Falcons End Season in Pathetic Embarrassment

Time to Clean House

It’s All Over Baby, Blue……….


For anyone holding out hope that this team could make a “run” in the playoffs and possibly even save jobs: today was your answer. This was one of the worst performances in Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff’s entire 7 year career. Given the circumstances, it’s hard to find many games worse than today’s 34-3 blowout since they could have won the division and headed to the playoffs while playing at home.

If there was any doubt on whether Mike Smith would or wouldn’t be fired, this was the true death knell for Smith. Some still will claim that he got the short end of the stick, was plagued by injuries, and never had the players to be successful. While the front office did an equally poor job the last two years, anyone saying that Smith hasn’t had plenty of control over his own destiny simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Really, the only question now turns to whether or not Dimitroff is spared. There have been various reports on Dimitroff’s job security. One of the most recent ones said that if the Falcons lost today, that a pure house cleaning was in order. If Dimitroff weren’t so arrogant, than he probably earned himself another chance based purely on paper. However, the fact that his personality and ego are so big dramatically limits who would want to come in and work for someone who needs to be seen, in control, and famous.

Another great point thinking about keeping Dimitroff would be the fact that if Diimitroff continues his crappy trend, than there’s yet another change that needs to made (in two years maybe) and another two years gone from key members of the franchise. Many have long said that Smith and Dimitroff are inextricably linked (Big Ray said it a long, long time ago) and it just has that feeling moreso than ever after the latest debacle. In short, it’s time to clean house from top to bottom and start over.

Some are upset about how it all played out with Blank possibly leaking the fact that they’ve already hired a search firm. And if he did that on purpose, than it was a crappy thing to do. If you had always wanted and intended to get rid of Smith, than he should have cut ties after London. However, breakups and firings are always messy and it’s preposterous to think that these events can occur with flowers and roses.

Mike Smith was a very good coach for our Atlanta Falcons and deserves a ton of praise and credit for what he’s done for our franchise. There will be plenty of time to reminisce in the off-season. But the simple fact remains that he reached his limit as a head coach a long time ago. How many fans really expected him to rebound from being up 17-0 at home in the NFC Championship game and not only losing that game, but the best possible chance to hoist Lombardi. Ironically, the two biggest problem areas over the last 7 years (offensive line and pass rush) culminated in a crescendo of total crap.

Thanks to Smith (and Dimitroff) for all he (or they) have done for our franchise. But the time has come to move on……….

Here’s to brighter days ahead!!!!



255 thoughts on “Falcons End Season in Pathetic Embarrassment

  1. Seminole Warrior

    Let me be clear regarding turning team’s around. I certainly hope that AB is focusing MORE on the state of the team and not as much on the state of the icon under construction. The Icon will take care of itself; believe me, it will be one hell of a destination for shows, conventions, etc. In time, it will give him and Atlanta the status he desires. But…

    If he and the FOUR current and former general managers that are on the payroll (TD, Rich, Pioli, and Devaney) can not field a quality product on the field, the bottom line will take some time to get back in the black instead of the rumored red.

  2. Grits Blitz

    SW – I certainly have no objection to a base 3-4 “if” we avoid going “prevent” with only a 3-man/=no rush “scheme”. Convinced long ago (unless you have 3 healthy J.J. Watt-ages on your team w/ his quickness, strength, and high motor) a so-called 3-man rush is defeatist “defense”. (As long as we’ve got at least 4-5 rushers (OLB, D linemen, or safety) to bring real heat on obvious passing downs, okay.) I’m with you on the need for 2 OLBing monsters with pure speed & serious tackling skills! It may well be your 3 identified DLs “may” be a good fit in the basic set.

    I regret, too, Spoon never achieved full potential. We still need at least a couple of stud LBs.
    But before waiving any veteran, I’d purely enjoy having a GM who would try to trade for…something first.
    I know this may open a can of worms & some are under restrictive contracts, but, it’s my dream and I’d like to see what the new HC (with a new GM) could get for the following if they still have some value:
    -Tolo -multiple present D linemen & excess LBs -Osi
    -Quizz -Spoon & Wm. Moore (too injury prone) -Baker
    -SJax -Lowery
    -Blalock -R. White
    -Di Marco Biermann

    May the WWP and VPP RIP…forever and ever. Amen.

  3. Grits Blitz

    D3 – Also doubt Tony Dungy would return after his SB run(s) from low-pressure broadcasting. (Few of them seldom do.)
    But, but…no – I’m not going to this to myself again. Never mind.

  4. The Time is NOW

    Hi Cage. After watching two pick sixes in the final game of 2014, it seemed like a good time to revisit MR2’s statistics including another losing season. Once again, I will attempt to use statistics that seem fair to QB’s who did not play in the current pass happy era for comparison purposes. I acknowledge that the relative importance of these stats are a subjective matter, and that in other statistical areas MR2 may not be in the same company (I haven’t researched it). All stats were taken from Pro Football Reference.com, and include the 2014 season.

    Total Interceptions thrown – MR2 has thrown 91 picks in his career, for an average of 13 ints per season. Looking at selected big name and HOF QB’s, the best avg. ints/season I found were Joe Montana at 5.3/season (139 career ints) and Aaron Rodgers at 5.7/season (57 career ints). Some comparable QB’s in this category are: Drew Brees at 13.9/season (194 total ints); Terry Bradshaw at 15/season (210 total); John Elway at 14.1/season (226 total); Johnny Unitas at 14/season (253 total); and Peyton Manning at 13.8/season (253 total). Only 2 HOF QB’s had less than 91 career ints, Jim Finks and Ace Parker. I’d say MR2 is in good company in the picks thrown category.

    Interceptions per pass attempt – MR2 has been picked off on 2.3% of his career pass attempts which is tied for 6th best all time. The top two all time are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady at 1.6% and 2%, respectively. The highest ranked HOF QB’s are Joe Montana and Steve Young who are tied for #18 all time with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and others at 2.6% of their passes. Roger Staubach and Bart Starr, who both averaged less than 10 ints per season were picked off on 3.7% and 4.4% of their passes, respectively. Thus far in his career, MR2 is an all-time elite QB in terms of interceptions per pass attempt.

    Pass Completion Percentage – MR2 is #9 all-time in career completion rate at 64%. Brees is #1 at 66.2%. Seven of the top ten are active players (MR2 is #6 among active QB’s). The only HOF QB in the top ten is Steve Young at #8 (64.3%). Joe Montana was the first QB to have a career % over 60%. Some other notable HOF’s: Dan Marino (59.4%), Bart Starr (57.4%), Roger Staubach (57%) and Johnny Unitas (54.6%).

    Game Winning Drives (since 1960) – MR2 is #18 on this list and #6 among active players. Peyton Manning is #1 with 52 drives in 17 seasons. MR2 is actually on pace to surpass Peyton, with 27 drives in 7 seasons. MR2 is tied with HOF Terry Bradshaw; is 2 drives behind Johnny Unitas, and 6 drives behind Joe Montana. The five active players ahead of MR2 in this category are: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and Eli Manning.

    4th Qtr. Comebacks – MR2 is tied for #21 all-time with 20 in 7 seasons. He is again on pace to surpass #1 Peyton Manning (41 in 17 seasons). MR2 has more career 4th qtr. comebacks than HOF QB’s Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Bob Griese, and Roger Staubach, among others. MR2 is tied for # 6 among active QB’s in this category, however all those ahead of him have been in the league at least 4 years longer than MR2.

    Career Passer Rating – MR2’s rating of 91.1 is #11 all-time, one slot behind Joe Montana. His career passer rating is better than every HOF QB, except Steve Young (96.8) and Joe Montana (92.3). Aaron Rogers is #1 by a wide margin at 106 (#2 is 97.6). Johnny Unitas, who has long been considered as one of the best QB’s of all-time, had a career passer rating of 78.2.

    Matty Ice sometimes throws some really bad picks. Nonetheless, the historical stats mentioned above indicate that MR2 is in elite company. Very few QB’s have been better with ball security. Historically, elite QB’s tend to have careers of 15 to 20 years. If Ryan can stay healthy and productive for another 7 years, he is on pace to be a HOF candidate. Anyone who has paid attention can see his growth as a QB, even after an exceptional start to his career. Hopefully, we have about a 7 year window for MR2 to take us to the promised land. It would be a calamity if the Falcons squander the talent of the best QB this franchise has ever employed.


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