With the 8th Pick, the Atlanta Falcons Select……..

Welcome to Atlanta, Mr. Beasley!!!

Will Beasley be Donning Red and Black?


It is here Cage Brothers and Sisters…………..The 2015 NFL Draft!!! Some of us are about to burst with excitement after hundreds of hours of research and tons of mocks. The Falcons reside in the exact same spot as they did the previous year and optimism reigns supreme coming off Dan Quinn’s first voluntary mini-camp with plenty of good news.  Reports coming out of mini-camp have been extremely positive and as Julio Jones said, “you have to be in shape. It’s not like last year.”  This is paraphrasing, but that little quip was splendid.

“A Dream Come True” for VB?

This draft is a little different in terms of the speculation. The last minute story of Thomas the Trader wanting to move up to presumably get Dante Fowler Jr. (and his whopping 5.5 sacks as a senior) sent shivers down long suffering Falcons fans. As a non-Falcons fan said on a recent national football blog, “as they are just getting out of the hole from the Julio Jones trade, they’re ready to dive head first back in?” Let’s just hope that’s pre-draft noise.

While there’s still an outside chance at a “wild card” like running back, wide receiver, defensive tackle, or offensive tackle, it’s just really hard to even stretch to imagine the Falcons going anything other than some form of a pass rushing defender, particularly when it’s such a deep first round. Most have settled on about 2-3 pass rushers the Falcons will likely go with. Maybe it will be Alvin Dupree, or perhaps even Shane Ray or Randy Gregory with their off-field issues because the filter doesn’t seem the same with Dan Quinn. But it’s not meant to be because……………

Mr. Vic Beasley will Be Headed to Atlanta!!!!

The Clemson star absolutely balled out in college. He pulled down 52.5 tackles for a loss and 33.5 sacks over his 4 year career. At 6’3, 246 Beasley has the length and speed that Dan Quinn is looking for in a pass rusher.  He was a superstar at the combine to add to all the other positive things going for him. And how can it not be “meant-to-be” with him being a lifelong Falcons fan and even growing up in Adairsville, GA (how could you not draft a stud from Northwest Georgia!).

Expect it to be Dupree if no Beasley

Beasley could theoretically play the LEO role and immediately adds a much needed jolt of pass rushing ability. The free agency class shored up some spots (Brooks Reed to stop the run) and brought in some potential (Adrian Clayborn, O’Brien Schofield, Justin Durant), but little to no proven commodity. While Beasley of course would be a rookie, he can actually get after the quarterback unlike a former first round bust who only pulled down 12 total sacks as a 4 year starter from Missouri (bitter? Yup).

Shane Ray and Randy Gregory have both had recent off-field issues and could slide. Also, both were neither as productive long-term as Beasley was in college. The DE’s could have been just one-year wonders. I have to admit that I just don’t get the Dante Fowler hype. I’m sure he’ll be good, but only notching 5.5 sacks as a senior just doesn’t sit right.

If Both Beasley and Dupree are Gone, Scherff Could be Pick

If Beasley gets snatched up, than bet on Bud Dupree being the pick. While Dupree may be more raw and not have quite as many sacks, he has garnered almost as many tackles for loss and about 10 less sacks but almost 250 total tackles.

As nice as it would be to keep Todd Gurley in red and black or pair Amari Cooper with his former Crimson Tide teammate, there’s simply too many holes on this team. Some believe the Falcons could go offensive tackle for the second year in a row, but don’t count on it, especially with the new ZBS coming in.

Will Beasley Be Available?

Most believe that both quarterbacks will be gone, as well as Leonard Williams, Dante Fowler Jr., and Amari Cooper. That leaves about 2 spots between the Falcons. Most believe that the Jets and Bears will be looking to go offense, particularly receiver. Who know if both Beasley and Dupree are gone. The Falcons should try and trade back if possible to collect more picks because taking Ray or Gregory at 8 just isn’t worth it. OT/OG Brandon Scherff, CB Trae Waynes, DE Arik Armstead, DT Danny Shelton, or even Gurley or best WR if they couldn’t trade out.

What say you as the Draft Dawns????

1,549 thoughts on “With the 8th Pick, the Atlanta Falcons Select……..

    1. Paddy O

      all of them MUST have known the rules for the draft – that Collins could NOT re-enter. I assume all are PR gun shy; which is an indication of cowardice. It is the power of public opinion manipulation / political correctness of the sanctimonious pollyannaists (utopianists) of society. Pretty sad.

    1. SinIsIn

      While I can appreciate the ‘no use crying over spilled milk’ attitude, it’s months before the season starts and nothing much to mull over in the interim. At least regret is something to talk about 🙂

  1. Grits Blitz

    Too bad we haven’t definitively heard from DQ to say he made ALL the FA and draft selections alone.
    Seems strange but I didn’t hear one thing about Pioli’s “role” in FA and the draft.
    It would be interesting to know just how much “input” TD and Pioli did have (if any), was it all Quinn’s baby, or was it Arthur’s corporate decision-making that made it all happen? As long as Rasputin (TD) remains chummy and in the GM picture, we’ll always know we could’ve done better and every time I see the GM for the Rams (former Falcons Asst. GM), I think of…what might have been.
    My bet is we’ll never be told the real story. Must be for insiders only.

  2. Grits Blitz

    Flo – You are absolutely right – film/tape doesn’t lie.
    And, you made my point that a smart, talented stud of a football player can adapt to whatever scheme is being played by whatever team 99%
    of the time!
    Scrubs, however, with limited talent/skills may indeed be “limited” to a particular “scheme” they can only hope to make a “limited” contribution.
    Never really saw L. Collins as a scrub – ever – so he was likely destined to be successful wherever he went. Too bad the rich keep getting
    richer via smarts, money, or both. (Never forgiven the Cowboys since that 1980 whipping! Can’t stand them or Jerry. Pox on them.)

    1. Paddy O

      Jerry does not give a rats butt what anyone thinks. It is a very beneficial attitude for running a football team. This is not choir practice.

      1. Grits Blitz

        Like I clearly said, “via smarts, money, or both”. Jones got a gem by exercising those resources. Too bad Arthur did not.
        And, no owner really gives a “rats butt” what anyone thinks, least of all a mere football fan, but the reverse is also true.

  3. Dewey

    “if a player enters the draft and is not selected, he can enter the draft again the following year.”-NFL draft rulebook

    Posted this at bottom of last page for those who might have missed it.

    1. Buford Bob

      This isn’t right.

      If he is selected, the team owns his rights for one year. If he does not sign with that team, he can reenter the draft the following year.

      This is why Eli Manning was able to force a trade.

      If a player goes undrafted, he cannot reenter the draft. Ever.

  4. Flo-Ri-Duh

    I can send you another half dozen articles if you wish but the just of it is that once a player signs up for the draft and goes through the draft (even if he is not chosen) he cannot re-enter the draft again – ever. If Collins had waited until 2016 instead of signing a UDFA contract he would have been a free agent that could go to the highest bidder. He was projected by many to go mid-1st Rd (16th -20th). Jerry Jones got him for 1/3rd his value. As it is, he will play for the UDFA price for two years and the 3rd year he can renegotiate. That SUX.

  5. Dewey

    I’m done.

    Flo, go back and carefully re-read the articles you posted. Only mentions that the NFL told him he couldn’t enter next year’s draft if he was drafted this year.

    There was also a discussion about this on the radio this morning. Consensus was if you’re not drafted, don’t sign as a free agent, you can re-enter the draft the following season.

    I personally don’t give two wipes about Collins, just trying to get some clarity on a rule.

  6. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Dewey – why should we care – it’s past history now?

    JWW – I’m starting to think those teams that play Indiana don’t know how to tackle.

    1. SinIsIn

      Thanks for that link. For those who don’t like to click, article says it’s currently a 3 way competition between Godfrey, Allen, and Ishmael for the FS position. Weird, not what I would have expected as the starting point of the competition for the position. If it comes down to these three, I hope Ish runs away with it. Godfrey is a vet, but was a liability in Carolina if I am remembering correctly, and I don’t know much about Allen. If the guy has been flying under my radar in spite of me watching the games religiously last season, I have to assume he isn’t bringing much of note to the table, at least so far.

  7. just "little ole" me

    Watch the Indiana game against Ohio St. Shane Wynn drop some passes that I thought were catchable. In his defense he had a suspect QB throwing him the ball. So keep in mind that his numbers from 2014 were accumulated with a below average QB throwing the ball. That makes his output look even better! Let’s hope that Wynn can improve his pass catching abilities!

    1. SinIsIn

      Cool! That’s a great opportunity, and as someone who has been after some extra income, this beats the heck out of supplementing my regular gig with a PT position at Stop&Shop! I’m afraid my fantasy team would suffer if I had to kick 20+ hours a week into game tape and number crunching though…

  8. SinIsIn

    What a pity about Fowler. Poor Jags, never seem to have anything break lucky for them. It’s hard not to feel bad for them, since they are not really considered direct competition to the Falcons post-season chances (imo) and they seem like such a wayward and unfortunate team. But still, so very glad that’s not our problem! How quickly excitement for the new season of possibilities curdles when something like this happens. Feel bad for Fowler too. I know the medical technology has gotten so advanced that these injuries can be completely, and relatively quickly, recovered from. But I also have heard some players are never the same after coming back from a devastating injury like that. Think it’s more a ‘mental fortitude’ issue than a lack of physical capability when that happens, but the outcome amounts to the same either way. Speedy recovery, Fowler!

    1. waynester

      Solid “A” Good value on plus-value players with upside and (most important) better scheme fits for DQ’s/Shann’s new stuff….

  9. JB Falcon

    “It’s gonna’ be a good day Tater.” Ron White was correct, no one got hurt. An UDFA felt comfortable asking DQ a question, that impressed me.

  10. PoolerSpirit

    Are we closed for vacation now? I’m hearing a lot about Coleman being projected to be our starting, load-carrying running back this year… Also hearing he’ll be the Offensive Rookie of the Year, which will be nice to pair up with the Defensive Rookie of the Year Vic Beasley! I’d like to hear the Warrior’s opinion, as well as others, about the possibility of Coleman bumping Freeman back to second string. Thoughts?

    1. JB Falcon

      PS, there’s a lot of talk about the competition Coleman ran against being weak. He ended up with a little over 3000 yards in three years but got 2000 in one year. What’s he do the other two years?
      Even still, I’m hoping for the best from him.

  11. JJ

    From the web:
    ” The guy ran for 2,000 plus yards playing in a Big Ten East Division with some of the nation’s best defenses at Ohio State, Michigan State, and Penn State. That, in and of itself, is really, really impressive. But here’s the thing: Indiana couldn’t throw the football last season. Like, at all. Coleman’s underwear-model-turned-quarterback for the majority of the season was a 6-foot-nothing, 165-pound true freshman that started spring ball as the *fifth* quarterback down the depth chart. Two blown ACLs and two transfers later, he’s your guy. Combine that with Indiana’s freshman-laden recieving corps that struggled with drops all season — defenses knew exactly what was coming nearly every dang play.”

      1. JJ

        No worries mate, we all bring in diff info we find. I think he’s going to shock the falcon nation, top rookie RB.

  12. medallion

    Part one of some things to consider about the DL plan:
    (1) Quinn was a DL when he played and started coaching DL
    (2) Quinn kept Bryan Cox on as DL coach which implies Quinn liked what Cox did last year and has confidence in what he thinks about last year’s DL players (and perhaps more)
    (3) despite all the magical incantations (thanks to the media) about the LEO position being the solution to our lack of sacks because the LEO is a sack monster, Seattle’s defensive sack stats for last two years show that isn’t correct. The “LEO” designation is simply the name for whichever DE is on the weak side of the offense’s formation for non-obvious passing downs that lines up wider than normal DE to pressure more if it is a passing play. A linebacker usually slides into LEO on probable passing downs.
    (4) A weak side DE playing LEO role has to be able to help a lot in run defense.
    (5) A typical DE for the most likely LEO side weighs 265 – 280 lbs. to be able to help run defense
    (6) What to make of not drafting a potential weak side DE in 4th (instead of WR) or 7th and also having no prospects for that position amongst the UDFAs?


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