Atlanta Falcons Get Huge Win in New York

Falcons Hang In, Show Toughness, Get Win

Julio the Man!

The Falcons had never won in MetLife Stadium. Until today. The Falcons shows some serious grit and toughness as they beat the Giants in New York 24-20. It was a topsy turvy game that saw the Falcons start pretty strong and then cede the lead and momentum and looked as they were a touchdown away from being put away. The Falcons hung tough, though, and found a way to win. DQ gets his 2nd victory and a huge road win. A few thoughts………

Biermann Up Huge

Huge Day for Biermann

Yes, Kroy Biermann had a pretty big day. He stripped Eli Manning and caused a fumble that ended up helping to win the game. It was such a huge play because the Falcons went from being on the ropes of being put away and going down 27-10. The strip jolted the Falcons out of their malaise and they went right down the field and scored soon after. He also had a huge 3rd down stop on a 3rd and 1. Many were ready to see Biermann move on after an underwhelming Falcons career. What a difference a year makes.

Coleman, Freeman Run Tough

Defense Comes Up Big in the End

The Falcons only combined for 56 yards rushing, but the duo of Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman came up big with some tough running to get first downs and Freeman ended up scoring the game winning touchdown. They didn’t put up huge numbers, but they also helped keep the defense honest as Ryan finally started getting downfield, which help lead to the win. The Falcons are now dangerously thin at RB after Coleman left with a rib injury.

Ryan, Jones Come Up Big

Not surprisingly, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones led the way on offense and helped get the W. Ryan bounced back from a mixed performance with a very solid outing including going 30 for 46, 363 yards, 1 TD, and no interceptions. Julio Jones started strong, went silent for a bit, and exploded in the end to get the win, including a 37 yard bomb that set up the game winner.

Free Agent Pickups Come Up Big

Hankerson up Huge!

Leonard Hankerson scored a touchdown and had 77 yards receiving. Jacob Tamme had 77 yards receiving. Justin Durant had 10 total tackles, 9 of them being solo and was very good in coverage. Adrian Clayborn and O’Brien Schofield were in the backfield and Clayborn had 3 QB hits. Phillip Adams was seen in the game and stepped up to the plate. Whoever was behind the moves to pick up these guys in free agency deserves a lot of credit.

Alford, Pass Defense Shaky

Dan Quinn’s defense doesn’t have the cornerbacks track to certain receivers, so obviously Robert Alford was picked on by Odell Beckham Jr. and had a pretty rough day. The pass rush went dormant for a lot of the game and that certainly played a part, but the pass defense had a pretty bad day. They gave up 292 yards receiving, which included a monstrous day from Beckham Jr. at 146 yards and a TD.  Missed tackles and poor coverage from the linebackers didn’t help either, as Shane Vereen had 76 yards receiving himself.

DQ’s Toughness Shining Through

Coleman Ran Tough

The Falcons were on the ropes and ready to be put away, but they scratched and clawed their way back to a huge win. The team looked flat and pretty worn out as the Giants were ready to go up 27-10, but Biermann’s strip led to a Falcons awakening. The offense finally got their stuff together and drove to a TD. The pass rush finally came alive and the secondary buckled down enough to hold for the win. The Falcons teams of the last two years would have folded like a cheap tent when faced with any adversity. Quinn is tough and that toughness has come through in his team, as they overcame some huge challenges to get to 2 wins against some pretty tough opponents.

Matty Ice the Punter

No, not the QB. And not even the kicker. This is in reference to the Falcons punter Matt Bosher. He’s been one of the best punters in the NFL so far this year. Each of his punts are huge booms that flips the side of the field and really helps the defense. He also booms kickoffs through the back of the end zone, which can’t be taken for granted. He also made a really heads up play today when going to kickoff the ball fell off the tee. Instead of kicking it and possibly giving up a huge play with and setting the Giants up with great field positions, he avoided the ball altogether and reset the kickoff.

Your Thoughts on Falcons Huge Win?

456 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Get Huge Win in New York

    1. Greg Mendel

      Me, too. I wasn’t impressed at all in the first half, except for the offense hanging on. I predicted the Falcons would play 7 points behind all day. Fourteen points behind — and a flailing defense — should have meant doom.

      I don’t think Freeman can be applauded enough. He never had big holes, but got yard after yard with his slipperiness, speed and toughness — and it gave Matt the time he needed to make magic with Julio.

      As I said earlier, I think the Evil Quinn made an appearance at halftime. If he yelled, I doubt it mattered. He probably just silently held up photos of recently departed Falcons.

      Again, they didn’t give up. No matter what.

  1. Coop

    That second half was as good as I have ever seen this team play. They weren’t horrible in the first, but not good. Unbelievable coaching in this game.

  2. Wabe


    Like literally, wow.

    I still can’t believe what I saw. First of all, I’ll eat all the crow in the world on D. Freeman. The kid balleddddd out. And I loved watching him run that hard. Can’t go without giving the O-Line tons and tons of kudos. They’re playing beyond anybody’s expectations, and it’s crazy to think they’re only going to get better with more time to gel. Hoping that group, and the team in general stays healthy.

    Julio Jones, man oh man. Flat out stud. And Shanahan gets tons of credit for the way he’s using Jones. Lots of different looks, lots of problems for defenses.

    Offensively, honestly, they just flashed the potential of what this group can do. When the run game is clicking like that, the offense can be downright scary.

    Defensively, they tightened up. Much more effort in second half. Beasley has the big sack. Run defense tightened up. Still skeptical about all the stuff offenses can get underneath. But kudos. They pitched a 2nd half shutout after getting abused in the 1st half.

    3-0. Amazing 2nd half.

  3. Coop

    Just got back from HEB (Texas version of Publix). Paraded… That’s right… PARADED through there in my Falcons shirt, Matt Ryan Jersey, and Dirty bird ball cap. Saw many a sly look. Mouth not one word uttered. I quenched my thirst on their tears of sadness.

    With the Katrina boys losing, I and giggly. I will feast on their ridiculously, delicious, despair.

      1. Grits Blitz

        Col. Coop – Does the lettering on the back of your Falcons shirt advertise, “Say something? I didn’t think so.”
        Col., sometimes that silence IS golden and “speaks” volumes, doesn’t it?
        (If they don’t like it, tell them to drop and give you ten…dollars or front leans.)

  4. Grits Blitz

    The MO. Express is officially rolling now…

    -They definitely don’t play scared anymore. No doubt today they were simply impressive in the 2nd half!!!
    -They are not satisfied with playing for a tie, no longer play not to lose, and Shanny kept applying the pressure on offense (played as though they KNEW they could get the yardage when needed AND the O line showed some REAL determination today),
    -Shanny had Ryan pass the ball all around to multiple receivers…very smart.
    -As long as we have one healthy RB, we are officially going to be okay. (No, not Matt Ryan.)
    (I stand corrected now that Freeman “showed me” he can handle 28 carries in the game with no fumbling or tiring out. He was a stud hoss today and proved himself, imho! He and a healthy Coleman ARE exciting NFL-caliber backs. Can’t wait to see both of them healthy at the same time to share the load over a long season.)
    -Glad to see Nick Williams contribute and props to DiMarco. (He made some very good blocks and a big catch against Dallas!) Looking forward to getting Hester back or allowing Nick and chance to actually make return yardage. In the meantime, Weems is, at least, sure-handed.
    -Only concern now is NOT to overlook the Texans after this emotional road game! (To do so would be a waste.)

    -At this rate, DQ can concentrate on acquiring big-time defensive players next year and that’s gonna make having an attacking defense a BIG winning difference.

    With the exception of the nat’l media, the conductor on the MO. Express wondered, “all aboard yet”? This team does appear to be on the rise now!

  5. SG

    2nd half adjustments

    – the Cowboys had just three first downs in the second half after getting 20 before halftime.

    – Freeman had no trouble with the league’s No. 1 rushing defense, getting 89 (of his 141) yards in the second half

    – Joseph Randle had 85 yards on his first three carries,…. He had just 4 yards on his next 11 runs

    – Jones had 137 of his 164 yards in the second half

  6. Wings

    Not one predictable play on offense
    Played to win by scoring points – Killer Instinct
    Running game and into end zone when needed
    Second half “adjustments” offense and defense
    Best looking offense in second half since Matt Ryan arrived
    Quinn did not make any knee jerk reactions – played his game not the opponents’
    Learning to win with confidence

  7. SG

    Congrats to
    – the CS + the team for taking control of the game after a start that looked like everyone had missed the bus
    – Devonte for so convincingly shedding the cement shoes he seemed to have in the first 2 games
    – Beasley + Clay on their sacks
    – MR2 on the longest run of his career
    – the OLine for hanging tough against multiple looks

  8. Arno

    My favorite play of the game> Freeman on a sweep absolutely slaughters their safety #27 J.J. Wilcox who tumbles over like a rag doll.

  9. Chop Buster

    What a game! I was smokin’ hot the first half with all the missed tackles and our guys couldn’t get off blocks. The second half was night and day. Quinn must have got in some butts in the locker room, because we stopped the #1 OL from the running the ball. Shanahan called an excellent second half. Devonta was on fire today. This team showed they have some fight in them.

  10. Dewey

    Excellent, excellent win!!!!

    Not complaining, but if our Falcons keep winning games in this manner, going to need to see my doctor about some blood pressure meds and possibly an oxygen tank.

  11. Seminole Warrior

    What’s Up Cage

    Been out of the loop with a very busy week but all is well and I hope the same can be said for you and yours.

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

    Let me be clear here. I was one of many that was very critical about the “hype” that seemed to be centered around this first year head coach, Dan Quinn. I asked the questions; “Who in the hell is he?”; “What in the hell has he proven?”; “Do we REALLY think he has this much power in ATL?”.

    Well, CLEARLY, I missed the memo. The Atlanta Falcons, yes, OUR ATLANTA FALCONS, are undefeated.

    The Falcons beat a damned good football team today. They beat a football team that despite not having their starting Pro Bowl QB and #1 WR is still a very solid team. Dallas has a very dominate offensive line and is a very active defensive unit. They have one of the most reliable kickers in the game. The environment at the beautiful palace they call home is one that many teams are often intimidated in.

    But today, Dan Quinn, the SAME man that I have so many questions about, took a group of aging veterans, high priced free agents, Rent-a Center castaways, and a few good men into the Big D and WON IMPRESSIVELY.

    Today, I eat a lot of crow. I’m still want to see this young man emerge as a coach. But today, THIS DAY, I will give him his due. Dan Quinn and his staff COACHED today. Dan Quinn and his staff LEAD today. Dan Quinn and his staff WON today.

    NOTE: A possible Deja Vu moment? The last time the Falcons started the year 3-0 with a first year head coach, they went to the NFC title game.
    Just saying…..

  12. Greg Mendel

    Freeman knows Coleman is his competition as starter, and probably heard doubts about his fragility. He had the running game all to himself today and made the most of it. Under the same circumstances, Coleman may have bulled his way for a few more yards, but Freeman proved he could perform for four quarters. Dallas proved they couldn’t.

  13. Seminole Warrior

    Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank turned 73 on Sunday and he received the perfect birthday gift: a 3-0 start for his team after a 39-28 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

  14. waynester

    I could get used to this—still worried about the lack of intensity to begin this game but overjoyed at the attitude adjustment in the 2nd half. We are NOT better than the teams we have beaten so far. It’s the intensity with which we’ve been playing that has been the difference. Our defense is still (statistically) one of the NFL’s worst but our new-found confidence is helping us make up for our shortcomings…and Quinn gets the credit for the attitude improvement. Thanks, Coach Q!!!!


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