Atlanta Falcons Less Terrible than Panthers

Difference Between Really Good and Fraction Above Terrible


What a Beautiful Sight!!!!


Yes, the Falcons won despite Mike Smith doing everything in his power to find a way to lose the game. The problem is, the Panthers are that much worse than us. They still almost won even though their offense decided to only play barely over a quarter of football. Smith and the Falcons nursed a 16-3 lead and had every chance to put the game away. But you all know how this goes don’t you!

The Falcons fumbled, mumbled, and tried their hardest to let the other team come roaring back for the win. Even though they had TONS of chances to put the game on ice, all the Falcons really needed was ONE more first down and they couldn’t even do that. In fact, the Panthers only needed a few more seconds to get another legit field goal chance. Look, a win is a win, especially over SCam Newton and the chump Panthers, but if you think this team is actually good, than you need to get your head checked.

They’ve beaten all 4 teams from their division, which is jockeying for one of the worst of all time, and no one else. There’s a difference between being momentarily happy to win a game and being completely and totally delusional that this team has any markings of being halfway decent.

More to come later…………..

381 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Less Terrible than Panthers

  1. Greg Mendel

    Clock management has been awful, but it shouldn’t even be a factor. That it IS a factor says too many other aspects of the Atlanta Falcons are substandard. It was a factor in London, but only after blowing a 21-0 halftime lead to lose by a single point.

    Dropped passes, turnovers, Jax-up-the-middle, “Where is Antone?,” penalties, Easter Egg pass rush — all that nonsense makes clock management a weekly crisis.

    Clean house!

  2. Arno

    Smith, upon further reflection, is owning up to it. In his own words: “…made on the fly– a decision that didn’t give us the best opportunity to win. I didn’t put the guys in the best position.” But it’s a much bigger pattern than what we saw yesterday. And going forward?

  3. JB Falcon

    “I didn’t do the things that needed to be done to put our guys in the best position to win the game. There are lots of plays in a football game that can affect the outcome and I didn’t do my best to help us win yesterday.” – Mike Smith
    Interpretation; “My stupidity got the best of me and I cost us the game. I would say that I will do better the next time but since this is the second game this month that I have screwed up the same exact thing, it is obvious that I do not have the ability to do any better. I could man up and do AB and the fans a favor by resigning but I really, really dislike cleaning toilets. This is all my wife’s fault since she has assigned that duty to me at home and claims that’s all I am qualified to do.”

  4. falcon21

    PS, he has good numbers as an HC and OC but he doesn’t have the time invested that I think AB will be looking for.

  5. JB Falcon

    PS, I don’t think Gus would want to give up what he has, like, why would he step off of a pedestal into a pile of sh!t?

  6. Paddy O

    looks like we could be the cream of the crop in the NFC south. lol. Wouid Mike smith be one of the few fired playoff coaches? (what IF Arthur does NOT fire him?)

  7. Wings

    Seminole Warrior,
    You have advocated Gary Kubiak as the 2015 head coach for the Falcons. After seeing his offense against the Saints, I am on board with you. Some pressure needs to be taken off Matt Ryan to do everything. The Kubiak offense appears to be much more straight forward and simpler. I like that a large number of the plays originate with the quarterback taking the snap under the center. The running game becomes much more important with the appropriate running back (not SJackson).

    I have never advocated any particular favorite candidate because I have thought the “NFL people” know better. It’s time to put Matt Ryan in a situation that lets him execute rather than going through all of the gyrations that we currently see at the line of scrimmage. Matt Ryan has been compared to Peyton Manning in the past because of his ability to manage the game. When I have seen Manning in the big games, his record for winning has not been stellar.

    We need a change and soon not because of the “time management” issues but because of the the schemes. making the right decisions of putting the best players on the field, and creating positive opportunities for the team to win.

  8. JJ


    Thanks UB, it’s 99% luck as you know. For ex. We both went after M.Ball and you snagged him first so I had to settle on CJ…then he pulls his hammy again and CJ takes off…pure luck. Nice win over the always tough SW and I see you are the pts leader by a wide margin…hope you stay on Sinsin’s side of the playoff tree! 🙂

    ps- Come on JWW!!!

  9. Grits Blitz

    Two BIG headlines for the day:

    1-Falcons Are Arizona’s Obamacare …
    HC says, “Just the tonic we needed after losing to the Seahawks. We’re gonna get well now!”
    (Falcons defensive unit reportedly seen lining up for “sick call” and have filed charges against NFL for “field abuse”, assault &battery perpetrated against them…time and again.)

    2-Arthur Blank Not Distracted By His (toy/hobby) “Distraction” at Flowery Branch…
    Atlanta’s dapper owner stated, “I plan to do nothing about the team… again today. TD and Smitty are on it, said they’ll fix it, and I believe them. Today’s a good day to read Alfred E. Neuman (what, me worry?) comics and watch Sgt. Shultz (I know n-o-t-h-I-n-g) on tv”.

    Translations: The beat downs will continue until morale improves. “We’ve just got to play better”, according to one player (who was told what to say).

  10. Wings

    Just saw this description of SMITTYBALL:

    Smittyball will always stand for passive, unimaginative, grind-it-out, sit-on-a-lead, predictable, vanilla, staid, pacifist, mind-numbing, dull football. Not something to be proud of, certainly not something to use as your core offensive philosophy. Smittyball might win a lot of regular season games in a league mired in the mediocrity of self-enforced parity, but it is not something you’re going to ever see winning any Super Bowl trophies now or in the future.

  11. John Waynesworld

    JJ…oh, it’s on!

    I think this NFC South “battle-for-the-basement” is good for us two-fold. First…we could make the playoffs and throw caution to the wind (playing with house money) against our opponents; and second…even if we do make the playoffs, having a bad regular season with all those embarrassing coaching failures will STILL be enough to get Tragic Mike, et al, fired at season’s end.

    Everyone already knows that if we win our division it won’t be because of Smith’s brilliance, in fact it will be despite of him and his decisions. Arthur will see this as an opportunity to upgrade his HC regardless of us grabbing that playoff spot. No one will fault Arthur for this move.

  12. Grits Blitz

    JohnWW – I believe I understand your post’s intent. Our present owner needs to make a move but he must need p.r. encouragement first. Sounds plausible to me.
    However, IMO, Arthur IS at fault – now. Have you seen ANY evidence to date that Arthur will be making any move in the future?
    Smitty’s skills as HC are linked with Arthur’s ownership skills – limited at best (if not downright incompetent), indecisive, and highly
    compatible. A mutual admiration society… operating in a vacuum.

  13. Arno

    As weak as we are right now, anybody — including Blank — can see that we’d be 6-5 now if not for Smith’s ‘on the fly’ misguided game management. Even so, I expect Blank is desperate for an excuse to keep Smith. So, what are his minimum requirements? I’d say either seven wins or a South title, and Blank has his rationalization for status quo. Short of those minimums, he will with great reluctance cave to pressure and make the change.

  14. SinIsIn

    So Arizona is on the plate next eh? Hoo boy, they have made us look downright foolish in the past. Please Falcons, for the love of my sanity and my fantasy team, please sell out to contain the run this week. The Cards should be on the 2nd, possibly even on their 3rd, QB of the season, and MAY be without Fitzgerald as well. This is a game where we should be daring them to beat us through the air, even if our secondary is somewhat depleted at the moment.

    Welp, I needed one dang win to lock up my #1 seed, and instead I turned in the worst game of the season. Hell, even the Hags towel boys sucked this weekend! What the heck is wrong with the Lions? 18 pts between Stafford and Calvin Johnson?? In a game they had to air it out to keep up no less…. Oh well, that’s what I get for placing faith in Lions players 🙂 Meanwhile, JJ keeps getting better…damn you Josh Gordon! 😉

  15. JB Falcon

    JW, looks like MS has become somewhat of a popular subject around the entire NFL. I hope AB is enjoying his growing popularity also.

  16. LRD

    And the sick humor of this season continues thanks to the Ravens last night. Watch we will crush the card’s this sunday…. just watch.. just to insure that hilarity continues.

  17. Paddy O

    “browns are a better football operations than the falcons” mike smith game clock management: “not a professional football” ability.

  18. Paddy O

    I thought we had the ability to win out, except for GB. We should have beat Detroit – who is now 7-4. Mike Smith is our Achilles heal. His pathetic imbecility is ruining a talented team. Plus, our 4-2-5 is utter manure.

  19. Mike In Minnesota Currently In Conyers

    It’s great to be home….A Blank…I’m sure is working on M Smith’s replacement…He is doing what he thinks is best…even thou we are wanting change NOW !…I have to admit that for some reason I respect that he is waiting till the season ends !….this regime has given me a lot of pleasure over the years…however it’s given me a lot of displeasure too…I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving !…Talk to you when I’m back in Minnesota!

  20. JB Falcon

    November 25, 2014 at 5:20 pm, “crush the cards”

    That post, in itself, was hilarious. So, there’s going to be a plane crash with the Cards on it? I mean no harm but I just can’t muster up enough optimism to even imagine that scenario. Let’s see, MR actually has enough time, more than 1.2 seconds, to step back, read the field, and throw a ball to JJ who is streaking 25 yards out, uncovered by Peterson, and JJ actually catching the ball which will not be thrown 5 yards past, or behind, him? Even more hard to imagine would be SJ trying something different that running 2 yards up the middle, after taking his normal “hop” right before he gets going(I never see another RB doing that), and getting tackled by the first person to hit him. Finally, to stretch my imagination, I can’t imagine MS sitting at home during the game.

  21. Greg Mendel

    Mike in Minn in Conyers: You’re just up the road from me (in Loganville). Have a great visit and holiday!

    JB: Your post reminded me of something that puzzles me every game (and not just the Falcons). Over and over, I watch running backs running, gaining turf, and there’s one guy in front of them (at least in videospace — a TV screen) — and the RB runs straight at the guy. Wasn’t there once a concept called “running for daylight?” In soccer, you run straight at the guy, fake, and run around the defender. It may not Be a 20-yard run, but soccer doesn’t have “first downs.” If you run for daylight instead of into a person, might you not achieve that thing that eludes the Atlanta Falcons most of the time: a first down? Another two, three yards? It drives me nuts. MORE nuts.

  22. dawsondevitt Post author

    NEW POST UP CAGE…………………………….

    Couldn’t delve into the actual game much, but rather have to look towards better and happier days (when Mike Smith is fired)…………..

    And I’m sorry, I refuse to dabble in the belief that Smith is coming back because I cannot and choose not to be sad and depressed. I HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, it’s only down to 33 more days y’all!!!!!! We can do this!!!!


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