Atlanta Falcons: The Case for an Immediate Change

No Reason to Wait Any Longer

A quick and very special thank you for our Godfather Seminole Warrior stepping up and in to contribute for all of us here in The Cage. Once we broke away from the All-Jackass-Club, my original intent was for this to be a shared blog and have multiple contributors and I still hope that comes to fruition., so anyone who’d like to write, you’re always welcome.

This comes at a fairly awkward time since the Falcons just beat the lowly Bucs, but has really anything changed at all after barely beating a team that’s much worse than you? Even though this won’t happen going forward, here’s many reasons why it SHOULD………

Do it for the Fans

This is the biggest reason that a move should be made. Barring the greatest miracle in the history of Planet Earth, this season is over. More accurately, it’s completely over if everything stays exactly the same. And truth be told, it’s really over anyway. The regime has come to it’s end. Smith is almost definitely gone, as is Thomas Dimitroff. If you would have polled Falcon fans last year on whether they would be upset if Smith was let go at the end of the 2013 season, most wouldn’t have been upset. Despite the gaudy record (mostly against weak teams), many could see that 2013 was a culmination of issues instead of only a blip.

Fans will support their teams no matter what, but with half the season still left, fans deserve something to look forward to. The end result would probably be the same, but it would hopefully have a different feel to it and the chance of actually putting a decent product on the field would become more likely. If nothing else, fans would hopefully appreciate Falcons owner Arthur Blank at least acknowledging that season ticket holders deserve at “trying” to do something different and shaking things up. There’s also a really good chance it would galvanize the team and players under a new coach.

Do it for a Coach Who’s Earned a Shot

The season is a wash and Mike Smith will be out in all likelihood. On one hand, it would make sense to allow Smith to finish the season for all he’s done for our franchise, but why delay the inevitable. More importantly, though, one of the Falcons loyal assistants has earned a shot to prove what they can do as a 7 game job interview. One one hand, it might be a little risky to give one of the coaches a shot because if they end up doing really good Blank may feel pressure to keep him as a permanent coach, but an entire house cleaning is due. But for a guy like Keith Armstrong or Terry Robiskie, they could show what they could do for another team. Just watching those two on Hard Knocks, they certainly would do a superior job of inspiring and demanding better work and effort than Mike Smith has shown so far. In the end, it may not lead to much, but it goes back to what keeps coming up: why not try something?

Do it for the Players

The season’s pretty much over and players should get a breath of fresh air and see something change. A new coach could bring a new mentality and new passion to the team. This could include scheme changes, personnel changes, but most importantly it could galvanize the team to simply play for one another and a new coach. Players say they are pressing and when you press you become tentative and often times that’s when players get injured. Obviously, that’s not the only reason players get hurt, but it can be a contributing factor. Again, what do you have to lose at this point.

Do it for Mike Smith

This sounds ridiculous on the surface because why would it be good to let someone go and fire them? It would essentially accelerate what’s going to happen anyway and get it over with. No more worrying on the fans, players, assistant coaches, and even Mike Smith himself. Would it be hard to let someone go mid-season that’s done so much for the franchise: yes. But it will be no more difficult waiting the rest of the season and doing it anyway.

And the Best Reason?

During the Falcons-Bucs game, they showed a statistic that said the Falcons record of 6-18 since hosting a conference championship is the worst in NFL history. Yes, let that sink in a little bit. Through the entire history of the NFL, there has been no team that has gone on to a worse record than the Falcons after being a step away from the Super Bowl. While all those other reasons are fairly subjective, this one certainly is not. Smith and Dimitroff can make all the excuses in the world, but the fact is pure unemotional statistics: the worst team in NFL history after hosting a conference championship. Do you need any other reason?

404 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons: The Case for an Immediate Change

  1. Wings

    The “Travian Robertson” loss really irks me, too JB. Win or loose I have had as much as I can stand with this coaching staff. I missed Sunday’s game on TV for the first time since 2008 game one. I don’t feel like I missed a thing. Went to Savannah for some music.


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