Quinning Is Dead


They want us to believe…

by Anthony Cooper

Wow! Just… sigh… wow…

I took the rest of yesterday to absorb that loss and try to determine how I would write this article. Yesterday’s game was simply the dictionary definition of Atlanta Falcons’ football. Not just this year. Not this new coach. Not the Matt Ryan era. That game was the story of the franchise for nearly 50 years. Hell, one could argue that save the Braves championship in 95 and the Herschel fueled championship in 81, that game epitomized Georgia sports… well, forever.

How many times will our fans be subjected to so much talent and promise… consistently wasted Sunday after Sunday, year after year? Following Saturday’s epic struggle between powerhouse college programs of the MIGHTY Dawgs and the world beating… ER… uh… wait… I have it right here… uh… MUTHAF@@K!C what?!?!? The Georgia Southern EAGLES?!?!?!?!

**Take Zanax… Drink Bourbon… Put the gun down!!!**

FalcColt_2Sigh, so after that wonderful game, I had little hope the Birds could save my week. They were playing the Colts with the greatest QB to ever live (ESPN told me Andrew Luck was such… who am I to argue?). Then… I remembered… we are coming off a bye! And Luck is hurt! We could win. 7-3 is a lock for the playoffs!

And so it began. Our defense was AWESOME! Pick on the second play of the game! WAHOOOOO!!!! Wait… we went to Roddy 3 straight times then missed a FG??? OK, OK… it’s early. We are gittery! Then… BALLLLLLLL!!!!!! Yay Falcons! Let’s go. Driving… driving… WHAT?!?!? Pick in the endzone?!?!?

FalcColt_3Fans, that’s all you need to know. Yes we played better. We were stout on D and had 3 amazing 80+ yard drives on O. But I just showed you on our first 2 drives what Georgia sports is all about. It isn’t bad enough to suck. They want us to believe there is a chance before they kick us in the giblets and steal our sweet potatoes.

The Birds blew 2, 14-point leads. In the NFL, that is unheard of. They missed a FG and threw a pick in the endzone. There’s at least 6 points (which would have won the game). And Matt Ryan threw a pick six from the 6 inch line. What in the holy hell was our OC thinking?

FalcColt_1Look, I took a ton of notes and was prepared to write a glorious article about how under Dan Quinn we were going to see a new day and lift the Lombardi trophy next year. But let’s face it… in the words of the great NFL player (who shall remain nameless… basically because I can’t remember his name or if he even said this about us), “same ol’ sorry @ss Falcons”!

I travel to the A on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with my folks. Then to meet the Godfather for a trip to watch our Birds play the Vikings. I have to admit… I have no more hope for this season. I love my team. I am wearing a UGA sweatshirt and Falcons hat as I type. But I can’t invest anymore emotional energy this season.

Now for your thoughts?

1. Are the Bird’s done? Any chance of making the playoffs?

2. Is Devonta that good, Coleman that bad, or is it just experience?

3. Have teams figured us out? Stop the run and then blitz Matt?

4. Is Dan Quinn an oasis?

5. Can we please… please, finally admit that our OL is our Achilles heel?

6. Can the Falcons win 3 of the last 6? If so, which games?

7. Did you watch WWE Survivor Series? How predictable was that? (Sorry… closet Wraslin’ fan)


345 thoughts on “Quinning Is Dead

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Falcons drop (splat!) to 6-5. As expected Falcons sputtered and blundered to another loss vs a decent Vikings team. On target to reach my original pronogstication of 9-7 for the Falcons in 2015. An improvement from last years miserable 6-10 but still a long way to the light at the end of the tunnel. Also means drafting at approximately 16th pick in 2016 draft as compared to 8th pick in 2015 draft.

    This season so far has been low lighted by fumbles, interceptions and untimely penalties and today’s game was no different.

    Remaining Schedule:
    At Bucs – projects a “W” !
    At Panthers – project a “L”
    At Jags – project a “W” !
    Home Panthers – project a “L”
    Home Aint’s – project a “W”

    Season: 9- 7 Original Projection (considered optimistic at the time – still is)

    Projected Needs: Defense
    Pass Rusher
    Projected Needs:Offense
    WR/TE – down field threat


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