Falcons Heading to Draft Ready for Dan Quinn Era

What positions will be addressed in the 2015 draft?




As we prepare and overthink the upcoming draft with renewed optimism for the new direction our Falcons will take under new HC Quinn and his new-ish staff, the  initial offseason roster evaluation seems to have paused for a bit, at least until April 6 when the Falcons, and other teams that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2014 regular season may begin offseason workout programs and get their first chance to work with players already on contract.

This gives us a chance to review what changes have already taken place, what areas of the roster have been addressed, and what areas of the roster still need to be addressed based on numbers and FA focus, understanding that the front office has three primary ways to adjust the roster – Free Agency, Draft, and Trades.

Free Agency was oddly symmetrical

12 Players Out, 12 Players In

By position:
DL –
Lost DE Jonathan Massaquoi and DT Corey Peters
Signed DE Adrian Clayborn
 Net loss one DT
Lost LB Sean Weatherspoon
Signed LB Allen Bradford, Brooks Reedhttp://www.atlantafalcons.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif ,Justin Duranthttp://www.atlantafalcons.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif, and O’Brien Schofield
Net gain of 3, now have 11 LBs on the roster
Lost  S Dwight Lowery , S Zeke Motta, CB Josh Wilson , CB Robert McClain
Signed CB Phillip Adams
 Net loss 2 safeties, one CB
OL –
Lost – OG Justin Blalock
Signed – OG Jared Smith, OG Mike Person
Net gain 1 guard
RB –
Lost – RB Steven Jackson , Jacquizz Rodgers
Signed – no one
Net loss – 2 RB’s
QB – No Change
WR –
Lost – WR Harry Douglas
Signed – WR Nick Williams, Leonard Hankerson
Net Gain – 1 WR
So– Just based on free agency roster churn, we appear to have
** put free agency $$$’s into fixing the LB problem,
**brought in two experienced guards to fill the hole left by Blalock (and fit better into the zone blocking scheme),
**replaced Douglas at WR with Hankerson, with a second WR for camp competition already on board
Holes remaining after free agency appear to be:
**Short two RB’s
**Defensive backfield needs strong infusion of talent, having lost 2 safeties and a CB.
**We are short a DT, more if running a true 4-3
There is a surplus of LB’s, so given Quinn’s stated objective of putting talent in the best place to perform, could he have thoughts of moving some LB’s into a CB or S spot?
Looking at the roster as a whole, including “legacy” players, we currently have
Offense Line
#1CCenter 3
Hawley, Joe             
Konz, Peter              
Guard – 5
Asamoah, Jon                   
Gunn, Harland                 
Tackle – 5
Baker, Sam                       
Holmes, Lamar                 
Matthews, Jake                
Draft Outlook – Lots of injuries, combined with a new blocking system coming in, odds are good for some new blood being drafted for the O-line, maybe 3rd day picks. Positions are flexible, so 3 or 4 of the above will not make the team – at least.
Offensive backs/Receivers
QB – 3
Renfree, Sean                   
Ryan, Matt                       
RB – 5
Freeman, Devonta            
Smith, Antone                  
Smith, Jerome                  
WR – 8
Hester, Devin                   
Jones, Julio                       
Martino, Freddie              
Reedy, Bernard                
Weems, Eric                     
White, Roddy                  
TE – 5
Miller, Kyle                      
*FAMoeaki, Tony            
Shuler, Mickey                 
*FATamme, Jacob           


Draft Outlook With all the attention paid in Free agency, and with a still new, raw 6’8″ prospect on the roster, TE is likely a low priority this draft based on the roster post free agency.  Running back, however, is very likely to be addressed with two major contributors off the roster this year. WR, despite 8 already on the payroll and the one loss already replaced in free agency, could be addressed based on injuries last year and an aging roster that is about to get really expensive. Low priority this year, based on other needs.

DE –
Biermann, Kroy               
*FAClayborn, Adrian      
99   Jackson, Tyson    
90   Maponga, Stansly     
98   Matthews, Cliff   
#1D95 Babineaux, Jonathan       
92 Havili-Heimuli, Ricky       
96  Soliai, Paul     
DT –
Babineaux, Jonathan        
Draft Outlook –– While new head coach Quinn says he will NOT simply copy Seattle’s defense, the LEO variation of the 4-3 defense is widely assumed to be coming for the Falcons in 2015. Therefore, a rushing weakside DE that will play LEO is a very high priority for the Falcons according to pretty much every pundit out there. Beasley, Fowler, Gregory, Ray, Dupree – they all fit the template and would be upgrades after so many years of neglecting the pass rush.
DT, however, may be just as big hole after losing Peters to free agency. Of the two legitimate DT’s still on the roster, Soliai is 31 and Babs is 33 (not counting apparent camp cannon fodder Havili-Heimuli) . Soliai is more a nose tackle than a 4-3 DT, so the need here is as great as anywhere – unless you call the D-line a 3-4 with a LB lining up next to the weakside  DE  as a rushing LEO.
The stats back in up, as the Falcons interior run defense last year was abysmal. Failure to address this in free agency despite the loss of a starter indicates an intent to address this in the draft.
High priority area, likely go garner more than one draft pick.
Defensive backs –
LB –
Bartu, Joplo                      
Bradford, Allen               
Shembo, Prince                
Spruill, Marquis                
Starr, Tyler                       
Stupar, Nate                     
CB –
*FA Adams, Phillip         
Alford, Robert                 
Allen, Ricardo                  
Mabin, Jordan                  
Trufant, Desmond            
Baker, Sean                      
Ishmael, Kemal                
Moore, William                


Draft Outlook – Despite priority signings in Free agency, many mock drafts have the Falcons taking multiple LB’s in the upcoming draft.

Superficially, it would appear that the Falcons front office has addressed LB heavily in Free agency while leaving other priority areas to be addressed in the draft – such as safety, DT, RB,  and CB.
Despite  mocks and analysis floated by national pundits, it would appear that the Falcons front office addressed their LB and TE concerns, at least this year, in free agency – while leaving holes at DT, S, RB, and CB to be addressed in the draft.
IF, therefore, the Falcons draft their future LEO rusher in the 1st round  (NOT a certainty after loading up on 5 LB/DE’s in Free agency),  then the next priorities appear to  be S, RB, DT and CB in no particular order depending on best player available at one of these 4 positions of need. Simply based on roster holes and Free agency priorities.

628 thoughts on “Falcons Heading to Draft Ready for Dan Quinn Era

  1. ajarnbangkapi

    I am about to look at the mock, but can’t findmy old links to player grades/projected round picked. I have been looking at the CBS site, but know there are others – just can’t find them with a basic search.

    So, fellow cagers, what sites can you recommend as a source of reasonable round projection for round projections for draftees?

  2. JJ

    Great graphics as always and thanks for taking over this yrs Cage draft competition. D3 loves it when cagers contribute to this great site that he built many yrs ago at that fish wrapper, ajc.

    One advise or tweak to the rules. Every yr people change their minds after posting a mock. So to save your time, only copy/paste mocks that have the words “final mock” next to their name. If so, then move it to the other site and its permanent. No more mocks accepted. So if your not 100% sure, don’t put Final on it.

    Best of luck and look fwd to “borrowing” from all!

    1. Arno

      Good point. I hadn’t thought about people changing their minds… So if y’all are reading this, please post ***FINAL MOCK*** with your entry.

  3. Ken Strickland


    CAGERS-this is a must read. Hawley tells how Smitty handcuffed his coordinators by forcing them to incorporate his basic playbook, terminology & approach. That’s why OCs & OL coaches, that were ZBS advocates & hired by Smitty, struggled due to his insistence on them overseeing his preferred PBS. I look forward to finally having an OC, HC & OL coach on the same page as far as OL talent, scheme & approach.

  4. Mike-n-Charlotte

    11 more days before the draft begins. There will be very few changes with prospect rankings. There are a lot of directions Falcons could go and they would still be better. Here is another mock and I think here Falcons would improve many areas.

    1) Bud Dupree DE. I think Dupree goes here even if Beasely, Ray, or Gregory is still on the board. I think only if Williams or Fowler drops here that there will be any differences here.

    2) Laken Tomlison OG. I think this guys size, power, and athletic ability makes him z great fit into Shanahan’s system.

    3) Lorenzo Mauldin DE/OLB- I think Mauldin would be developed as a Leo, but will make an instant impact as a third down specialist.

    4)Durrell Eskridge FS- Eskridge has the size and ball skills that will make him a great fit in DQ’s secondary.

    5)Justin Cox CB- Cox gives length and versatility in the secondary.

    6)Chris Conley CB-Conley could be a steal here. Over the years watching him play I knew he was a tough competitor. I was shocked by his combine…especially the speed that he displayed.

    7) Wes Saxton TE- will compete for roster spot .

    7) John Crockett RB- Crockett will be a nice compliment to Freeman. Crockett has nice size, speed, and good hands.

    1. JB Falcon

      And the grass keeps growing. A song has been going thru my head all weekend. Johnny Cash/Folsom Prison.

  5. ajarnbangkapi

    Allow me to start the fun. I will submit in the proper format later, but this is the “why” part of the mock.

    I will do two drafts, then combine them for the contest. The first one, for purposes of being arbitrary will be my primary pick (the 10 point pass), the second pass will be my secondary draft (the 5 point pass). It isn’t a first choice/second choice, but rather two stand-alones based on who may be available in different scenarios. I will reveal in the style of others before me, both choices per round.

    Lots of flexibility in this draft, players that can play/have played more than one position.

    There are more holes in the dyke than digits to plug them with, so I prioritized based on the current roster, hoping that Free agency provided at least a temporary fix. Therefore, no WR’s or TE’s. We will likely bring in at least one WR in Free agency. Otherwise I didn’t assume any free agency help.

    Call this a Zacktastic mock, with later round ZBS help for the OL, doubled up on a depleted defensive backfield in the process of changing schemes and emphasis on repairing an anemic run game. All with an eye on who would work in our new Quinn team, and as much as possible who we talked to (not always).

    Let the fun begin—

  6. ajarnbangkapi

    Pick one (maybe at 8 maybe trades one way or the other and makes all logic worthless).

    Primary – Bud Dupree DE/OLB – Beasley, Fowler are off the board. Dupree is a great fit for the new Quinn way of doing things. Was a team captain in 2014, From Ga., can only get better. Clay, waiting to get molded by the new staff.

    Secondary – Vic Beasley – “Tweener” Vic Beasley, the Quintessential edge rusher, slips after 2 WR’s and 2QB’s go off the board in the 1st 7picks. Local Kids makes good, comes home.

    Won’t bother with descriptions of these two, all has already been said far better than I can. Call both filling the “edge” position.

  7. ajarnbangkapi

    Pick 2 –

    Jay Ajayi RB Build for ZBS team – fits what Shanahan/Quinn wants to build. Some character issues but well in the past. Fills a hole in the roster, will share caries with Freeman early.

    CB/S Eric Rowe – Falcons have holes in the Secondary – Rowe is a versatile building block, a bit early for some but he won’t last until the 3rd round, and the need for quality at FS/CB is extreme in a year with a weak FS class.
    ” Rowe’s length, broad-shouldered frame and straight-line speed (Utah coaches reportedly clocked him at 4.39 seconds in the 40-yard dash) make him an intriguing prospect regardless of where he ultimately lines up. He’s a heady, physical defender who is well-versed in pro-style schemes given Utah’s heavy man coverage philosophy, and has proven a standout since first stepping onto campus”

  8. ajarnbangkapi

    Pick 3 –
    Primary pick – FS/CB/WR Damarious Randall
    Plus athlete with good speed (4.46). Scouts love his toughness and effort. Inspired effort as a tackler, racking up 177 tackles during two-year stint at Arizona State. Looks to punish. Explodes into targets and jolts his victims. Takes very good angles in space in run support. Instinctive blitzer who times snap and has a nose for the quarterback. Senses throws underneath and breaks on them early. Highly competitive on 50/50 throws and won’t give an inch to receiver. Took two interceptions for scores. Good hands — played some wide receiver in junior college and was also an explosive returner while there.

    Secondary Pick –
    RB T.Y. Yeldon
    Instinctive, athletic running back who has the foot quickness to create for himself when lanes constrict or blocks are missed. Yeldon lacks the ball security, top-end speed and desired tackle breaking to be a full-time starter. He’s a versatile, rotational back with the ability to step in and step up.
    Not my fav personal pick, but he fits here if we missed on RB in the 2nd.

  9. ajarnbangkapi

    Pick 4 –
    Primary pick – Gabe Wright DT
    A down 2014 allows him to slip a bit. The Falcons need someone to develop at DT, and Wright gives a SEC seasoned DT.
    ” Great explosion into first step. Fires out with low pad level and plays with leverage at contact. Able to stay square and fight against double-team blocks. Has ability to get into gaps and disrupt the run game. Uses counter moves as a pass rusher, including a decent spin move.”

    Secondary Pick –
    Taiwan Jones, ILB/S
    In a class full of undersized inside linebackers, Jones bucks the trend. He’s a big, powerful body type paired with very long arms. The thick and explosive downhill linebacker played safety, running back, wide receiver and quarterback in high school.
    NFL-ready size and strength in his upper and lower half. Excels coming downhill with violence and quickness. Converts speed to power. Strong base with long arms to keep blockers off his body and shed with ease. Quick foot fire and good closing speed to chase down skill position players. Knows the opponent, is well studied and prepared.

  10. ajarnbangkapi

    Pick 5 – This is a good place to grab a good, ZBS Guard or C. Both picks qualify
    Primary pick Jeremiah Poutasi OG/OT

    The 6-foot-5, 322-pounder started the past two seasons at left tackle for the Utes but began his career on the right side. Imposing player with a typical Polynesian build — broad shoulders and a massive lower half. Generates movement at the point of attack with his size and strength. Can drive defenders off the ball and gets an extra shove in for good measure. Huge wingspan to go along with his size, giving him quite the “catch radius” to latch onto defenders. Startling straight-line speed for a big man, accelerating quickly to get to the second level. Much better suited for ZBS, so the big Polynesian will be one of Shanahan’s new cogs.

    Secondary Pick –
    Shaq Mason, G/C
    Homer pick, I just like tossing some in. Good pulling G for the new scheme.
    “Stalky, powerful build with a mean streak. Extremely aggressive and quick off the ball, generating plenty of movement in-line. Consistent hand placement center-mass and strong hands to stay locked on. Looks fluid on pulls, often reaching his target while rarely stopping his feet on contact. Uses a quick set and wide base combined with plenty of fight to stay in front of his man in pass pro. Lots of experience (40-game starter). Mason has accumulated 40 starts in his collegiate career while helping lead the No. 1-ranked rushing team in the nation (342.1 ypg) last season. Mason earned All-ACC First Team honors in 2013 and 2014 while being a First Team All-American by USA Today in 2014.”

  11. ajarnbangkapi

    6) Primary pick –
    FB Zack Zenner
    Last minute change of heart (by me) based on visit with the Falcons, power runner to get that 3rd and 1 consistently, block, etc.
    “Well-built with upper body, hip and core strength. Natural plant-and-go quickness in his cuts, shifting his weight well. Only plays full speed and doesn’t hesitate getting north-south. Builds up speed quickly to get outside and race down the sideline with galloping strides and deceiving acceleration to be a home run threat. Balanced, physical and not a push-over as a runner and defenders need to work to finish him. Runs with above average determination and momentum to gash defenses ? hungry, heady competitor. Wide-screen vision to read blocks, press the hole and finds crack in the line of scrimmage. Reliable hands and concentration out of the backfield as a receiver. Gives up his body in pass protection to chip and slow down rushers. Two-year team captain with a professional, mature demeanor. Averaged 24.3 yards per kick return as a freshman (31/754/0). Nine career fumbles, but that?s a low number considering he has 1,210 career offensive touches (134.4 fumble rate)”

    Secondary Pick –

    Jamil Douglas OG – Double dip on the O line, lots of injuries with the current roster, and with a shift to ZBS opportunities abound for lower round picks to come in to the practice squad and apprentice for next year.
    “2014: First-team All-Pac 12. Switched from LG to LT this season. Stared all 13 games at LT. 2013: Second-team All-Pac 12. Started all 14 games at LG. Athletic build with desired flexibility throughout lower body. Has recovery quickness to catch delayed blitzes and twists. Flashes promising quick-set that he will use to take early lead in protection. Can pull, turn corner and find targets. Effective blocker in screen game with ability to adjust to moving targets in space. Can punch and reset hands quickly to counter a spin move. Has bend and hips to win leverage battle early in the snap. Douglas could benefit from a glass-chewing mentor in the NFL.
    Highly versatile and athletic with experience at all four offensive line positions outside the center. Entered 2014 with 27 consecutive starts, primarily at left guard, and started 13 games at left tackle for the Sun Devils to be named All-Pac-12 first team.
    A natural athlete with good feet he fits best inside because of his height, weight and reach.”

  12. ajarnbangkapi

    7a) Primary pick –
    Zach Vigil ILB/RB
    “One of the most productive linebackers in college football. Never quits on a play. Active pass rusher who worked well in team blitz scheme. Team leader. Reads pass keys quickly and gets into coverage with depth. Shows awareness in zone and matches up with crossers in his area. Has adequate man-cover skills. Decent hips to open and run. Wrap-up tackler who brings some bang on perimeter tackles. Worker bee who plays with confidence and hustle. Former RB”

    Secondary Pick –
    CB/FS Ladarius Gunter
    “Gunter looks every bit the part of the new wave of big, physical corners that are growing in demand with the success of teams like the Seattle Seahawks. His frame, though long and lean, is by no means slight and he plays with physicality both in coverage and as a tackler. Having established himself as one of the better and more physically imposing corners in the ACC, opponents elected to largely ignore his side of the field in 2014. Gunter recorded a career-low 26 tackles while starting all 12 regular-season games for the ‘Canes, but still churned out six passes broken up and another two interceptions. COMPARES TO: Tharold Simon, Seattle Seahawks”

  13. ajarnbangkapi

    7b) Primary pick – David Andrews, C
    Homer pick for the O line, could be a 10-15 year answer at Center in zbs. Athletic center. Was asked to pull at Georgia. Good upper-body strength and has preferred “snap, step, leverage” at point of attack. Second level demon. Can stalk and mirror second-level targets before impact. Rarely lunges or plays with poor body control. Very good change of direction to corral moving targets and take them out of the play. Did not allow a sack over last two seasons. Andrews is a three-year starter and a quality football player. He’s a consistent performer who will have to find a fit with a zone scheme rushing attack because of his lack of NFL mass and power. Andrews has enough skill to play in the league, but his small frame will be a non-starter for some teams.

    Secondary Pick –
    Synjin Days RB
    homer pick again.
    “Synjyn Days definitely has some attributes to get excited about for the next level—he has the size, strength, and agility to be a useful NFL RB. On the other hand, you worry that his foot speed is not enough to be successful at the next level, as well as concerns that he was a ‘system’ runner and was just a very good college runner, and not ready for the NFL experience. I think the jury is out which way this is going to go in the pros, which makes him an intriguing guy to take a look at. Perhaps, if Days dropped 10-pounds and worked at 220+, instead of 230+, he might really be something for the NFL.
    • NFL-size+ at 6’0”+, 230-pounds. He is a sturdy-framed runner with core strength (22 reps on the bench at his Pro Day). Is a difficult RB to bring down one-on-one.
    • Elusive runner, displaying nice cuts/jukes in the open field. Days often made college tacklers miss with a subtle east-west dodges out of trouble. Days tested well for agility at his Pro Day–NFL-quality agility times.
    • Great balance for his size. Georgia Tech ran Days up-the-middle often, a straight burst ahead in their wishbone-ish type running game. Days would slam into traffic often and keep his legs about him, and press on down the field. He runs more finesse, but with the body of a short-yardage back.
    • Underrated hands in the passing game. Georgia Tech barely threw forward passes, so it is difficult to truly judge their players in the passing game, but on the catches I watched from Days—he has great hands. He snatches passes like a WR.
    • Football IQ. Sees the game well—was a former QB for two seasons.”

  14. ajarnbangkapi

    Primary mock has 4 offense, 4 defense:
    Edge, FS, DT, ILB

    RB, FB, OG, C

    Secondary mock has more of a doubling up feel to it –

    S/CB (2)

    C/OG (2)

    Both addressed holes in the roster after Free agency, along with more OL help to help in the transition to a ZBS and the release of high priced vets.
    Both brought in players that should excel n the new coaching staff’s schemes.

    Both are total wild guesses that will likely insure the Falcons do something else, anything else.

    Its mock draft time, folks – bring ’em on!!!

  15. Buford Bob

    AB, you’re killing it. Ten of those are some of my favorite targets too. Want to spike your hair and sneak into the Falcons War Room?

    1. ajarnbangkapi

      Buford Bob – Thanks!! I’d LOVE to be in the war room, would be willing to donate a testicle for the privilidge – not mine of course, still using them. Perhaps one of Smittys? He apparently hasn’t used them for a couple years.

  16. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Arno – ? Why, after defining the rules that I agreed to, did you change the rules? There was no mention of having to choose “position”. Choosing the position a guy will play before he ever steps on an NFL field can’t be proven because he hasn’t played yet. Explain please. By the way some of these guys WILL definitely play more than one position in the NFL so how can we narrow it down? For example, LB’s in Quinn’s defense are “interchangeable” – playing anywhere from MLB, SAM to WILL, based on the situation. I’m done – just frustrated.

    1. Arno

      Flo– Sorry for your frustration. I didn’t change the rules, I just added on a way to tack on a few bonus points. Please let me explain. To score on your primary and secondary picks, the position will NOT be counted. Repeat– to score on your player picks, just hit on the player’s NAME. I only wanted to add a way for a few bonus points if we happen to hit on correct position / wrong player / wrong round as called from the podium. My reason? I wanted a way to earn points in the later, less predictable rounds, and also…. some way for less knowledgeable guys like me to get a score higher than zero!

      1. Arno

        Had I known how confusing I would be, I wouldn’t have offered to do the scoring. To sum it up:
        You can score 10 points on a primary pick correctly named player.
        5 points on a secondary pick correctly named player.
        1 consolation point on a WRONG player if at some point the Falcons pick a player at that POSITION.

  17. ajarnbangkapi

    Arno – Thanks again for the great job on the contest site, you rock!!!

    Not sure what you want regarding position, but if it is the players position, they DO change a bit (players have different positions/names like Nick Marshall is a QB but would be drafted as CB, many OL players are G/C, or T/G, etc.). I have cb/S in there, edge can be olb and/or DE, and/or LEO, etc..

    Having said that, just roll with the positions listed for my primary picks for simplicity (1st round edge, 2nd RB, 3rd FS/CB, etc.)
    4 Defensive players projected to be picked.

    Let the good times roll, and thanks again for keeping track of this stuff.

  18. ajarnbangkapi

    Before I head out, a comment on the angst I went thru on one of the picks – TY Yelton in the 3rd. My initial reaction was tepid, there are not many overwhelmingly positive reviews on the guy.

    But, at that point of the draft – where I think they are looking RB based on the visit list and losing two RB’s over the offseason and a third returning from a broken leg – My realistic choices seemed to be Mike Davis from Spurriers Gamecocks and Yelton.

    Davis just seems to be burnt out early, just a feeling. Not sure he is entering his prime, with the way his production went , niggling injuries that will not go away in the more physical NFL, etc.

    Yelton, on the other hand, may be a victim of Bama fatigue. he was behind other great backs (Lacy) so he may not have left his best on the field already. Also, someone mentioned Andrews from a few years back, and the comparison just resonated with me for some reason. Finally, the analysis I saw suggested that he would be best in a ZBS, which the Falcons are implementing. Just seems to be a fit, and he just may, under Shanahan, be an even better pro than collegiate )and he WAS a top collegiate in a top conference).

  19. John Waynesworld

    To eliminate any confusion about position all we have to do is use whatever position is called out at the podium. We aren’t predicting the future here, just the pick. Besides, whatever position is called from the podium is the team’s choice, and they never call 2 positions. We should just be happy we’re not picking Tony Lippett. 🙂

    1. Arno

      Exactly. To score bonus points on the mocks I need everybody’s picks labeled with the position that’ll be called from the podium.

  20. Flo-Ri-Duh

    FALCONS CONTEST MOCK 2015: Flo-Ri-Duh [NOT Final]
    #1 Vic Beasley (LB) – primary
    #1 Alvin “Bud” Dupree (DE) – secondary

    #2 Maxx Williams (TE) – primary
    #2 Eric Kendricks (LB) – secondary

    #3 Duke Johnson (RB) – primary
    #3 Anthony Harris (S) – secondary

    #4 Craig Mager (CB) – primary
    #4 T.J. Yeldon (RB) – secondary

    #5 Mitch Morse (OT) – primary
    #5 Vince Mayle (WR)- secondary

    #6 J.T. Surratt (DT) – primary
    #6 Chad Hamilton (C) – secondary

    #7 Buster Anderson (TE) – primary
    #7 Tory Slater (DT) – secondary

  21. Flo-Ri-Duh

    So if they label a player “defensive back” is CB wrong? Is S wrong?

    I’ve never really paid much attention to how they labeled a player at the podium 🙂

  22. Flo-Ri-Duh

    gman – Just enter your MOCK DRAFT here and Arno will move it over to his format. At least that is the way I understand it.


    gman: FINAL MOCK DRAFT 2015

    * Once you designate your MOCK as the FINAL mock – that’s it. You can enter other mocks before your final but they won’t count. You only get ONE FINAL mock draft. Be sure to label mock with your “handle” to identify the mock as yours. Good Luck.

  23. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Arno – If, at the podium, the player is designated as a “defensive back” but on our draft we label them as a cornerback or safety do we get a point or not? Simple question. Can be answered YES or NO – no explanation necessary. This is going to come up and it would be best to clarify this now.

    You did change the rules but I will go by them. Adding on more rules is the same as changing the rules unless you are a lawyer – or Bill Clinton.

  24. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Arno – Don’t see any difference in saying OL for OC,OT, OG than saying defensive back for safety or CB – nor DL for DT & DE or LB for OLB or MLB.

    1. Arno

      Just saying if THEY call a player’s position in a big category, and we call a position WITHIN that category, then we still earn a point. But if WE call a player’s position in a big category, o-line for instance, and they pin it down to tackle, then we don’t earn a point. By the way, these bonus points are for the primary picks, only.


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