Falcons Get Inspired Win in New Orleans

Falcons Give New Orleans their Funeral

How sweet it is……………..


Yes, that just did happen. The Atlanta Falcons played inspired football and played one of their best games of the entire Mike Smith era. Fairly ironic isn’t it? The defense got more sacks in one game than they have almost all year. It’s hard to imagine that Smith saved his job in one game and he’s still fighting up a huge mountain, but the Falcons played great and their defense might have shown their best since Smith has been head coach.

Perhaps they’re playing for their head coach and it’s mostly emotional, but they played really good and found a rare win in New Orleans and gave them their own “funeral.” How sweet it was to eliminate the Saints on their own turf and having Osi  Umenyiora drive it home with a last minute touchdown was icing on the cake. Somehow, the Falcons have a chance to win the division at home vs. the hated SCam Newton and the goon Panthers.

So, what say you Falcons fans……………………..

392 thoughts on “Falcons Get Inspired Win in New Orleans

  1. Greg Mendel

    I’m not disappointed. The Falcons have shown — vividly — who and what they are today. “A problem well-stated is a problem half solved.”

  2. falcon21

    Maybe Oakland will be the next sucker to hire Mike Smith. Got to give Smitty some credit though, he faked it for 7 years but when some of the talent ran out his bluff was called!

  3. JB Falcon

    Arthur, my man, you have done sh!t in your bed and now you’re going to have to sleep in it. The Falcons have gone down about as fast as Bernie took Home Depot up. You have a $1.4 bil stadium with nothing to go into it. Don’t come running to us fans when you get behind on your rent.

  4. LRD

    Smitty.. thanks for the wins, the frustration, the no changes to tactics, the conservatism, and please when you turn off the lights, take TD with you please.

  5. Chop Buster

    Like I’ve been saying all year, we have a junior varsity team. They played a real defense (and half an offense) and got their a$$es whipped good. Just please hurry and clean then entire sh!t house out.

  6. Greg Mendel

    The premature search team press release totally changed my mind about Arthur Blank. That was stupidity of cosmic proportions.

    Maybe they’ll suggest Pat Peppler, Jim Mora, or Petrino.

  7. gman

    My Wife just received a new definition for Falcons from Twitter:
    F = Fans
    A = Always
    L = Left
    C = Counting
    O = On
    N = Next
    S = Season

  8. Arno

    GM @ 7:44

    Yes, and the decision is getting mauled elsewhere in the press. It baffles me. To belabor the point: We assumed that after the Detroit loss, Blank’s silence was a dignified token of extending Smith the right to the whole season. So why the announcement one game early, with the championship on the line?

    But here’s the ominous thing. Isn’t this a supreme example of disconnect? Yet more disconnect when Blank needs to be at his sharpest? It’s a gut shot to our hopes he could get it right this time.

  9. JB Falcon

    GM, no matter who AB hires as a coach, TD is in charge of the draft. You can’t make a cake out of crappy ingredients. Being a cook fan you should know that. TD didn’t know sh!t about running a team when he was hired. He stunk like NE and AB bit. Bad decision.

  10. dawsondevitt

    GM and Arno — I really think you guys are reading too much into all that. First of all, you’re making a very big assumption that he plants every leak that happens. Sometimes, I agree, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes leaks are genuinely scoops. I would also say,………who cares. Yes, I was pulling for us to win, took my two sons today and had a good time. But I also don’t want to delay the inevitable and today was a perfect example of Mike Smith’s Atlanta Falcons. Anything else would have been simply masking the truth: which is that this is not a well coached football team from top to bottom and a front office who has left this team depleted through pure arrogance.

    Because at the end of the day, we win today, we host Arizona and maybe win………….and maybe Mike Smith stays. I will sacrifice the short term loss and heartache to long-terms sustainability.

  11. falcon21

    First rumor is Rex Ryan but Harbaugh could be mentioned also. D3, I agree with the scoop leak, can’t buy into it.

  12. Arno


    ESPN got it from ‘League sources.’ That sounds deliberate and transparent to me, so I wasn’t thinking Blank planted a leak. That’s downright creepy. No– I was thinking he acted openly but without wisdom– not too encouraging for his future decisions. Hope it was just a scoop, and my take is completely off! And you’re right– today’s loss was an eloquent expression of all that’s been wrong. And what fitting conclusion– one last field goal !!!

  13. SG

    F21 Harbaugh and the 49s officially, and apparently amicably, parted ways shortly after today’s game.
    At least 2 UM guys have been in SF thru the weekend -> Harbaugh headed back to Ann Arbor.

  14. falcon21

    I did hear that SG and I’m pretty sure he is headed back to his School but Harbaugh is being smart on using his offers.

  15. SG

    Arno- The rumors started circulating when the NY Post article first surfaced weeks ago – and after the London game. The “sources” in that article cited AB’s discontent. My theory is that all those “sources” just might be traced back to the firm that AB hired – not this week but several weeks ago. They have several offices – globally – and that includes Atlanta and NY – that’s translates to a lot of people w/ media connections. And as I mentioned earlier today, while the news of their hire came yesterday, in no way can I believe they were hired in just in the past week.

    More importantly, I believe that hire represents AB looking at a top-down overhaul that starts w/ the FO – the new hire doesn’t appear to have expertise at Pro coaches so an organizational shift is where I believe we’re headed. If that’s true, a coaching decision may be a few weeks away.

  16. Arno

    More on the leak (or the scoop). Smith claimed in the postgame presser that the information came from the press, and not to him directly, and therefore he could not regard it as valid. So that answers my main question. Blank had NOT conceived it as an announcement (and I certainly don’t think he planted a leak). My bad.

  17. Arno

    SG– I was writing as you posted. This really looks like the media making a story out of the timing of their story. There was a satirical film made on the theme, but I can’t remember the name of it off hand…

  18. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Gritz Blitz (1/31 @ 10:07 am) – I believe that AB will side with Quinn if there is a differing of opinions with TD. Despite any talk of TD being the final decision maker on the draft the final decision will be made before it gets to him. Why? Because, some forget, Quinn now reports DIRECTLY to Arthur Blank. Arthur will TELL Dimwitroff what to say to the media talking heads to make it appear he is involved. They call it “saving face”.

    Gritz – Look ahead when considering what the roster needs are. Don’t “reach” for an OLB that is a half-arsed backup at best – got plenty of them already! Before the end of 2015 Sam Baker will be gone…retired, unable to physically perform. (that’s what my wife says about me… kidding.) There will be other big paychecks traded or cut. Still others will restructure their contracts in 2016 (Matt Ryan). La’el Collins, with one year NFL experience & a whole lot less $$$, will replace Baker at ROT (or Schraeder) and we will have at least one decent backup OT. A massive amount of cap space will be created – for what? It’s being created to add a major piece of the defensive puzzle….. the best pass rusher (OLB) in the NFL – barr none! Who could that be? Hint Hint – he’s from Georgia and will be a UFA without the franchise tag restriction in 2016. He wants to come home and be a Falcon! JUSTIN HOUSTON


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