Is there Really Hope for these Atlanta Falcons?

True Hope or Delusion?

Remember the Debacle?


As the Falcons prepare to face the Packers, who are arguably the hottest team in the NFL right now, fans might be on the verge of actually believing this team is turning it around. However, a thud up in Lambeau might crush that reality. The NFC South is very bad that even if they lose, they somehow are still in the lead for the division.  The Saints lost today and they still have a head to head tiebreaker over the Panthers.

The optimists will say that these Falcons could and should be 7-5 right now if Mike Smith didn’t act like such a bonehead in the Lions and Browns game. The pessimists (some would say realists), will point out that the core problem remains the same and nothing truly will change until someone else is coaching this team. We’ll see tomorrow night. If they pull off a miracle and somehow win, it would be impossible to deny the Falcons have finally caught their footing.  Even if they lose, but keep it close, they could theoretically be in the lead for the division with essentially a two game lead with 3 games to go. However, if they go up and get embarrassed in Green Bay, it would be hard to imagine A) The Falcons actually winning the division and B) them having a snowball’s chance in Hades of actually putting up a fight in the playoffs.

Have at it folks…………….


887 thoughts on “Is there Really Hope for these Atlanta Falcons?

  1. Grits Blitz

    One small sip of Kool-Aid for this fan; one giant swig for Falcon fandom!
    I’m liking it. More please. Make it a double. Strawberry flavored.
    Will stock some more away for the Panthers! Superman may actually have his passes hurried with our new defense!
    Branch Out? No way. Who was this masked team that showed up today? Never saw this coming. Wow.

  2. Arno

    Great win. ‘Nuff said.
    Except this…

    Rushing by half (not including MRyan):
    SJackson: 4 carries / 9 yards / 2.25 per carry
    DFreeman: 1 carry / 3 yards / 3 per carry
    JRogers: 1 carry / 2 yards / 2 per carry
    Total: 6 carries / 14 yards / 2.33 per carry
    DFreeman: 4 carries / 33 yards / 8.25 per carry
    JRogers: 10 carries / 27 yards / 2.7 per carry
    Total: 14 carries / 60 yards / 4.29 per carry

  3. Wings

    Mike Smith should be fired no matter what. He is terrible with in game management such as time, etc. He is terrible in managing who plays on Sunday; the best players are not starting. TD could provide pro bowlers and Mike Smith couldn’t recognize and would not play them until someone is injured. What are his strengths?

  4. Chop Buster

    Good win, but Smitty still had me scared as doo-doo going only for the field goal when we were practically in the end zone.

  5. JJ

    UB, Sorry our yankee girl is kickin your carolina butt…still time for a comeback!

    Cowboys- Rooting for them only because of the Golick bet…otherwise I root against Jerry Jones always!!!


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