Operation Falcons – A New Era

Changes Aren’t If, but When and Who

Stick a Fork……………….

Special Guest Writer: Roddy E. Nixon, Jr. AKA Seminole Warrior

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”  General George Patton

“Things do not happen; things are MADE to happen.” President John F. Kennedy


Simply, let’s get to the point.  On behalf of the Falcon Nation, I am taking the liberty of firing the following individuals: Thomas Dimitroff, Mike Smith, Dirk Koetter, Mike Nolan, Tim Lewis, Glenn Pires, Chris Scelfo, Glenn Thomas, Joe Danna, Mark Collins, and the ENTIRE strength and conditioning unit.

The following individuals will remain employed, for now, by the Falcons, but will be subject to internal review upon hire of the new GM and head coach: Keith Armstrong and Terry Robiskie.


Running Game Dud

This transition, in the eyes of the Tee Pee, began in earnest on December 30, 2012.  It began with a poorly approached, eye-raising loss to Tampa Bay. Since that debacle, the team has gone 6-18. Millions have been invested in free agency and two draft classes have resulted in absolutely not a single damned player to get excited about going forward.


General Manager Hire: The Tee Pee recommends that the next general manager of the Atlanta Falcons be one of three men.  All three share a very distinct pattern; they all have won two Super Bowls as directors of scouting/player personnel/front office management. They have a VERY strong presence of drafting and free agency selections and they are all VERY versed in salary cap management. Two of them are currently seen as possibly being “under the gun” this season if the teams (Steelers/Giants) fail to make the playoffs. And De Costa is seen as a VERY HOT candidate for MANY potential openings given his strong bond to the super successful Ravens GM, Ozzie Newsome.

Kevin Colbert:  General Manager, Pittsburgh Steelers

Jerry Reese: General Manager, New York Giants

Eric DeCosta:  Assistant General Manager, Baltimore Ravens

Head Coach Hire: The Tee Pee recommends that the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons be an offensive minded coaching hire.  The PRIMARY reason for this approach is that the offense is the STRENGTH of this team now and for the near term future.

My choice to lead this renaissance is former Houston head coach, Gary Kubiak.

The Kick to End It

Kubiak is an offensive mind. Being of the Walsh-Shanahan offensive tree, Kubiak is WELL versed in the concepts of the West Coast offense. Kubiak comes into the Branch with THREE Super Bowl rings on his fingers from his time as an assistant coach (quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator) during his time with San Francisco and Denver.

In addition, like Walsh and Shanahan, Kubiak is a staunch proponent of the ZBS (zone blocking scheme). He likes a balanced approach to his offense; strong rushing attack and a “spread the field” passing attack that uses the screen pass, the right end, and the intermediate routes with GREAT efficiency.

And like Shanahan, who was deemed a failure at his FIRST head coaching gig with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, I think that given the talent in place in Atlanta, especially on offense, the turnaround for Atlanta and Kubiak could be just like what we saw when Denver rose to prominence under Shanahan to win TWO Super Bowl titles.

Offensive Coordinator Hire: The Tee Pee recommends that Coach Kubiak bring to Atlanta with him, his trusted friend, Rick Dennison.  Dennison and Kubiak are joined at the hip; they have been a pair since Kubiak took the Houston job back in 2006. As both a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, Dennison worked well with Kubiak to turn the Houston team into one of the league’s most versatile and dynamic offensive units.

Defensive Coordinator Hire: The one thing that haunted Gary Kubiak during his Houston time was the fact that the defense never measured up to the potential displayed consistently by the offensive unit.  The lesson was learned by Kubiak in 2011 when Kubiak hired former Falcons DC and interm HC Wade Phillips as his new defensive coordinators.  That hire, an aggressive draft scheme by GM Rick Smith, and targeted free agency, turned the desperation into an asset as the Houston defense became a true force in 2011 and 2012.

Defeated and Disheveled

Kubiak could do the same in Atlanta.  And while I have the highest degree of love and respect for Wade Phillips, the choice is crystal clear.  Rex Ryan is the CHOICE to re-build the Atlanta defensive unit. And Rex is the perfect fit to implement either the 4-3 or 3-4 in Atlanta. Ryan is a defensive specialist and in Atlanta, that is ALL he would have to deal with. And the dividends would be immediate I assure you. You want a tough defense, an aggressive defense, an attacking defense.  Rex Ryan is the answer and the start of that becoming the standard, not a dream.

Your turn:

What do you think of my ideas?

 Is SW onto something?  Has SW finally gone off the deep end?

Who would you like to see as the General Manager?  Head Coach?

Do you have a better pairing for the offensive and/or defensive coordinator positions?

When would you make the changes?

Would you retain and current staff and why would you do so?


374 thoughts on “Operation Falcons – A New Era

  1. Arno

    “You know, one of my favorite things about coming (to Atlanta) is having a leader like Matt Ryan,” offensive guard Jon Asamoah said after the game. “He was just on the sideline, ‘Let’s go, let’s get it.’ He just gets you so fired up, and there’s just no doubt in your mind that we’re going to score on that drive.”

  2. LRD

    Well Nola loses, we somehow trip all over ourselves, yet still end up standing up right ( but then Tampa was the one legged man in the ass kicking contest).. and if the eagles take out the panthers…we are laughably still alive. That is just so ridiculous on so many levels.
    But Smitty survives to the end of the season….

  3. JB Falcon

    LRD, you are correct about the NFC South. The prize for winning our division is you get to be the first team to get the snot slapped out of you in the playoffs! I read an article about the new CEO of Home Depot and he said the pulled it out of a nose dive by following Bernie’s rules. After watching the direction AB has allowed the Falcons continued, it makes me wonder if AB wasn’t just the “best friend/do as you’re told/ don’t know sh!t about business”, partner in the Home Depot success.
    If he doesn’t act like he’s got a brain and correct this disaster, he’s going to have a very nice, expensive, empty stadium.

  4. JB Falcon

    Did anyone else notice how few times the camera scanned, or showed, the precious few fans that were at the game? Atlanta is becoming the true definition of the Tampa 2 and that’s not referring to a football term. All hat, no cattle.

  5. Wings

    Got this from the “NEW LOOK” fish wrapper. The “NEW LOOK” is crap to match the reading.
    The Falcons opened the game in a jumbo formation with offensive tackle Gabe Carimi as an extra tight end. The message to the Bucs was clear that the Falcons were determined to run the ball. Running back Steven Jackson ripped off a 9-yard gain followed by an 8-yard gain. The tone was set and Jackson went on to rush for a season-high 81 yards on 16 carries and scored on a 1-yard touchdown run.

    So exciting I can hardly contain myself. How much longer will we have to endure this head coach? Smitty it is a good omen; please run SJackson 30+ times per game. SET THE TONE.

  6. Arno

    The London thing bothers me so much, I’m having fatal doubts about Blank’s ability to take the organization forward. We’ll be talking about the possibilities, but for me, hate to say it… confidence level in Blank is at its lowest. He’ll run sideways and probably lose a couple of yards.

    Dimitroff has already been checked by Pioli, so there’s that.

    We can see where Coach Smith is. He deployed SJackson against TB in MTurner style. SJax delivered a physical performance, made the passing attack run more smoothly, and inspired his o-line. So we will be seeing more of this as MSmith is determined to salvage his job though his early success with Smittyball. If the o-line can consistently open lanes for a downhill SJax, then we’ll reach 8-8 and keep Smith.

    Where does that leave us fans? Hopeless? Maybe. I’m gravitating to the Falcons becoming a more player-oriented team. There are player-oriented teams out there, the Steelers for example (for better or worse), the Packers, the Broncos. If the players take it upon themselves to up their game, lead themselves, I’ll take it as constructive mutiny. Constructive mutiny may be our only realistic hope as Falcons fans, considering Blank/Dimitroff/Smith will continue to muddle along.

  7. Unca' Bob

    Seminole Warrior,

    Thank you my friend. Semper Fi. I’ll go by the local VFW a little later and have a beer or three. 😉

  8. SinIsIn

    Welp, hope ya’ll enjoyed our last win for the season! I shut that manure off midway into the 2nd half in favor of clicking on redzone. Frankly, wasn’t worth getting myself all riled up over. We were probably going to win, and it was probably going to be ugly and depressing. No need to see all the individual performances.

    We don’t have to worry about winning the division and that locking Smith up for next year, because we ain’t gonna win against Carolina. In fact, I am calling those games both losses right now. We maybe, just MAYBE could win our second game against NO because we always play them for pride, and they just proved they aren’t invincible at home (in spite of the blathering of ESPN analysts everywhere). I would consider sweeping our rivals to be the bright of spot of a worse-than-crap season, but I am not holding my breath. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a thrashing instead, like GB just laid on Chi last night. 45-0 before half time? Ouch! All too possible, considering NO can hum along when they want and we just look inept in all phases of the game. And let’s not forget – that atrocious dog-doo Chi team still beat the snot out of us!

    Our schedule the rest of the way? @Carolina, Cleveland, Arizona, @GB, Pittsburg, @NO, Carolina again. I don’t see another win this year, except maybe in NO, and that is probably me being more hopeful than realistic. I know the Jets just beat Pitt and the Jags handled the Browns earlier this year, but both teams have better defenses than ours. Maybe not statistically, although the Jets are only like a decimal point below us in the rankings. But eyeball test/how they play when it counts the most/doing anything well? Yea, I honestly think only TB and CHI have a collectively worse defensive unit than us, and maybe you can throw Oakland in there too.

    I actually would like for Carolina to beat the Eagles tonight. I’d rather see the Panthers take the division than the Saints, frankly. Some of that is hatred for the Saints, some of that is confidence Carolina wouldn’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

    Dang UB, nice points total. I know it was mostly Lynch going ballistic against the Giants (who we couldn’t run against; 90 yards between 5 players, and one rushing TD) but still impressive. If Parkey has a good game, you make crack 200. Think that’ll be the first time someone did all season?

  9. SinIsIn

    8-8 would be 5 more wins. Just curious which 5 games you think we can win. I’m genuinely interested to know cuz I could seriously use a shot of optimism right about now.

  10. JB Falcon

    Sin, Carolina hasn’t been setting the woods on fire here lately. The last time we played them they had Hardy who is under suspension now.
    It’s possible, that’s all I can offer.

  11. Arno

    The way we are playing now, I look on our schedule and find maybe one or two wins tops. But that’s the way we’re playing now. I see the next four games — Panthers, Browns, Cards, Packers on road — as each game progressively more difficult. So if we take the first step — huge ‘if’ – we prove something for the next step, and so on. That’s what the players are shooting for, so I’ll go for optimism in player leadership– that’s damsure all we got right now, anyway. 8-8! Go Falcons!

  12. Paddy O

    I don’t see Carolina nor NO being good. 3 wins. Browns are beatable. Would be a shocker to win against Cards or Packers. Steelers are pretty hot and cold. Those would be the best opportunity 5. And, as I mentioned, I think the Falcons are the “trap game” for a lot of these playoff teams. If they over look us, we could sneak in a win. Cards lost Palmer. Packers will be the toughest. One game at a time.

  13. Unca' Bob



    It would be nice to score two hundred points, but at the end of the day, a W is all it is. You and JJ both scored 190+ points agin’ me and won, and I hate you both(LOL). This would be my second 190+ game. That’s what makes it fun.

  14. Greg Mendel

    We were much closer to giving away yesterday’s game than the score indicated. Pitiful Tampa Bay was doing everything short of trying to lose. We are the “gimme” team of the NFL. The Aints will take out all their frustrations on us. No more wins.

  15. Unca' Bob


    On any given Sunday……? Look at the Giant’s two Super Bowl wins, Who’s hot and who’s not. I know. Hope springs eternal.


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