Atlanta Falcons Choke Again

Horrible Loss for a Bad Team

Blaine Gabbert. A weak 49ers team. Another loss. This team is just not very good at all. How in the hell did they win 6 games? Our fans were unexpectedly raised by a weak schedule and backup quarterbacks. Maybe we should have known this would happen all along. Dan Quinn is likely the right guy for the job, but the Falcons are a very mediocre team. The first 5 games they found a way to win. Now they’re finding a way to lose, which sounds all too familiar. Nothing like a really crappy loss. This team may not win many more games and the thought of playoffs is laughable at this moment. This team has a LONG, LONG way to go………..

This One is Mostly on Dan Quinn

Why in God’s name would you not go for the win with less than 3 minutes and only 2 timeouts left. The Falcons were 1.5 yards away from scoring a touchdown and looking good to win the game. Instead, Dan Quinn decided to kick another freakin’ field goal and of course they lost. Just stupid. Even if you don’t get it, you have them backed all the way up. After a fast start, Quinn’s coming back to Earth a little bit.

Pass Rush is No Better than Smith Era

This pass rush, defense, and team overall was always a long-term project, but fans hoped to see SOME improvement, and that isn’t the case with the pass rush. In fact, guess where the Falcons are currently ranked in sacks?   Try 31st. Quinn’s defense isn’t blitz-happy and wasn’t really well-known for sacks, but 31st? This team is in the exact same spot it’s always been. The Falcons have now been beaten by Jameis Winston and Blaine Gabbert in back-to-back weeks. Pitiful.

Offense is Super Weak

Dropped passes. Bad throws. 3 and outs. This offense just isn’t good. Matt Ryan is looking more and more pedestrian every week. Ryan evidently can only target Julio Jones and Jacob Tamme in the passing game and it seems to be turning into another “dink and dunk” offense. There is no deep threat or hardly any vertical passing game at all. It’s hard to excuse an offense with so much talent for being so bad.

Clean Out Front Office

Arthur Blank only got it half right when he fired Mike Smith last year and hired Dan Quinn. Thomas Dimitroff (and any of his assistants) need to go. One of our Cage brothers mentioned this stat: Out of 55 draft picks, we now only have 18 remaining after 8 years. That’s pathetic. This came to attention after they released another draft bust, 3rd round pick Dezmen Southward. Quinn should get to bring in his own guy because Dimitroff needs to go. Without a few of the free agent, one year contract guys (Adrian Clayborn, O’Brien Schofield, etc) where would this team be? The few great picks he’s made don’t make up for the ocean of bad to terrible draft picks. Time to send Spikey on his way.

Better Adjust Those Projections

How many games do you really see this team winning if things don’t dramatically improve. Maybe the Jaguars? Who else? Panthers x 2 (nope). Colts, nope. Vikings, nope. The Bucs just beat us in our own house. This team looks a whole lot closer to 8-8 than 10-6 and a trip to the playoffs. The only positive is that the rest of the NFC is pretty weak also. Panthers appear to be running away with their 3rd consecutive NFC South title and can anyone legitimately think the Falcons can even make the playoffs, much less win a game in one? It’s time to be really honest: this is a major rebuild and the Falcons benefitted from a weak schedule with backup QBs.

278 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Choke Again

    1. Arno

      I saw that. Less than the 49ers blitzed, but should’ve been enough to keep them guessing. Now Gabbert’s escaping on bootlegs? Quinn called bootlegs a ‘common’ play, a thinly veiled reference to some intense displeasure with a certain LB with the initials B.R. That will surely be a topic of discussion in the film room.

    1. Chop Buster

      He’s probably the best LB we have on the roster now–faster and physical. I liked him when he played for the Raiders.

    2. Arno

      His 10 tackles led the team. Went through the Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, and injured at 49ers before coming here. Said the mindset at the Falcons is completely different from previous stops (in a good way), loves it here, and thinks highly of how Quinn is building the team. While he thought that hit on Gabbert was clean, he didn’t complain about the refs, just felt bad for giving up those yards for his teammates.

      1. Dewey

        I thought the hit was clean. Contacted the shoulder pad first (barely). What are you supposed to do? You can’t change your trajectory at the last second.

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    I am watching the “heads up” match between the two finalist in “The World Series of Poker” championship.(on ESPN) A year ago I actually got the opportunity to play in the tournament. I got there by winning a local, year long tournament sponsored by the WSOP in Douglas, Ga. By winning I got a free seat at the table ($10,000 buy in) and my trip was included. My goal was to finish in the money which I did. For that I got my picture taken with a giant check for $23,000. An amazing experience – meeting all those famous players.

  2. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Remaining Schedule: Seven Games To Go
    Nov 15 Bye Week [Time To Reevaluate & Make Adjustments & Fight Back]
    Nov 22 Colts – W [Home]
    Nov 29 Vikings – L [Home]
    Dec 6 Bucs – W [Road]
    Dec 13 Panthers – L [Road]
    Dec 20 Jaguars – W [Road]
    Dec 27 Panthers – W [Home]
    Jan 3 Aint’s – W [Home]
    * 12-5 A Possible Wild Card Birth

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Refresh my memory please. Who was it that said “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Was is Chicken Little or some of these pessimists in “The Cage”?

      This season is not over. Falcons are an average team with a schedule (primarily) of average teams. Results- close wins, followed by close losses”. Good news is they aren’t getting blown out and this is year #1 of the DQ administration. It’s obvious that help is needed at certain positions and if Shanahan isn’t the answer I am confident DQ has enough sense to figure it out.

  3. Chop Buster

    Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served. Thank you for your service–and continued service to those still active.

    1. Dewey

      This is the exact reason, there should be/will be tweeks to Atlanta’s offense over the bye. Slice it anyway you want to, point fingers and yell, “I’m smarter than Quinn”, the fact is, in the moment, Quinn didn’t think his offense could gain a tough yard for the TD, nor did he feel confident in his offense scoring a TD had we gone for it, not made it, stopped the niner’s and got the ball back.

      This fact, more than any numbers you can throw out there, speaks the loudest about the overall state of our offense.

    2. Arno

      It’s unanimous. Bad decision. Or hold on a sec…

      In any debate it’s good to understand the other side’s thinking. I’ve listened to Quinn carefully, wanting to know how in hell he came to that decision– because, really, he’s earned respect for the way he’s made aggressive calls to this point.

      First of all, he thought the ball was closer to the two yard line. Next (like Paul Johnson often says), he wanted to give his team the best chance to win, and part of that required decisiveness. Based on previous D stops and subsequent scores (Washington, TB), he thought the successful pattern was in place. And lastly, his decision would have had a much better chance to work if the boneheaded non-contain of Gabbert hadn’t occurred.

      Now for the second guessing and pile on: Quinn never denied a better outcome was possible. What he kept emphasizing in his defense was the need for decisiveness, and the reasons ‘at the time’ (He kept repeating and emphasizing ‘at the time.’) that he made the call.

      Still. Bad decision. It’s unanimous.

      I believe there are a couple of decent takeaways, though: Quinn’s commitment to decisiveness when it comes to setting the tone for his players, and his willingness to discuss details with the media.

      I also think Michael Cunningham saying “It was a colossal blunder,” is a journalistic cheap shot.

  4. JB Falcon

    So, every one wants DQ to make another team like the ‘Hawks. The last time I looked we were 6-3 and they are 4-4.
    What’s the point?
    Dan, run what you brung dammit! Make the best of what you have and quit wishing you had something you don’t and quit blaming your self worth on someone or something else. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own actions and are responsible for your environment. You are what you have made of yourself. If you’re not satisfied with 6-3, change it! You made the 6-3, the fans didn’t. You are not only responsible for the way the fans are looking at you right now, you are responsible for the team record, the coaching staff, and how the team plays. Maybe Sham doesn’t know a football from a large turd, you hired him and are responsible of letting him ruin our offense. You, yourself, made one of the stupidest calls in the NFL this season. Learn from it. You are a rookie coach and can learn a lot by listening to some of the players who know the game, first hand, a lot better than you do. It’s time to start letting them play football like they know how. Every player on our team wants to be a winner but, Dan, you and your staff are making it dam near impossible for them to do that.
    P.S. “Everyone” wants to know why Roddy is getting the shaft and are tired of hearing about your lame azz monkey talk. Be man enough to spit it out. Do you think we are blind idiots? You will find, as you learn, that fans can, and will, turn on you in a minute and the best way to prevent that is to be open and honest. You are already losing the players and when you lose the trust and faith the fans give you you will be rudely awaken and possibly out of a job. You will be the exception to the rule that “sh!t runs down hill.” In your case, it will run up.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      My brother, absolutely fantastic!!

      More to come. I’m working on the bye week posting even as we speak. Hope to have it to D3/Arno sometime early tomorrow afternoon.

  5. Seminole Warrior

    *************************** A MOMENT*********************************

    Happy Belated 240th Birthday to my Marine brothers and sisters (yesterday was the actual birthday!!

    Happy Veterans Day…..

    And to all my brothers and sisters that have worn the uniform of the United States of America, I am honored, DEEPLY honored, to be one of you. I am proud of your sacrifices, your commitment, your strength/courage, and your love of something greater than self. In all that we have given, in every country, village, hill, and valley in which we have served, we HAVE made a difference.

    For those that have gone on to the graces of God, we love you, miss you, and will never EVER forget you.

    No matter what, you (we) have changed the world. While my soul and heart will forever bleed Air Force Blue, the roots are Army green. And in that light, using the word “soldier” for us all, I close with this video that I love:

    1. Grits Blitz

      SW – Thanks for reminding us of those who -then and now – wear THE uniform for OUR team. The team that REALLY counts!

  6. Dewey

    I believe everyone is going to get their wish one way or the other. Either Scamahan is going to open up the offense or he will be gone next season. I’ve labored this point but maybe haven’t been clear enough, so here it is, I hope it now becomes as obvious to you all as it is to me…

    Quinn didn’t trust his offense to gain 1 yard, or a subsequent touchdown if events had fallen that way.

    Quinn didn’t think Scamahan could come up with 1 play out of his entire play book that would have gained us 1 yard when we needed it most.
    Quinn didn’t have faith in Scamahan.
    Quinn has all the faith in the world in his players. He proved that by thinking we could kick a FG, kick off, stop the niners on 3 downs, field a punt, then get back in position for another FG, kick and make the FG, all in under 3 minutes.
    Quinn has lost faith that Scamahan has the ability to guide us into the endzone.
    I also believe the offense has lost faith in Scamahan. Want proof? Admittedly from my view in my living room I can’t see every player on the field, but I didn’t see anyone protest when Quinn elected to kick the FG.

    1. Wings

      Quinn didn’t trust his offense to gain 1 yard, or a subsequent touchdown if events had fallen that way.

      It is the reason!!

  7. SG

    Nice work JB. As I see it from the sidelines as I’m off on some biz, the D, Quinn’s area of expertise, is proving to be, even w/ the existing personnel, a significantly improved group over our recent past. Yes, I know the opposition hasn’t been top tier, but I see a drive and commitment that’s been so seriously lacking for so damn long. But 23 blitzes this past week w/ no sacks and only 2 QB hits? Yup, we have a ways to go.

    As for the O, my belief at this point is that we have a better arsenal of WRs than we did last year, but unfortunately, under-utilized. A TE in Tamme that Payton brought w/ him from Indy to Denver – and we now know why. We have an O-Line, that while still lacking in it’s overall strength, has shown a do-or-die commitment not seen for a couple of years. We have the best backfield in the making w/ Devonta and Tevin – and a real FB to boot. But, but, but, the Shanman has got to be more than just one-dimensional — and just perhaps, spend a little, nah, maybe a lot more time watching film of the oppostion’s D as opposed to just drawing up his schemes w/o giving due consideration to the opponent’s potential.

  8. medallion

    From watching on tv, I would have chosen to go for the touchdown and, if it failed, SF would have bad position and then if we stopped them, then we have to score a TD to win. However, I can’t come close to opining Quinn’s decision was “definitely wrong” or stupid, etc. because the defense played really well in 2nd half, Bryant is a great field goal kicker, we had struggled throughout the game on offense once SF’s defense had to only cover 20 or so yards, and we sure had run blocking problems.
    Shifting topics – I was traveling during the Tennessee game and therefore didn’t see it, but I think (ouch) based on 2nd hand info and seeing other things before and after the Tennessee game, there are lots of things that can lead to a resurgence for our offense.
    One is for Person’s ankle sprain to get real close to being healed (and of course give him more time to work on snapping as a converted guard who needs to work on that)
    To be continued (it is a bye week after all and plenty of time to speculate, make suggestions, notice some fact, throw out some opinion like mine, etc)


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