Offense Squandering Season

falvik_1Pending a Vikes game write-up, here’s a question:

Since we aren’t likely headed to the playoffs, what remaining goals would you like to see accomplished in the regular season?



476 thoughts on “Offense Squandering Season

  1. Wabe

    I remember a time when Flo called me deaf, dumb, and blind for blaming Dan Quinn…

    Am I still deaf, dumb, and blind? Or can I actually legitimately point fingers at Quinn and Shanahan?

  2. Wabe

    When they let Jameis Winston pull of that miracle run for the 1st down on the bucs last scoring drive, I was thinking, “doesn’t Dan Quinn preach finishing?”

    1. Chop Buster

      Once again, we have backups posing as starters. This team seriously lacks talent on both sides of the ball…but mostly defensively. TB has had the last couple of years to consistently build their team through high draft picks (making the right ones) and FA signings. Meanwhile, Arthur wants to win now–he’s delusional.

  3. Hamad Meander

    Thank goodness the NFL gives us the draft to look forward to every year. Thank goodness losing makes it even more interesting.

  4. JB Falcon

    Went to do the lawn and came back and there’s a football game on! Ain’ts and Cats. They’re scoring something called touchdowns that count 7 points. We need to learn how to do those.

    1. Chop Buster

      Ask Shanacant why he continues to make the dumbest calls in the red zone? You’re in the red zone that many times today and constantly come up with field goals…whose fault is that?

        1. Chop Buster

          That’s two too many. Why we make the Bucs look like a superstar defense I don’t know. Falcons need to rethink their Shanacant hire–don’t care how much Quinn loves him.

  5. SG

    Respectfully, I don’t believe either Ryan, nor Shanahan, cost us this game, or this season.

    We bitcked about the previous CS for over 3 seasons. Some of us for more than 3 seasons. Rightly so.

    We had a good draft class this year that, in and of itself, is not, by itself, going to makeup for the 25 busts or traded picks drafted in the previous 5 years that couldn’t even make practice squads elsewhere. Think about that.

    Think about all of the FA signings, prior to this year, who contributed nothing more than a slot in the locker room while they were here.

    So now, some of us want to aim our pitchforks at Shanahan. Really?

    Maybe, just maybe, have we sharpened our tines,……and our pitchforks,……. after the fact?

    1. Chop Buster

      So now, some of us want to aim our pitchforks at Shanahan. Really? I’m going to point my pitchfork at Shanacant this game. He does not have a creative play calling bone in his body. It looked like the same replay of the first TB game…we move the ball (without the red zone turnovers this time) and couldn’t do anything, any different than we’d done all year. What’s the love fest with Julio like he’s a one man offense? Shanacant has nothing to do with the lack of defensive talent, but this team has regressed offensively.

    2. Wabe

      I respectfully disagree on the draft class. Based on this team’s set of needs, I can’t understand why there wasn’t more focus on shoring up the fronts on both sides of the ball. They followed up the Beasley pick with a CB, RB, and WR. I want the focus to be on shoring up the trenches/front 7. One of Dimitroff’s biggest criticisms over the years has been that he has focused on skill position talent in favor of building the football team from the inside/out. Dan Quinn came in, and I understand it will take him more than one offseason to acquire the kind of talent that he needs, but considering how horrid this franchise has been on both the offensive and defensive fronts over the years, was drafting a CB/RB/WR our greatest needs? Especially considering we have not a single starting capable LB on the roster right now.

      And although you are correct that we need more talent, I’m really struggling with the notion that Dan Quinn and Shanahan have watched this team free fall and have had no answer for it, none. I definitely think Quinn needs a few offseasons to build the roster for us to contend, but I don’t agree with the notion that this team isn’t capable of beating a handful of the teams we’ve played in the past month. They definitely haven’t gotten all they can out of this roster. I personally thought with the schedule we had, this team was capable of winning 10 games.

      I mean c’mon, we went from 5-0 to 6-6, and are looking at 6-7 after next week. It’s an epic collapse. And the fact that this team has proven they’re capable of establishing some sort of rhythm in an up tempo/no huddle offense just makes Shanahan look even less equipped.

      I mean honestly, Mike Mularkey made a rookie Matt Ryan look better than Shanahan has made a proven veteran Matt Ryan look. Also, Didn’t Mike Smith take over like 2-3 win football team? He managed to put together a pretty impressive rookie season with a rookie QB and talent deficiencies across the board as well. Even a guy like Harry Douglas, I’d argue Mularkey made HD flash a whole lot more in his rookie season than Hardy has this year.

      This notion that we’ve got the talent of a college football team or worst is absurd. We do lack talent, but we’re not playing good teams. We’re playing against other teams that also have glaring flaws/weaknesses. This coaching staff just can’t stop the bleeding.

    1. JB Falcon

      “I don’t know what we are doing down there. I don’t know what the thinking it is as far as if we’re going to throw jump balls or if we are going to run the ball with whatever look we get down there. We practice throughout the week throwing jump balls and fades and doing all of those things. But when the game comes, you never know what’s going to come up.” – jj

      1. Seminole Warrior

        Shut the hell up, Julio. Catching 50% of your passes when you represent nearly 15% of the salary cap. Just shut the hell up!!

  6. JB Falcon

    Sept 14 Falcons 26 Eagles 24; Currently Eagles 35 Patriots 21; Hmm, looks like two teams are going in opposite directions?

  7. Hamad Meander

    Funny that with a new RB, WR, TE, OC, OG, OG and offensive coordinator, we have one of the worst Falcon’s offenses I’ve seen since before Matt Ryan was drafted.

  8. Grits Blitz

    SW – In this day and age, when the truth is interpreted as “situational” and many with selective eyesight and hearing don’t want to see or hear it. Thanks for continuing to tell the truth anyway! (Do facts and film lie?)
    Long ago, I began citing Arthur as the primary culprit for this club’s ineptitude and mediocrity as it all starts with him as the “tone-setter” or “tolerator”. Such identification was poo-pooed as A.B. was hailed as a polished, progressive altruistic owner instead of just another “profit baron” playing around with one of his side toys – his pro football team – as a mere distraction. To each his own. Some “nice” owners really are naïve and regardless of what he has said to date about improving and “getting tougher”, it falls flat – year after year. Empty words w/o a real diametric shift in thinking/expectations is a… tune-out!
    Said for years now our front office’s culture and climate has to change with REAL leadership imported and empowered. Let DQ just HC and get assistants who can “coach up” or … “can” their behinds. And, for goodness sakes, whether scheme A or scheme B, get some QUALITY players. They are the ones who make the real difference and not just a shiney, supposedly redemptive “scheme” with all the p.r. hype to sell the fans on hope to keep buying those tickets.
    You are so right. Until A.B. “wants” an upgrade and insists on raised expectations with performance accountability by flushing his toilet of a
    front office, nothing will really change and fans must accept they are contributing to throwing more good (hard earned) money after a…bad…VERY bad product.


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