Mike Smith Fails Falcons and Fans Once Again

Smith Tops Himself with Latest Debacle

Another Week, Another Terrible Loss


Really, at this point what’s left to say? There’s nothing else we can add to the fire, beat a dead horse, or pile on this coaching staff, front office, general manager, owner, and franchise overall that hasn’t already been said a million times over in this blog. Perhaps other fans are just now “seeing the light,” but most of us have long surpassed the tipping point with this regime, particularly head coach Mike Smith.  This post really needs to waste no time talking about the actual game that was, because what’s any different than we’ve seen over the last 7 years with this dude.

Some Think Blank Is Looking to Find a Way to Keep Smith

One Good Play

Maybe it’s just because we’re so beaten down as Falcons fans in our wretched history that we won’t allow ourselves to go to a happy place of replacing Smith at year’s end. Many firmly believe that even at 7-9 or 8-8, Blank is looking to find any possible excuse to hold Smith in place and that he doesn’t have the stomach for a regime change. Perhaps I’m the one that’s delusional, but I simply do not buy it.  Blank didn’t become a mega-billionaire by not having a stomach to make a change when needed or recognizing when the product has gone completely stale, unproductive, and frankly pitiful. Yes, he may have rode the coattails of Bernie Marcus to a degree, but you can’t say the man doesn’t have some business acumen. Who cares about winning a division title in quite likely the worst division in the history of the NFL? If I’m wrong, I’l be happy to eat crow as usual, along with burning most all of my Falcons gear (only half-joking).

Should Literally Be Super Bowl or Bust

Ryan Getting Worse

Look, it’s preposterous to assume that Blank wouldn’t probably keep Smith if he won at least playoff game, but he shouldn’t keep him unless he wins 4 in a row and hoists the Lombardi. Smart and successful leaders have the guts and courage to separate their emotions from the now and look at the persons entire body of work when making such a big decision. Make no mistake: the Atlanta Falcons are NOT GOOD. They simply happen to reside in the worst division in NFL history (so far at least). The fact that they haven’t been one single team outside the NFC South bares that truth out. At 4-7, the Falcons may luck their way to another win or two between the Cardinals, Packers, and Steelers, and win the two NFC South games remaining to sneak to 8-8 in a miracle best case scenario.  Even at 8-8, a playoff birth, and a supernatural playoff win, Smith should still go. The truth hurts, but the fact remains that there is absolutely no reason to expect Mike Smith to be any different from the coach he was in London vs. Detroit and the epic failure vs. the Browns (not to mention all the other debacles that are too many to count).

Will Dimitroff Be Spared?

Dashed and Gashed Again

There seems to be a pretty even split on whether or not Thomas Dimitroff will stay on if Smith goes. Just to be clear, this isn’t whether he should stay because the vast majority of fans think he should get the axe as well. Some feel that Blank has signaled in subtle ways that he feels the talent is good enough, and therefore Dimitroff has done enough to get another shot. An outside observer would seem to think that Blank is extremely close to Dimitroff, even more than Smith or anyone else. This is of course all hearsay, but many can see a scenario whereby Smith goes and Dimitroff stays. More evidence would be that Dimitroff has placed two of his top assistants as current GM’s (Les Snead has done wonders in St. Louis and Dave Caldwell is attempting to turn around Jacksonville).

When all the facts are laid out, that actually seems the more likely scenario. The one problem with that is what that would mean for a future coach. There was an earlier leak that Blank wants a “big name head coach” and that makes sense where Blank probably doesn’t have the patience to wait on another assistant to get their footing. The issue with that resides in the fact that any big name coach (Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh) would not want to come and work for Dimitroff, but rather bring in their own guy.  Interesting days indeed…………


385 thoughts on “Mike Smith Fails Falcons and Fans Once Again

  1. Unca' Bob


    Pretty much the same way I feel. They will be hard pressed to unseat Stone. Just thought I’d throw out a coin toss.

  2. JB Falcon

    I would like to see GB leading 27-24 with less than a minute to play when we intercept him, at home, and beat them, at home, 30-27. Christmas is coming and it’s time for letters to Santa.

  3. Unca' Bob


    What Rogers has done this year at home is scary. All it brings to mind to me is he is due a poopy game. I hope it’s Monday night.

  4. JB Falcon

    After watching this Panthers game I have come to the decision that Cam is a decent QB with the mentality of a 7 year old child. He is a grown man getting paid well to do a job yet he acts like his sh!t don’t stink and everything he does has never been done before. He needs to grow up mentally. His childish activities are an embarrassment to say the least. Sitting on the bench and acting like he’s taking pictures of the crowd? There’s a word for what his activities indicate but it is not PC to say it.

  5. LRD

    Unca Bob.. didnt see that coming, and didnt see Bell getting 53pts in fantasy football either… DAMN!!! that alone just killed my team… and I even picked up Stewart this week who did produce in the sAINTS game.
    AND the great thing about the sAINTS losing.. is that we can go a game up after tomorrow am….

  6. Unca' Bob


    Just got back to the world. 58 pts. is way more than I ever could have thought. G Olson damn near killed me. As Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

  7. JB Falcon

    PO, the Eagles have a good defense but their O leaves a lot to be desired. A Kia, “playing fast”, will not outrun a ‘Vette.

  8. SG

    Per Sando @ESPN
    – Over the last 4 games the Pack is the only 4-0 team (of course we, well, you know)
    – The Pack and The Birds are +7 in the turnover dept. during that period(tied w/ Texans for best in league)
    – And finally, during that stretch our D has given up only 2 more points than the Pack and the Pats.

  9. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Seminole Warrior ( 2/2 @ 7:48 pm) – Multiple pass rushers is what I attempted to do in my 3rd Mock Draft (1/31 @ 12:42 am) – In order to achieve this through the draft I had to trade back – giving up #8 pick for #19 & #43 & #104

    #1 Alvin Dupree (OLB/DE) [7.5 sacks 2014]
    #2 Nate Orchard (DE) [18.5 sacks 2014]
    #2 La’el Collins (OT/OG) [trade back pick with Cleveland]
    #3 Todd Gurley (RB)
    #4 Cody Prewitt (FS)
    #4 Clive Walford (TE) [trade back pick with Cleveland]
    #5 Stephone Anthony (ILB) [2.5 sacks 2014]
    #6 Tyler Varga (FB)
    #7 Byron Jones (CB)
    #7 Kyle Emmanuel (OLB) [sleeper OLB 19.5 sacks in 2014]
    ** that’s 48 sacks in 2014


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