have to” exercise in torture than the normal enjoyment.

Team Looks Completely Defeated

You would like to allow a coach who’s done so much for the franchise to stay through the season and unless you’re seriously considering any of the assistant coaches as a new hire as head coach (which is very doubtful), what good comes from it? But with all that being said, the Falcons have gotten so bad (arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL), why would you just continue along as usual and try something, ANYTHING to jumpstart this team for the 2nd half of the season? The Baltimore Ravens fired their coordinator right before the playoffs and ended up being a catalyst that propelled them to a Super Bowl win. Granted, that’s not the nearly the same as dumping your head coach, but when a team is so bad, so lost, and and so lifeless, why would you NOT make a change?

Part 2: Requiem or Renaissance.     

Special Guest Writer: Roddy E. Nixon, Jr. AKA Seminole Warrior

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”  Coach Vince Lombardi



I’m not going there this week.  Not going to do it!! No value, no ears to hear it, no desire to say it.  Not going to do it, you hear me!!  Not going to do it.


You saw the game. You have had a front row seat for the last fifteen months. So, on this Sunday evening and for a couple days as the new week unfold, I simply want to ask you

TEN burning questions. 

  1. How do you REALLY feel about your 2014 Atlanta Falcons
  2. By what measure can the 2014 season be considered a successful one?
  3. Why has, after SEVEN games, one-third of our total scoring for the season (56 of 171 points) come in one game, the Tampa game
  4. When will the NEXT victory come for OUR Atlanta Falcons?
  5. If you could have ONE HOUR with Arthur Blank, what would you offer as a fix action or series of fixes for OUR Atlanta Falcons
  6. As you see it, DEFINE the MOST pressing need or needs of this football club
  7. If you had the power to make an IMMEDIATE change at the top, meaning the head coach position, who would you chose and why
  8. How long do you think it will take to make the Falcons a relevant NFL franchise
  9. Why or why not do you think this Falcons organization will EVER hoist the Lombardi Trophy?
  10. With its pick in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons do what?

932 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Destroyed Again, this Time by the Ravens

  1. Arno

    “Blank is mulling a move for a big name head coach…” That would be the polar opposite from choosing Smith. Was it SG who pointed out Blank’s history of opposite moves?

  2. Greg Mendel

    Tampa is leading Cleveland at the moment. Please put away all loose items and fasten your seatbelts. We are beginning our descent.

    Thank you for Flying Blind Squirrel Airlines.

  3. PoolerSpirit

    My Pastor’s message this morning was from the first two chapters in the book of James. Let me share this with The Cage… James 1:2… “Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials…” I’m doing my best to find Joy in being a Falcons fan these days, during the trial of having M. Smith as our head coach…

  4. JB Falcon

    Thanks guys! What a great day to have one, no game, no disappointment, no anger. Relax and watch some other team play a decent game.

  5. SG

    Listened to 680 around noon and “Home Team” Brandon Leak’s call in. Without saying it, he’s convinced AB’s search has already begun. Leak cited all of AB’s previous coaching hires. His opinion is w/o seeing a significant return on his investment the change is inevitable. Leak said that it would / should be a an experienced HC, ideally w/ a SB ring.

    I don’t know if a SB is necessary – I still like the John Harbaugh type of hard to find type of hire. Smarts + Guts + proven ability to finish. But then who’s the GM? Regarding that point, he said he questioned why TD has been totally AWOL recently.

    Another tidbit, surprisingly, I mean really surprising, the team flying directly from Baltimore to London wasn’t fully aware of the fan’s growing frustrations w/ the year’s failings until the return from Wembley. Now that’s what I call a disconnect.

    He pointed out that AB in recent years has become more hands off. Is definitely not a JJ or a Dan Snyder, but much closer to the Bronco’s Pat Bowlen.

    Well let’s see.

  6. SG

    Arno 1:35

    Good memory.

    Regarding BA’s article post, I’m w/ SW that Rex is best suited to a DC role not HC, I’d certainly hope however he’d not be serving under BubbleBoy MS

  7. Arno

    SG– Concur with DC. Rex has, shall we say, an interesting reputation re QBs. I’d be disappointed. A different type of disconnect, imo.

  8. Paddy O

    Rex Ryan does NOT develop QB’s. Sanchez actually played better his first year. BUT, that also goes back to stupid GM moves – Sanchez gets used to a couple recievers, the don’t resign them and he has to start over. However you slice it, we have a defective defensive scheme. It has been since Mike Smith arrived.

  9. Grits Blitz

    JB – Happy Hatchday! And nothing to raise the blood pressure today! A real double-dip!
    Arno – ah, yes, the Book of Lamentations. Only prayer will really get us through and we certainly need a light at the end of this tunnel.
    The weather report is still cloudy to very dark and Arthur insists on wearing sunglasses anyway. (And some thought Norman Bates was

  10. Seminole Warrior

    What’s Up Cage

    From the desk that brought you the initial scoop on the Disconnect, I offer the NEXT CHAPTER…

    So Arthur Blank is going to go after a “A List” coaching candidate?

    Well, the Tee Pee has it figured out!! This “high profile candidate” has to be good, VERY GOOD, at finding talent. He would have to be an offensive minded coach. He would have to be someone that has proven to be a good evaluator of talent, especially offensive talent. He would have to be a leader of men; a proven winner at the highest level. And he would have to be someone that could be given TOTAL control of football operations if the entire Falcons front office is cleared out.

    Most will assume that the only legit candidates are Bill Cowher and/or Jon Gruden. You would be assuming correctly. BUT, in this case, you would be assuming WRONG.

    Well, the “candidate” would not be my personal preference BUT I could see why AB would pull this trigger. And from an offensive standpoint, it would work. The only question I would have is who would this person hire to “re-construct” the Falcons’ defense?

    So given this breaking assessment from Jason, I present to you the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons:


    Proven winner, proponent of the WCO and the ZBS. A proven evaluator of talent, especially in the middle to late rounds.

    With 10 conference championship appearances and THREE Super Bowl titles on his resume, this is the ultimate “A List” choice.

    NOTE: My personal choice, Gary Kubiak, was his OC in Denver and that reunion could be a MAJOR coup for Atlanta should they pull it off.

    Stay tuned……

  11. darrell starks

    Time to cut bait with this team and started all over.

    Like I said before If Arthur get notice go hire Kirby Smart as the next head coach.

    and hire Chris Petersen OC.

    GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Seminole Warrior

    Darrell, Darrell, Darrell.

    Kirby Smart. Safely secure in the shadows of Nick Saban, Smart has not shown me anything that would suggest that he is ready to be a head coach at any level. And for a team that is as desperate as the Falcons are now (all about getting you to commit to PSLs), Smart is not going to be the choice.

    As for Chris Petersen, he has the Washington Huskies program heading in the right direction. There is no way he leaves that sweet gig for the pains and stress of the NFL. He will have the Huskies contending for Pac 12 titles in very short order.


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