Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Grades

Falcons Building Low and Slow

Hankerson Could be a Steal


The Falcons have definitely taken a “low and slow” approach to this off-season in terms of free agency and, even though haven’t made one big splash, have already churned their roster a pretty good amount. There’s still quite a bit of moves to be made and some positions that are dangerously thin, but overall the Falcons have started to remake the Falcons in the mold of new head coach Dan Quinn. Some may not agree, but you have to give it to Dimitroff, Quinn, and Co. in resisting the urge to make a big splash and “winning free agency.” A whack at grading the moves………..

New Falcons

LB Brooks Reed

5 years / $22 million / $9 mill guaranteed

This was the quote, unquote “biggest signing” of the free agency period and it was mostly positive. Reed was an extremely solid get and dramatically improved the Falcons linebacking corps in one signing. It didn’t give the Falcons the best LB corps in the league, far from it, but Reed is a very good, if not great, strongside linebacker and he was obviously one of Quinn’s most important signings. At 28 and only missing a handful of games his entire career, the contract would only be tied to 2 years @ $4.5 million if his play dramatically dropped off.

Grade — B

LB Justin Durant

3 years / $10.8 million / $1.25 mill guaranteed

Durant Another Low Risk, High Reward Potential

This ranked as one of Peter King’s most underrated signings in the early days of free agency. It seemed pretty silly for the Falcons to put up money for a talented, yet oft-injured linebacker in Durant when they let Sean Weatherspoon walk away. The former Cowboys LB has missed 7 or more games half of his career (4 of 8 years). But then you look at his contract. It is almost entirely an incentive-laden and the Falcons are only on the hook for $1.25 million if he gets hurt again. Still, while the contract is good, it’s hard to count on Durant after missing 20 starts over the last 2 seasons.

Grade — C+

G Mike Person

3 years / $3.35 million / $500k guaranteed

Meh. Sure, it was a great depth signing, but when the Falcons made this one of their first ones, fans were completely underwhelmed. Now that many of the other signings have come to fruition, it makes much more sense. Obviously, the Falcons are looking to remake their offensive line into the zone blocking scheme and Person fits that mold. They’re only on the hook for half a million, but until fans either see this line come together or get a new guard in the draft, this one was like medicine: good for depth, but tastes bad going down.

Grade — C

WR Leonard Hankerson

1 year / $1 million / $225k guaranteed

While many around the NFL liked the Durant move, this one was some fans favorite, considering the value, contract, and potential upside. Hankerson was highly ranked coming out of Miami in 2011 and some (ahem) even thought the Falcons may be a fit. That was long before the Julio mega-deal took place. After the Falcons parted ways with Harry Douglas, they got a very low risk and possibly very high reward candidate in Hankerson. Not only that, but the former Redskin is only 26 years old. His 2 best seasons came with Shanahan as OC and amassed over 800 yards receiving with 6 total TDs. Another bonus: Hankerson adds some more speed and size (6’2, 211) to an already talented WR corps. Without any draft picks, the Falcons WR corps would be Julio, Roddy, Hester, Hankerson, and Weems with a young speedster in Bernard Reedy vying for a spot.

Grade — A

DE Adrian Clayborn

1 year / $3 million / $750k guaranteed + $1 mill roster bonus + $1.25 incentives

If healthy, Clayborn can get after QB….. MR knows

In a vacuum, most fans would have really liked this signing. Clayborn was signed to a good value contract with minimal guaranteed money and has proven he can get after the QB (13.5 sacks, essentially in 2 seasons). The problem was that many saw the former Buc as a concellation prize to missing out on Derrick Morgan. Of course the issue of injuries immediately comes to the forefront. A look closer, though, saw him start all 16 games in 2 years of his career and the other 2 basically head to IR very early in the season. The Falcons are on the hook for $750k and it climbs the better he does and the more he plays. Seems like the perfect DQ signing.

Grade — B

DE O’Brien Schofield

1 year / $1.7 million / $255k guaranteed

After the Falcons signed Clayborn, this was a nice follow-up. DQ is clearly going by his “pressure by committee” approach that worked so well in Seattle. Schofield showed some talent for the Seahawks, but just could never crack such a talented group of defensive linemen on a consistent basis. This is a very low cost, possibly high reward option that will help bring Quinn’s vision to Atlanta and could very well becoming a main starter in Atlanta.

Grade — B+

CB Phillip Adams

1 year / $745k / $585k guaranteed

O’BS another quality signing

While this isn’t a big signing, it another depth signing at an area of need, particularly with Robert McClain heading to the Patriots. He doesn’t exactly fit the the “big and tall” prototype of DQ cornerbacks, but it helps build some competition and depth at cornerback, where there’s a chance that Dezmen Southward could be making the switch. Even though not a All-Pro, he’s played in every game except for 5 the last 3 seasons, including 8 starts.

Grade — C

G Jared Smith

Terms Not Yet Disclosed

Just like the Mike Person signing, not a whole lot to see. Fits the ZBS body type (6’4, 302 lbs) and should compete for a roster spot. Depth signing, likely for league minimum.

Grade — C-

TE Jacob Tamme

2 years / $3.2 million / $400k guaranteed

The Falcons finally did something at tight end. It wasn’t Jordan Cameron, Charles Clay, or even Jermaine Gresham. Enter in Jacob Tamme. Just like other spots on the roster, the Falcons appear to be going for depth and competition. Tamme is an excellent receiving tight end and that’s welcome news after seeing how pitiful they were in 2014. While Tamme just turned 30 and projects to a #2 TE, he’s had seasons of 631 and 555 yards receiving, respectively. By himself, it doesn’t seem that great, but added with the Moeaki signing, it looks pretty good. Levine Toilolo will be given nothing this time around.

Grade — C+

TE Tony Moeaki

1 year / $745k / $585k guaranteed

Can TM Get his Mojo Back?

The Falcons could very well have a steal on their hands with Moeaki. Going with their common theme of low risk, high reward, the former Chiefs and Bills tight end blew up for two straight years in Kansas City. Moeaki pulled in over 1,000 yards receiving and 4 TDs in his first 2 years in the league. He signed on with Buffalo and was put on IR in preseason. He caught on with Seattle and once again battle injuries throughout the year. Despite that, he still pulled in 134 yards receiving and a TD with the Seahawks. To put that in context, he had over half the amount of yards and touchdowns as Toilolo after only gaining 2 starts to Toilolo’s 16 games starts. Moeaki could end up being the starting TE in a little over 5 months. And the best part? He’ll turn just 28 in June.

Grade — B+


The Falcons frustrated a lot fans by failing to produce any splashes or big names. It seems they are building for the long haul and have put a key emphasis on rebuilding the team depth and creating (true) competition across the board. For instance, the Falcons didn’t sign a big name TE, but arguably have the deepest number of TE’s they’ve had in a long, long time. The same goes for DE and LB, and even WR at this point in time. Who knows how it will all shake out and whether this was a shrewd strategy, but at least fans don’t have to worry about the mega-contracts that can plague a team and their future (see Tyson Jackson & Sam Baker for own examples). There’s still some glaring holes (S, MLB, CB, OL to name a few), but the attention to depth is very refreshing as Mike Smith would just throw in the latest late or undrafted free agent as primary backups. All the other grades (including cuts and walks (will come later), but just grading the new additions……………

Grade — B-

730 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Grades

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Last time Dimwitroff drafted an “impact” LB: Weatherspoon

    Dimwitroff trade: [article in AJC] 2014: Marquis Spruill (LB) – Falcons traded a 6th & 7th and exchanged 5th to move up 12 spots in 5th
    2013: Desmond Trufant (CB) – Falcons trade up 8 spots in 1st giving up a 3rd & 6th pick
    Stansly Maponga (DE) – Falcons trade up 10 spots in 5th giving up a 7th Rd
    2012: Lamar Holmes (OT) – Falcons trade DOWN 7 spots in 3rd & pick up a 5th Rd (Massaquoi)
    Asante Samuels (CB) – Falcons give up a 7th in trade
    2011: Julio Jones (WR) – Falcons give up 5 picks for 1 mega deal to move up 21 spots in 1st Rd
    Jacquizz Rodgers (RB) – moved up 10 spots in 5th giving up two picks
    2010: Dominique Franks (CB) – Falcons moved up 10 spots giving up 2 picks
    2009: Garrett Reynolds (OG) – Falcons moved DOWN 13 spots in 5th picking up a 7th (Vance Walker)
    2008: Sam Baker (OT) – Falcons move up to 21st in 1st Rd giving up two 2nd Rd & a 4th and in return gaining a 3rd (Harry Douglas) and a 5th (Kroy Biermann)

    1. Seminole Warrior

      In other words, the young man needs to give up on trading. Every single one of them has not been worth it. Too much given up OR too little benefit received. And in each case, value was still on the board. It would seem to me, and this is just an observation, that TD will do whatever he feels he needs to do to get the man of HIS desire; even if it sacrifices (for a moment) the better good of the team.

    2. Paddy O

      sadly, it is VERY obvious out talent eval of college players is POOR. NONE of these guys we traded UP for has been productive. NONE.

  2. Seminole Warrior

    What’s Up Cage

    We are getting closer and the options are getting more and more complex with each passing thought. The mocks are going to be very interesting for sure.

    GM…sorry for your experience but wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, brother.

  3. Seminole Warrior

    Something to ponder as the rebuild continues.

    My staff was just briefing me on the status of potential 2016 cap cuts. And depending on 2015 performance, this could be a very impressive listing. This would lead to options a plenty in the 2016 free agency market. Potential cap infusion: 34.5 million dollars.

    Paul Soliai: 5.5 million
    Sam Baker: 5.25 million
    William Moore: 5 million
    Tyson Jackson: 4.75 million
    Roddy White: 4.25 million
    Devin Hester: 3 million
    Justin Durant: 3 million
    Brooks Reed: 2.5 million
    Jon Babineaux: 2 million

    One thing that Dan Quinn certainly learned from his mentor Pete Carroll is how to invest dollars into well targeted, mission specific FA signings.

    1. waynester

      This is a scary list. Yes, there’s good news for our cap but bad news for our defense–especially our lines. I don’t see how we can fail to address DT/NT this draft. Throwing a rookie into the fire works a lot better with a veteran to share time. I’ve given up on Shelton being available at #8 but still hold out hope for a trade down and Malcolm Brown in the mid 1st or Grady Jarrett in the 3rd/4th range. We’ve got to have a backup plan for Soliai–either of the two guys I mentioned can spell him at NT and plug the run but can also get upfield and disrupt the pocket from other line positions (especially Brown). A year behind Soliai would be ideal for them to grow, get stronger and master technique (although they are both ahead of the curve tech-wise).
      WR is the other obvious concern and I hope we address the two upcoming vacancies this year, also. Dorsett is the primo slot receiver but is going in rd 2 (probably) that’s why I like McBride a round or two later. He can begin his career with us in the slot and eventually take over for White. One of the taller WRs (I like Waller from GaTech) with good speed/hands is another position on my wish list. Toilolo SHOULD be our go-to red zone threat but isn’t. Waller would be.
      If by some miracle, we could trade back to #19 or #20 and add another 2nd and another 3rd this year, I’d love to see:
      #20 NT/DT Malcolm Brown
      #42 FS/CB Byron Jones
      #52 ILB/OLB Stephone Anthony
      #73 OG Ali Marpet
      #84 NT/DT Grady Jarrett
      #107 WR Tre McBride
      #146 RB David Cobb
      #185 WR Darren Waller
      #225 TE Busta Anderson
      #249 FB/RB Tyler Varga
      We’ve got enough OLBs already on the roster that ONE OF THEM can be our LEO. If not, we’ve still got the $$$ to add a FA post draft/camp cuts and some UDFAs to compete and fill out the roster. Not ideal, but outside of early rd 1 the edge rushers aren’t all that impressive, anyway….

    2. Big Ray

      Yes, he did. I’d cut everyone on that list with the exception of Reed, who may be valuable beyond a year’s rental. But…performance will tell that story. I’d cut Tyson Jackson right NOW if I was allowed in Flowery Branch….

  4. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Seminole Warrior (4/ @10:51 am) –
    Tyson Jackson is here on borrowed time. Just waiting for June 1 when his cap hit is a little less painful. There is NO fit for him in Quinn’s defense regardless of how pitiful he was in 2014. The rest will probably make the cut for 2015, unless Sam Baker’s injuries force him to retire. 2016 is another story.

    At Florida Pro Day D.J. Humphries (OT), projected 1st Rd pick, just stated on the SEC Channel that Shane Ray was the best DE/OLB he has faced in college. Rated him above Alvin Dupree among others. Described him as a wildman.Said he was consistently aggressive and never let up once during the entire game.

  5. Grits Blitz

    SW – Hello my friend! Heard that “ten-hut” per the “Hill” and all that “Whitewater” just keeps washing in with the tide.
    TD’s track record was astutely described by you, Sir. His “man crushes” have cost this team dearly over the years. (He should not even be allowed to shlep the paper with the pick written on it to the Commish!)
    You and I both know the “real” deal will finally be exposed after 3 days of drafting when we really discover who is calling the shots – either still TD, Pioli, or DQ. (I know, corporately, Arthur would like them to reach a unanimous consensus but Harry Truman would probably say something else …unprintable.)
    Right you are per 2016 being a welcomed “salary dump”! Call Waste Management now for a scheduled dumpster full pick-up. Please.

    1. Big Ray

      So true. We’ll find out quite soon enough. I know if it’s Pioli, our chances of selecting a Pro Bowl defender or two have gone up…

  6. waynester

    Please never reference that “woman” ever, ever again. The very thought of her enormous, corrupt badonk in that chair sickens me…I mean Hanta Virus level sick….urrrgh*

    *SFX Organs Melting from every orifice…..

  7. Greg Mendel

    I’m with Sin (earlier). I don’t care who we draft or buy. I want to see Quinn’s scheme work. If “working” depends on acquiring the perfect set, Quinn is no better than Smitty.

    That said, I think Quinn’s plan will be a huge improvement no matter who we get. Faith-based fandom here.

  8. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Waynester (4/8 @ 7:42 pm) – Falcons won’t necessarily neglect the DT/NT position. They just won’t go DT/NT in 1st Rd. Soliai isn’t going anywhere for a couple of years at least and NT isn’t a 3 down player in the 4-3 “under” defense. Falcons have every intention to go pass rusher in 1st. as long as one of their targets is still on the BOARD. What AB wants AB gets. Last year he wanted OT – this year pass rusher.

  9. Flo-Ri-Duh

    (4/8 @ 11:27 pm) –
    Visitors’ List:
    RB – 4
    DT – 4
    TE – 4
    S – 3
    CB – 5
    OLB/DE – 5
    WR – 3
    C – 1
    OT- 3
    FB – 3
    QB – 1
    OG/OT – 1

    * It appears that Falcons are interviewing positions at different levels of the draft: EXAMPLE – a RB early – mid round – late round. This is the pattern at almost every position. IF they miss their early preference then try to get their 2nd choice mid round and if they miss there they will try again in late rounds. The one big exception is the large number of 1st Rd pass rushers on the list. This is a clue that they want a pass rusher early (1st Rd). That’s my interpretation.

    1. waynester

      I expect you’re right about round 1 but the reason I like Brown is that he CAN stay on the field on all 3 downs.
      There’s a reason conventional wisdom is “wise”. On the TV show “Brain Games” they asked a large group to guess the number of gumballs in a machine. Some were really low or really high but when averaged together they only missed the correct total by TWO. Collectively, most of us are picking Edge rusher at #8, so I suspect they will be proven right. My desire to trade down and go a different direction is just a statistical ‘outlier’….and given my track record of figuring out TD’s drafts, I can be safely ignored….

  10. Grits Blitz

    Big Ray – It would “appear” Pioli, right now, is in a can not lose position.
    At worst, if he is truly making the calls, he can only equal TD’s horrible drafting mistakes.
    At best, if he is truly making the calls, he’ll look like the real boy-genius and TD will fade further into the closet. (All 7 picks make positive contributions immediately!)
    Just “midling”, he’ll do EXACTLY as Quinn tells him to do. (e.g. Quinn pulls his chain and Pioli just barks. Period.)
    Regardless, hope Arthur will finally be taking notes for his future corporate organizational chart that would need NO interpretation!

  11. Flo-Ri-Duh

    waynester (4/9 @ 4:19 am) – When deciphering Dimitwitroff you have to think SIMPLE. Quit trying to bring “brain surgeon” or “rocket scientist” to the draft. Forget the metrics and all that other stuff. If you want to get in Dimwitroff’s head you have to think SIMPLE. That was my secret to getting the first two draft picks right last year. AB gives the marching orders on what HE wants. He clearly stated time after time that the Falcons got bullied last year. The OL did not have Matt Ryan’s back and did not defend him on cheap shots. That pissed him off big time. He wanted the team to get BIGGER, MEANER and more physical. Thus Tyson Jackson, Soliai and Hageman on the DL. Jake Matthews and Jon Asamoah on the OL.
    Who has the final say on the draft? Follow the money-Arthur Blank in 2014. Is it Arthur Blank in 2015 or Quinn? It’s STILL Arthur Blank. AB says “faster, quicker and more aggressive”. AB says the pass rush is the weakest link on the TEAM and must get better. That’s A B’s marching orders for 2015.

    Does A B trust Quinn enough as an evaluator to let him go in another direction in round #1? That’s the wild card thrown in to this years draft. After 2014’s FA disaster was going “small ball” with FA’s in 2015 Quinn’s idea or A B’s? Asamoah was a success, Jackson was a failure and Soliai was average and they ALL were overpaid. Reality is that Falcons had NO choice but to go “small ball” in 2015 due to JJ’s contract situation.

  12. Seminole Warrior

    Flo / Waynester

    If AB is giving marching orders on what he wants, then I would suggest that he sit down and shut the heck up!! He has signed off on these moves time and time again (good, bad, and ineffective) so clearly he should focus on owning the team and being a solid owner rather than attempting to be the next coming of Jerry Jones. If he has the “football IQ” he thinks he has, then why is he continuously signing these underachievers and/or relics that other team have cast off for reasons most times other than money.

    We used to blame TD and the former CFA for the shortcomings of this team in terms of underachieving talent and inadequate depth/production. But is AB has the “final say” as Flo would suggest, then he has to stand up and take responsibility for his “instance” on certain things.

    If the GM and his team are not getting the job done, then you simply should replace them with someone that can. All this restructuring, de facto anger, and reliance on catch phrases like “fast, quick, and aggressive” or “bigger, meaner” is a flawed mind set. It does not work and it will not work.

    What will work is an aware owner that FULLY entrusts his front office to understand the fine art of scouting, drafting, acquiring, and maximizing talent in all phases: coaching, leading, mentoring, developing, and presenting a quality product on the football field.

    My advice to AB: Stay in the owners box, stay in the office suite. Let Quinn, TD, and Pioli handle the football operations. Because the last time I checked, AB, you signed off on EVERY move that has been made to date; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    So, in the words of Harry Truman, the buck stops here. At the desks of all of the above (minus Quinn).

  13. Seminole Warrior


    ” take responsibility for his “instance” on certain things.”; should have read take responsibility for his “insisting” on certain things.

    Owners own, executives manage/orchestrate, coaches coach, and players play. Know your roll, AB.

  14. PoolerSpirit

    You know, if we’d beaten Carolina in the last game of the season and accidentally won the NFC South, we’d be picking 25th instead of 8th… Who would our choice have been in Round 1 had that happened?

    1. Seminole Warrior

      Great question my friend..

      I give you three offerings:

      Cameron Erving: The issues at left guard and/or center are solved for the next 5-10 years.

      Kevin Johnson: Best available defensive player (Not going to pick a “LEO”) here as the remaining pool would represent a SERIOUS reach. And Sensei says never reach!! Johnson’s selection would allow the Falcons to move Alford to the nickel where I think he is better suited. He is not the “large CB” that Quinn’s scheme typically calls for but he is an absolute hell of a player. An excellent man and zone defender.

      Maxx Williams: Best available player at a position of key need. The issues at tight end are solved for the next 7-10 years. He is the TOTAL package at the position. I can still find my “LEO” and other defensive needs in the ensuing rounds.

  15. Flo-Ri-Duh

    waynester – A B will dictate pass rusher #1 but Quinn will decide WHO. One caveat here – A B will not force Quinn to “reach” for a pass rusher IF the top talent is gone off the BOARD. With 4-5 choices I see that scenario as unlikely. A B will step back and it will be Quinn’s draft after he gets his pass rush. In 2014 A B stepped back after the 2nd round (Hageman) and the remainder of the draft was a disaster with Dimwitroff / Pioli panicking and reaching for a safety at #3 (Southward) and following that up with 4 reaches at LB. A B has corrected that by bringing in Quinn and confining Dimwitroff to the bathroom for the 2015 draft. Hopefully Quinn will choose the best player of need available and there will be less “reaches”. Hopefully. That is why this will be a better balanced draft slightly leaning towards the defense but not neglecting the offense.

  16. Flo-Ri-Duh

    PoolerSpirit (4/9 @ 9:24 am) – Fortunately Falcons “earned” the *the 8th pick by totally folding against the Panthers. Maybe this is a sign that they should trade back to #25 and pretend the won the division.

    Seminole Warrior – Pre 2014 A B sat back and let TD / Smitty run the draft and that was a disaster. In 2014 he lost trust and patience and became more involved. In 2015 he brought in Quinn. If Quinn earns A B’s trust A B will step back in 2016. Don’t think he’s Jerry Jones looking for the limelight.

    I don’t blame the 2014 failures in FA and the draft on A B. It’s still on Dimwitroff / Smitty / Pioli… A B did not evaluate F A’s, did not choose WHO to draft. He just told them WHERE he wanted them to get better. Yes he signed off on these bad contracts but he was listening to the 3 stooges. He’s listening to Quinn now and that’s a good thing 🙂

  17. Seminole Warrior

    “Seminole Warrior – Pre 2014 A B sat back and let TD / Smitty run the draft and that was a disaster. In 2014 he lost trust and patience and became more involved. In 2015 he brought in Quinn. If Quinn earns A B’s trust A B will step back in 2016. Don’t think he’s Jerry Jones looking for the limelight.”

    The entire front office, AB included, drank the Kool-Aid. This train jumped off the tracks when instead of sticking to what many of us thought would be the emergence of “Patriot Way South”, the Falcons went with the “Rent-A-Center” approach as well as too many visit to Big Lots in free agency. The draft suffered also because too often, they would panic to get the player that they thought was the impact instead of letting the draft work for them.

    Again, TD gets the blade but who authorized the moves? AB. And it was AB that kept those stooges around when it was clear that they were not going to get the job done. I’m telling you, my friend AB in the last three years has been more Jerry Jones than you think.

    As far as Quinn goes, I am very hopeful that he is the TALENT EVALUATOR of a coach we think he is. But what do we really know about his approach to the game? It’s MIZZOU all over again…wait and show me. Let me be clear. I’m pulling for the brother!! I love the energy and the apparent passion for the game. That ALONE is an improvement of the CFA and that idiot DC we let go this past January.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      From the Man Himself

      Our approach has always been to use collaboration and partnership, and it will stay that way,” Blank said. “It is an approach that was very attractive to Coach Quinn. Going forward, Thomas (Dimitroff) and Dan (Quinn), along with their staffs, will collaborate fully on evaluating our roster and working on free agency and the draft as well as other player matters related to building the roster.”

      Blank went on to confirm that Dimitroff will have final authority over free agents and draft picks, while Pioli will handle the responsibilities of running free agency and the draft, continuing to report directly to Dimitroff. Quinn will have final authority over the 53- and 46-man rosters and the practice squad.

  18. Flo-Ri-Duh

    SW – I feel the winds of change have blown through the landfill and the air is smelling sweeter. Quinn’s in / Dim’s one step closer to out.
    (4/9 @ 10:03 am) – Agree with most of what you are bringing…. bottom line AB hired the wrong guys, listened to the wrong guys and still has some of the wrong guys. Rookie NFL owners have a learning curve too. Maybe with Quinn in / Smitty out AB is getting wiser. Next I want to see TD / Pioli move on. I’m not a big New England philosophy fan. Don’t think Falcons can go there without hiring Belichick. A B is too loyal with rewarding his successful players to be Belichick. If Belichick ran the Falcons Roddy White and Sam Baker would be GONE.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      I agree on the winds of change. I think that TD has been humbled. I also think that he realizes this is the chance to make it right. I really agree with AB in that if they can get this ship turned around, TD/Quinn/Pioli can be a very solid front office.


      If we lose TD and Pioli, who are your choices to come in and replace them? My guy, Eric De Costa, will never leave the Ravens. And after him, I am at a loss while I look for others. So who do you see out there as that young, dynamic GM capable of taking us to new heights?

  19. Flo-Ri-Duh

    A B says what he has to say – in public. I’m not buying it. TD has been “neutered” when it comes to the draft. That’s my “theory”. I can’t prove it now. FA went “small ball” and a lot of guys gave Quinn credit for that. Maybe he would have done that any way but the reality is that with JJ’s extension pending Falcons’ cap restricted them from making any big FA moves. If the Falcons don’t reach, don’t make stupid trade up’s and get the best player of need available then TD has been “neutered” – signaling a change. I’m not anointing Quinn at this point. He’s a proven DC. He’s a rookie HC.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      It’s all good, brother. A great point-counter point discussion. A good one to pass time during this dead period. Nothing but respect endures!!

  20. Flo-Ri-Duh

    If the Falcons are successful in 2015 [ 8-8 or better] I can see more power shifted to Quinn and Pioli slipping out the side door. At that point TD will be be saying “yes sir” to Quinn when it comes to what happens on the roster and the field. TD will be confined to “office work”.

  21. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Seminole Warrior (4/9 @ 10:53 am) – Same here Chief. Respect for all you stand for and your informed and knowledgeable insight. It’s been a pleasure. Headed to the yard – getting up to 92 degrees today. God Bless and take care my good friend.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      Stay hydrated, bro.

      Trust me, the heat is too damned early for me. Near record temps yesterday and today, we will flirt with it again. Showers and storms will be isolated in nature.

      A frontal system approaches tomorrow so a few more in the way of showers and isolated strong storms tomorrow are likely for the Peach State.

      1. ajarnbangkapi

        sw, Flo – This crazy weather is worldwide, Relatives in Thailand report record breaking heat, worst in memory. Another friend in Japan complains of unseasonably cold weather. We seem to be pushing at both ends of the bell curve this year for some reason

        1. Seminole Warrior

          Agreed, my brother.

          Never had the thrill of forecasting in or for Thailand but I certainly can relate to the challenges that are Japan and/or Korea.

          But it is all good for me – allows me to support those expensive habits like the Falcons, the Seminoles, and excessive lemonade drinking (LOL).

  22. Seminole Warrior

    ****TEE PEE ALERT****

    Cage Family

    Monitoring the potential for strong to isolated severe storms on Friday across a widespread area from south central Texas east-northeastward to the Deep South and the Gulf Coastal region, continuing northward to the Delaware Bay region. The main threat from these storms will be locally moderate to heavy rain and wind gusts 35 to 50 mph (with some locally higher gusts). There is also a potential for hail ranging in size from .25 to 1 inch (again, location dependent).

    Extensive severe weather is not expected but please be monitor your local National Weather Service office and the information that is disseminated.

  23. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Seminole Warrior – Down here in south Georgia it is dry right now – just finished cutting the grass. We can use the rain – without the high winds or hail thank you.

    Guess you are still Vic Beasley #1? Just read about what a mess the Falcons’ OL was in 2014 with all the serious injuries. Matthews, Baker, Holmes, Hawley, Konz – all are recovering from surgery. I prefer a FA at LOG or OC but that’s behind us now.

  24. waynester

    Atlanta TV weather says today’s the 5th highest pollen count recorded and after working that leaf blower all morning, I’ll vouch for that….
    please send some rain our way, Lord — wash some of this mess out of the air….

    I was talking with my bro about weather and he brought up Polar Vortices changing weather patterns worldwide. I’m also interested in Oceanography and the circulation of the oceans is tied closely. What is the thinking among WX Pros?

    1. Seminole Warrior


      There is a signficant correlation between the activity in the oceans and the weather patterns of the world. The debates have raged and will continue in the community on many facets. But it is what keeps the science interesting and the passions flowing. How else could there be so many darn geeks like me that love this career!!

  25. Dewey

    A little late to the party, but I’d like to throw this scenario out and you guys tell me what you think will happen. Because frankly, this thought keeps me up at night…..

    Quinn talks to King Arthur, says he really likes Dante Fowler. King Arthur talks with Dimwitt, says DQ really likes Fowler, what are our chances of getting him? Dimwit says he can make it happen.

    All signs point right now to us having to trade up with the Jags at #3 to get Fowler. Right now, that would cost a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th rounder. Dimwit is not so stupid that he would give away all those picks THIS YEAR. But deferring picks til next year raises the cost. Not the 3rd rounder this year? Ok, we’ll take next year’s 2nd rounder, or not this year’s 2nd rounder?, we’ll take next year’s 1st rounder. Further raising the cost is the fact the Jags seem interested in Fowler.

    I’m not saying this will happen, but I could see it happening. Who is there to stop it from happening? Does Quinn have that much authority? Has anyone bothered to ask Quinn where he will be on draft day? I know I want him in the room where the decision is being made. Maybe the “vision” that Dimwit and Quinn both share is to get the guy you want at any cost. No one expected Dimwit to come in here and gut our future for the sake of a single player. So how do we know Quinn won’t be the same way? Or how do we know Dimwit doesn’t have the ability to do what he wants? I’m with SW on this one, I believe Dimwit still has more control over the draft than anyone thinks.

    All I know is I won’t be able to rest easy until we’ve made our selection at #8 or later.

    1. JB Falcon

      Dewey, that’s a lot of imagining but it could happen but not probable. Based on our FA selections I think we will go accordingly with the draft by keeping each pick and using it to draft the best player available at the position of need.

    2. PoolerSpirit

      Dewey… Calm down and step away from the ledge! What have you seen/heard from Quinn that makes you think that? I was impressed with the way he kept loading the Free Agent shopping buggy with value priced bargains… generic brands, if you will. He’s on record saying there are at least 8 pass rushers he likes… He, more than you or me, knows the needs on our defense and how important this draft is to rebuilding this franchise. He’s not going to screw the pooch on this one!

    3. medallion

      Dewey: Quinn also has background with Seattle trading back and surely sees one player isn’t the key to making big strides on defense/

  26. waynester

    OMG, PLEASE–not again!!! I’d go mad with grief and bawl like an injured infant if we pulled another one-sided trade-up…even if it was for Williams, the top player in the entire draft!!!

    1. waynester

      Interesting note on Maxx W’s attitude/personality. 1st time I’ve heard that he has a “me first” demeanor….

  27. waynester

    My “bowing to the inevitable” draft:
    1 DE Bud Dupree
    2 LB Paul Dawson
    3 RB Jay Ajaji
    4 S Demarious Randall
    5 TE Blake Bell
    6 WR Vince Mayle
    7 OLB Davis Tull
    7 OT Chaz Green
    All guys we have worked out–not my “pet” prospects*

    *we NEVER draft guys I pick–EVER

  28. Flo-Ri-Duh

    gman – While I wouldn’t think Maxx Williams will be a bust, those saying he is a 1st Rdr are overrating him. He’s a mid 2nd Rd grade on my BOARD and the Falcons taking him in the 1st would be a reach.

  29. Ken Strickland

    Based on this article, player development is not only a very serious endeavor for MQuinn & his staff, but the process includes vets as well as younger less experienced players. It’s not about acquiring the most talented player at a given position, it’s about acquiring the player who’s talents best fit his scheme(s). Simplification & structure seem to be the order of the day with Quinn & his DEF scheme, which were nonexistent elements in DEFs of the past under Smitty.

    With a top 10 pick in every rd, Quinn & Co have a chance to harvest immediate starters, as well as future starters, at several positions positions of need. We could potentially get a starting TE &/or MLB &/or RB, LG, CB & LEO out of this draft.


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