Falcons vs. Panthers

True (Southern) Grit(s)!

by Anthony S. Cooper


Falcons “fifth receiver” steps up.

Roddy White set the tone with his tussle early in the game, and the team followed its long-time emotional leader. Matt Ryan played with guts and poise, the O-Line was generally stout and much better than weeks past, the D-Line finally started to get pressure and contained Cam, Julio was a beast and made an unbelievable “I will not be denied” catch, and the team showed its True Grit. Losing or winning close games comes down to so many different things, but in the end, our Birds showed what they lacked for two months today. They wanted that game… and they took it. Cam said it best in his post-game interview, “We got our butts kicked”. They did. And how glorious is it tonight to know that WE stopped them from a perfect record? Oh to be in Carolina tonight and feast on their delicious despair.


Accuracy, strength, distribution, balance.

I have often been the first and the loudest to criticize the O-Line, and I still hold that they need a Center and Guard early in the next draft. But today, they played about as well as they have all season. And it showed. With just a little more time (maybe 1.5 seconds) and about 3 feet more space, Matt reminded us what a surgeon he can be. He is calmer in the pocket, more accurate with throws, and more zip on his passes. Further, all our WRs have more time in their routes and against the Panthers’ weaker secondary, that was what we needed. So, my hats off to the big uglies today.


Carolina held to season low, thirteen points.

The next unit I generally malign is our D-Line, and they played much better today as well. Even after losing Paul Solial, there was constant pressure on Cam. Grady Jarrett is going to find himself on the field a lot more in the future. I saw him collapsing the pocket and getting double and triple teamed while clogging up the middle and preventing Newton from scrambling up the middle. Clayborn, Beirman, Babs, and Beasley constantly flushed him from the pocket, hit him, and were in his face. Result… rushed throws, missed throws, and finally a strip sack to seal the game.


Ryan reaches 200 TDs.

Matt Ryan has had a down year and a few weeks ago, many were saying his worst year. While possibly true, he was flat out the man today. Hit early in the game, Matt was clearly hurt for much of the first half. Never once taking a snap off, he got hit again on the other side (right side under the arm) for what looked like a potentially damaging blow. Frankly, either could have knocked him out of the game. Or, he could have gotten happy feet and started to rush throws. Instead, he scrambled through traffic two plays later and threw a bomb 52 yards in the air to a leaping Julio for an amazing touchdown. Look, I admit that Matt has had many bad moments this year and he definitely missed a snap today that cost us 3 points, but that man was all about winning today. Third down after third down, he found open receivers and delivered dimes. He also had an incredible scramble for a first down and took quite a wallop. He’ll never be Tom Brady of Aaron Rodgers, but he is our team’s best chance to win every Sunday. Like I said earlier… two Linemen away from being deadly.

And speaking of receivers, our crew was well above average today. Still too many dropped passes, but Julio’s touchdown will help you forget some of those. For me, it was great to see Roddy back in the mix… and early. He still plays with an edge. He didn’t let Norman or any other defender get in his head, and he led the corps to defend our dome.


Cam passes for 142 yards, second lowest of season.

Speaking of our dome, I remarked to my family who is visiting from Atlanta how awful it was that the dome isn’t a home field for our Birds. Did you notice that we were operating on a silent snap count much of the game? Despicable. I saw it last year in the Cleveland game and this year in the Minnesota game, but I can only imagine what it was like in person with all the Carolina fans. Many of whom I suspect said they were Falcon’s fans at one point. I have read for years that Atlanta is a bad sports town… well, to be honest, it is embarrassing to watch. That said, second to cramming it down Newton’s throat today, I hope all the kitties’ fans cried all the way home to Buckhead. To hell with with ‘em all! It is long past time that our fans and our city take some damn pride in our team and take back our house. Why do we expect our team to play with pride when we show no pride in them? Don’t let those Who Dat punks from Katrina-ville invade our house next week.


Not MVP yet.

Finally, the record. Perfection has ended. Man oh man, it could not be any sweeter. Beating the Saints, beating the Cowboys… those are special victories. But this is one I will remember for a long time to come. I don’t mince words, I straight up despise Cam Newton. He is a smug, egotistical, cheating, lying piece of garbage. He can play. But he’s not what he thinks he is, and I am glad we stepped on his throat today. I hate Drew Brees, but at least the man has class. Newton is a punk, plain and simple. Thankfully, he won’t be able to say he went undefeated in 2015, and we can all thank our Birds for serving him some humble pie. It was mentioned earlier about his quick exit from the field and whether or not his “good game” to Matt was classy enough… HELL NO! Cause if they had won, he would have been dabbin’ and supermanin’ and smackin’ his gum with that smile you didn’t see today (cause we knocked it the heck off his face). But like most classless bullies, when you slap them around and make them your prison concubine, he ran to the locker room to cry like a baby.

We are still alive for the playoffs, but today was my Superbowl. Let’s beat the Saints next week and get ready to find a competent GM.


Beasley strips Newton’s last chance.

1. Who gets your game ball?

2. Has Shanahan changed or has the Offense learned the system better?

3. Is Beasley showing signs we expected or was this just one game?

4. What’s your take on Grady Jarrett?

5. Can the Birds beat the Saints to finish 9-7 and end on a 3 game winning streak?

6. Do you really care about making the playoffs, or did that dream die 4 weeks ago for you?


374 thoughts on “Falcons vs. Panthers

    1. SinIsIn

      Took the Pats, what, 10 days to tell that guy to piss off? Why’d it take us a whole season? Stubborn FO, same as always.

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Grits – This one’s for you (atlantafalcons.com)
    Quoting the article:

    Matthews’ pass protection has been especially impressive this season: According to Pro Football Focus, he’s one of three OT’s to line up for 600 plus pass blocking snaps and surrendered just one sack this year. Moreover, he’s been whistled for just four penalties-the 3rd lowest figure among starting LT’s.
    He’s improved in the run game, too, as evidenced by his crucial block on Devonta Freeman’s touchdown against Carolina. When Freeman broke to the left side and found open space, the only Panther standing in his way of the end zone was Charles Tillman. Tillman would have no legitimate chance to make a play, though, as Matthews laid a near-perfect block on the veteran safety, giving Freeman a clear path to the goal line.
    Through week 16 he’s earned a positive run block grade on PFF, a significant uptick from 2014 when he was deep in the red.

    Like I said I’m predicting Jake Matthews makes the Pro Bowl in 2016.

    1. SinIsIn

      Why would anyone have a problem with JM? He’s our best OL by far, and the only one we really invested heavy draft capitol in.

      1. Dewey

        No problems with Jake, actually, quite the opposite. Jake is our best OL, but his versatility makes him even more valuable. Jake can play either OT spot at a high level, plus I’m convinced he could play C as well. It’s about keeping all options open.

    2. Grits Blitz

      Flo – Just like we need 2 bona-fide stud DEs, we need 2 bona-fide stud OTs.
      If J.M.’s “performance” puts him at annual Pro Bowl status and he can stay healthy enough to protect the QB’s blind side – fine. Otherwise, I’m for getting the VERY best LOT who can play the position slotted there and, either way, we need a stud ROT anyway.
      Schraeder’s “potential” is just not there to qualify as “stud status” and needs to be addressed asap or we’ll continue to operate at less than optimum with, naturally, less than optimum results to the surprise, hopefully, of no one.

    1. SinIsIn

      SonofaB, I’m at work and won’t get to see it. I shoulda checked listings when I was home last night, coulda used the DVR. They usually do just a single replay, right?

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Not sure…. I’m not usually home in the daytime either but was here because my water stinks and I’m having it checked. Friggin’ city water.

        The score right now is 7-7 and Falcons missed a field goal. I’m going out on a limb and saying the Falcons are going to win.

      1. JB Falcon

        And turn your sound down before you go. It’s one of those a’hole sites that starts blaring a commercial with .01 sec of volume control.

  2. SinIsIn

    Ok, idk if we can post vines on here, but someone shared this with me (during a Tannehill sucks debate) and holy crap, that’s….that’s so so bad. Makes me feel like a cretin for whining about the line we have. I mean ours is not good, it’s not even acceptable. But this is what a straight ass-quality OL looks like… it could be so much worse!

      1. SinIsIn

        Mind blowing, right? I could hardly look away when I first saw it. Just watched over and over, wanting to scream at Tanne to run, like ya do at a suspenseful horror movie.

  3. Hamad Meander

    http://www.draftsite.com 7 Round Falcons Mock 2016:
    1st: Laquan Treadwell – WR – Ole Miss
    2nd: Hunter Henry – TE – Arkansas
    3rd: Javon Hargrave – DT – South Carolina State
    4th: Damontae Kazee – CB – San Diego State
    5th: Forfeit
    6th: Traded
    7th: O.J. Mau – DT – Gardner-Webb

    Just for the record, I hate it. Not. One. Offensive. Lineman. Are. You. Kidding. Me?

    1. SinIsIn

      Why’s everyone so unsatisfied with Tamme? I mean he’s no world-beater, but c’mon man. He is plenty serviceable, and that’s more then can be said for our lines (both of em).

      1. Dewey

        Not unsatisfied with Tamme, it’s Toilolo. Shanahan likes to run a lot of 2TE sets. But you know Toilolo isn’t going out on a pass route (hasn’t been real good at it, plus usually needs to stay in to help the OL). Need a dual threat TE (receiving, blocking) to go along with our single threat TE (Tamme, receiving). In a perfect scenario, we would have 2 dual threat TE’s. Think of what fun a QB and competent OC could have with that (think New England when they had Gronkowski and Hernandez).

        1. SinIsIn

          Valid point Dewey, Toi is puke. But I’d rather roll with 1 good TE and 1 competent C, than 2 good TEs and Person. Taking a TE in the 2nd is what you do when ya have no TE, and limited other holes. Just not the priority right now, sadly.

          1. Dewey

            Totally agree, Sin. I’m good to roll with Tamme in 2016 along with whoever else we can find off the scrap heap. Offensive front 5, defensive front 7, must be top priorities this offseason.

          2. Flo-Ri-Duh

            Shan’s offense requires two TE’s quite often that can receive and block. We don’t have that. Tamme is a solid receiver – not much of a blocker. The other TE’s can’t catch a pass with a fishing net.

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Let’s see:
      #1 Treadwell goes top 15 – falcons drafting 19
      #2 Hunter Henry gone before Falcons draft in 2nd
      #3 DT is not high on the needs list for ’16
      #4 Why do we need to draft another CB?
      #7 refer to #3

      I wouldn’t waste time on this mock draft site if I was you.

  4. William...Birdman

    Game ball JJ .That one catch alone got it . I got my gift in the win

    Is Shan starting to learn ?

    Is MR starting to learn and be more comfortable with the new play’s ?

    Best game I seen this year out of our Birds . Houston game included

    No playoffs but if we spank the Saints it will sure go a long way to the pos for next season .

    Go Falcons !!!!

  5. SinIsIn

    Other news: Eags fire Chip Kelly. Why before the last game? Seems like odd timing. Too late for pick of college gigs, early for pick of NFL jobs. Interim coach for one meaningless game doesn’t help anybody. Seems like weird timing to me.

      1. Wings

        “Gimicks” win for a short time, but a team needs good offensive and defensive lines, period. I hope the Falcons have learned a lesson.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Evidently the front office wishes to embarrass him…. hard feelings there. Lot’s of strange moves by Kelly with roster changes will really set Eagles back. Almost like he called to get advice from Dimwitroff.

    1. Greg Mendel

      I saw it when it happened. I was very tempted to post: “Cam is describing his talent to deaf viewers,” but I didn’t know if anybody else noticed.

      I think duplicating it en masse would be a great way for Atlanta fans in the stands to salute the Panthers every time there’s a home game — initiated by Arthur Blank on the big screen.

  6. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Chip Kelly will probably return to HC a college team – maybe Aubarn when the get rid of Malzahn . Two losing years in a row – Malzahn soon to be gone I believe.

  7. Paddy O

    it appears DQ is making some adjustments to the O scheme. JJ was running fairly deep routes this game, and without Hankerson, KS is forced to play the superior WR in RW84. To me, this win salvaged our season and gave me some hope – although I’d still terminate KS.

  8. Mr B

    The fact is, many of our wins came by the way of a defensive stop, 3 by turnover. Making defensive stops is great, but going out and running a 2 minute offense to steal at the end of game is a must characteristic for any good team, and it was Ryan’s proficiency….When it came to marching down and winning game on the 2 minute drill, DQ makes Smitty look like Joe Walsh. Also, remember when Ryan committed himself to the weight room? He look fasters and stronger….I have not heard much of that talk lately……

  9. Seminole Warrior


    Outstanding work as usual, my brother. Been busy here with the usual end of the year stuff as well as getting ready for the New Years Eve big one in ATL as my Seminoles are in the Peach Bowl this year. They will be facing a solid Houston team that will be certainly ready to play.

    Cage Family

    Just in case I miss you, the Tee Pee wants to wish you an early Happy New Years and best wishes for 2016!! Will be back with you soon but in the mean time, one more round to enjoy as it relates to college football for this season.

  10. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Falcons Mock Draft XXI 2016
    #1 DeForest Buckner (DE), Oregon, 6’7″ 290 lb [great skill set with size and speed]
    #2 Jason Spriggs (OT), Indiana, 6’6″ 305 lb, 5.20 40 [ Quality run/pass blocker and ideal ROT]
    #3 Joshua Garnett (G), Stanford, 6’4″ 321 lb, 5.35 40 [agile, physical, powerful run/pass blocker]
    #4 Jarrad Davis (ILB), Florida, 6’2″ 235 lb, 4.72 40 [fast, physical, instinctive inside presence 3 down ILB]
    #7 Jack Allen (C), Michigan State, 6’2″ 295 lb, 5.25 40 [slightly undersized but strong run blocker and reliable in pass protection]

    1. Grits Blitz

      Flo – Speeds listed on all but Buckner. Speed w/ any stud DE is mandatory. Do you know his speed? He’s certainly big enough. I like your priorities. Only thing I’d change in this mock would be to draft another quality LOT and then let the best man win the position in competition w/ Jake. Would like the ROT to get cross-training to move to LOT – only in an emergency if our depth LOT is not adequate.
      We both want the BEST LOT to protect our QB’s blind side, right? That’s got to be the priority and doubt there would be any argument from Ice.
      Get the very best players available to compete at the highest levels for any significant upgrades “in the trenches”. That’s all I’ve been trying to say. Thanks.

      1. Dewey

        Buckner has the same limitations that Hageman had coming out. Has gotten by on sheer size and strength. Has to be taught and properly motivated or its bust city. Just my opinion from what I’ve seen/read.

      2. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Will just use walterfootball.com comments on Buckner:
        6’7″ 290 lb 4.82 40 [fast for a big man]
        2015: 76 tackles / 16 for loss / 9.5 sacks/ 5 passes batted down
        He has played well for the Ducks as a run defender and has shown his pass-rush potential this year which hasn’t been easy with the current Duck scheme. The Ducks’ scheme has suppressed others pass-rushers’ potential of other edge rushers such as Eric Armstead & Dion Jordan. Buckner has a great skill set with power and speed.

        Have not heard anything negative on him in regard to effort or attitude – mostly it was the scheme that held him back with his pass rush. His priority in the scheme was to hold the edge and stop the run. He’s my Base DE in DQ’s defense.

  11. Wings

    After watching the game again, I was really amazed with the speed of VB#44. Maybe, he has had a breakthrough.

    He was in CN#1’s face in a hurry many times. Then he was able to retreat to line of scrimmage at a rapid pace for tackling duties.

    The entire defense appeared to play instead of “hesitating” to make a move as in previous games. Has it been the “afraid to make a mistake” mentality that was taught by the previous HC that has held the players back?

    The play by Nat Stuper was one of the better defensive efforts of the entire season by any player.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Panthers’ Achilles heel on offense is their OT’s – not so good. Scam, being as big and mobile as he is helps mask this weakness. After Ra’Shede Hageman buried Scam full on in to the ground – Scam wasn’t running around so much. That one hurt and the last thing the Panthers want is Scam getting hurt before the playoffs.

      Falcons got some pressure on the QB inside for a change. With Soliai and Jarrett out – it was Babs, Hageman, T. Jackson & Clayborn applying pressure inside that made the pass rush work. QB’s worst nightmare is the interior OL collapsing…. just ask Matt Ryan.

      Stupar & Clayborn are UFA’s in ’16 and their agents will be looking for $$$$ after the good years they had – especially Clayborn who made it through injury free for a change. Not sure the Falcons will be able to re-sign them.

    2. Grits Blitz

      Wings – I’d go even further to note the biggest mystery of the season, imo, is that Stupar has not been playing much more or even starting – based on his performance. Thought that’s what it is all about – performance. Very strange indeed.

  12. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Julio Jones named NFC player of the week. (espn.com)
    Matt Ryan has been at practice with a hip injury – should he play or sit against Aint’s in a meaningless game? Could be a good opportunity to look at Renfree vs a porous Aint’s defense.

    1. SG

      I never gave sitting MR2 a thought, but I agree w/ you Flo. The reality though is that, for MR2, this isn’t a meaningless game – he won’t be willing to sit out Revenge Bowl II. Secondly, w/ Brees playing thru his torn plantar fascia – and playing quite well I’ll add, Ryan doesn’t want anyone to question his resolve to play through his own pain.

      Best we can hope for is piling up a huge first half lead, keeping Brees in check, then handing the keys to Renfree Qs 3 & 4.

    2. Arno

      When asked about Person’s continued problems, Quinn said the competition remains in full effect with Gradkowski. He puts premium value on winning attitude, looking at the team as a whole. He cited Matt’s grit after that shot to the hip as a leadership catalyst to that end. I think building team identity is far more important to Quinn than giving Renfree some snaps. Not only that, the team is hungry to pound the Saints. It would be downright inconstant for Quinn to pull back now.

      1. Dewey

        Along those lines, I did here Quinn say (on Monday), he wanted to get a better look at some younger player. Named King and Coleman (if healthy), specifically.

  13. Flo-Ri-Duh

    The Bama vs Michigan State playoff game is Thursday at 8 pm. Several potential picks for the Falcons in this game: in particular Shilique Calhoun (DE) & Jack Conklin (OT) of Michigan State and Reggie Ragland (ILB) & Jonathan Allen (DE) of Alabama. All could be on DQ’s radar in the 1st/2nd round.

  14. dawsondevitt

    Greetings Cage!!!

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is getting ready for a fabulous New Year’s Eve of College Football. I’m actually happy that they’re playing both playoff games tomorrow. Last year it felt that it was too rushed and by the time the late game came on, many people were petered out (or should I say, partied out).

    Anyway, I don’t want to upset many of you, but you might want to go ahead and prepare for Dimwitroff to stay on this year. I did a “very unscientific post” that I sent to Arno which he will put up tomorrow.

    I’m very afraid that lil’ Spikey will be back. 😡

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Promised my wife I would go to the New Years Dance tomorrow – will miss half of 1st game and probably all of second. Would rather watch the game but have to keep her happy – sacrifices have to be made sometimes. maybe I can record the games.

      Don’t care if Dimwitroff hangs around as long as his power to influence the roster (draft/UFA’s) is neutered – as it was last year. Going small ball with UFA’s and having a successful draft shows me DQ has full control of the roster choices now.

    2. Chop Buster

      D3, at this point I really don’t care if they keep Dimwitty or not. They need SOMEONE in the Personnel department to scout and bring the RIGHT players for Quinn to make a decision on. Dimwitty is simply a figure head at this point in my mind.

      If we continue to sign mediocre players then that’s on Quinn IMO–since he lives working with Dimwitty.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Falcons need a second downfield threat to take the constant double and triple team off of JJ. Roddy’s place now is in the slot. Liking Hunter Henry (TE) to pair up with JJ, RW, Hardy & Tamme for ’16. Shan’s scheme often requires two TE’s that can block and receive. ToyBoy couldn’t catch a cold and Tamme’s not much of a blocker.

  15. Dewey

    Hey Artie!!!!! If you think Dimwitt is so damn terrific, why don’t you float the rumor that you’d be willing to trade his rights. See what you get offered in return.

    Hint: that silence you hear, that’s every other NFL team NOT calling you with an offer.

    1. SG

      😉 Great idea Dewey. He should first float it up to the Browns who are sure to do some housekeeping.
      And TD would be able to get back to where he began.

    1. dawsondevitt

      That made me happy, but then this BS came out BEFORE the game…………


      Ian Rapoport Verified account
      On #Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, owner Arthur Blank will sit down after 2015 & hear his plan. No decision yet, but Dimitroff could stay.

      One of Blank’s biggest problems is letting his personal feelings get in way of business >>> See Rich McKay

      1. falcon21

        D3, are you enjoying some time off? BTW, Calhoun had a really good shot at being State Champs if they could have made it to the dome, I was pulling for them!

  16. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Roddy White, ” I plan to return for ’16 and be a Falcon forever”. RW is age 34 and is signed for two more seasons through ’17 when he will be age 37. He can still play but is best suited in the slot at this point. Falcons will make a move for another WR – most likely in the ’17 draft.

  17. Wabe

    As everyone’s probably aware, the Eagles fired Chip Kelly. The dude was pretty chaotic with his personnel decisions with the Philly roster. It goes to show that not every head coach is cut out to have total control over the 53 man roster. Arthur Blank has gone this route with Dan Quinn, and I’ve read several articles about how it’s not typical to offer an unproven first time head coach this sort of personnel power. All I keep hearing about is that Quinn needs time to get his players, but what evidence is there that Quinn is capable of building a team? I’ll admit, the bar is set pretty low seeing what TD’s done, but if Chip Kelly’s firing has taught us anything it’s that not everybody is cut out for this. The direction Quinn will take this offseason will be more telling whether he “gets it” or not. I’m hoping there is a heavy focus is on the trenches. If we don’t see this type of emphasis on building the fronts on both sides of the football this offseason, I’ll start to question what the philosophy here is.

    1. SG

      I’ll agree 100% it’s too early to get a real handle on the overall philosophy. So far though, other than Shanahan’s personality, I haven’t seen real head-scratchers similar to the hot mess Kelly created. When he first arrived in Philly he stated that anyone could learn to play in his system. After year 2, he dumps 3 key players – w/o replacing them – and brings in Porcelain Bradford to QB behind an O-Line that’s been trying to make do w/o Mathis. No logic.

  18. SG

    Not sure if this was posted:

    The Atlanta Falcons announced that they’ve signed linebacker Xzavier Dickson to their practice squad.

    Originally selected by the New England Patriots in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft out of Alabama, he spent part of the 2015 season on the Patriots practice squad.

    During his time at Alabama, Dickson played in 39 games. In his final season, he posted 42 tackles, nine sacks and 12.5 tackles for loss. Dickson is also a Georgia native as he played high school football at Griffin High School.

  19. Dewey

    MR should play if he’s able to. That’s what he gets paid to do. The only reason to play Renfree would be if you thought he could perform well enough that you could entice a QB starved team into a off season trade, maybe re-coup a missing draft pick. But even if Renfree had an unbelievable day, you’d probably only get a 5th or 6th for him at best.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Two reasons:#1 Ryan is injured & #2 DQ needs to see if Renfree can play in a real game. Heaven forbid MR gets injured for any length of time and we don’t have a backup that is serviceable.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        I am already on record as saying MR should play if his injury is not serious. This is a momentum game that can leave them in a positive mind during the off-season. MR’s the leader and if they expect the rest of the guys to lay it on the line MR should too. If I’m paying MR $1 mill a game he’s playing.

        1. William...Birdman

          Agreed Flo

          If MR is the Man . He needs to be the Man $

          I think he will be alright for 4 more hours this season

  20. JB Falcon

    I have no idea where to look but we need a young QB with the physical qualities and skill set to develop into MR’s replacement down the road.
    From what I’ve seen of Renfree, we’d be in deep trouble if MR went down.

    1. JJ

      Agree, GB drafted Aaron Rodgers 4 yrs before they need him. However, TD cannot prepare for next weeks toilet paper’ usage much less a nfl grand scheme!

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      There are options in this draft: Dak Prescott (QB), Miss State has all the ability to make it in this league. Reminds me of Russell Wilson – intelligent, leadership qualities, football instincts, good character, tough and mobile enough to avoid the rush. See him going in 3rd round. Doubt if Falcons are ready to invest a 3rd round pick – but if he slips to the 4th they should pull the trigger.

  21. William...Birdman

    Yea Renfree is not the one to step up . A lot of teams have all these backups . Backups that beat the Birds . Hey Dimwitt where are our backups

  22. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Sounds like the Falcons are beat up: held out of practice was Roddy White (ankle), Eric Weems (concussion). Chris Chester (shoulder), Philip Adams (hamstring). Limited were Devante Freeman (knee), Devin Hester (toe), Robert Alford (ankle), Justin Durant (hip), Grady Jarrett (shoulder), Paul Worrilow (knee). Interestingly Matt Ryan (hip) went through the full practice. Looks like he will start against the Aint’s – good. (Vaughn McClure @ espn.go)

  23. Mr B

    Not sure why we ever go rid if YT Yates, he was capable of winning a game in a pinch, and that is all you can really hope for in a backup….Hell, he has as many playoff wins as Ryan….

  24. Dewey

    We don’t need to invest a 2nd round pick in a TE if he’s gonna need to help the oline pass block. We don’t need to invest a 4th Rd pick on a QB that’s going to sit and learn for a year or 2 when we have so many holes now.

    We have way more holes than we have draft picks, and you can’t build an NFL team through FA.

    Any WR can get open if he’s got time.
    Any QB can find an open man if he’s got time.
    Any RB can gain 3-4 yards if there’s a hole.
    Any DB or LB can cover a man for 2 seconds.

    Start the fix on the oline. Start the fix on the defensive front 7.
    First and foremost, fix the FO!!

  25. Grits Blitz

    1. SPOILER ALERT…Saw “Concussion” yesterday. Talk about collusion and cover-up in the face of indisputable scientific facts! (5,000 former players have filed suit against the NFL, noted at the film’s end!) Even the feds brought (30 felony) charges against the (identifying) doctor’s boss (a doctor himself) for supporting his subordinate’s research findings that happened to accurately identify a pattern AND the truth! (Talk about a lobby with teeth – NFL is billion-dollar muscle.) Typical response – discredit the whistle-blowers, the research, and pass the Kool-Aid! (Predict after this movie gets widespread exposure, responsible parents will have to seriously consider the facts and the potential pool of eligible football players will shrink overall, in time, throughout this country.)
    NFL clubs will likely have to eventually go to “full disclosure” and players will likely have to sign a legal document they fully understand the risks involved to their health per concussions – now AND after their careers are over.
    Hope all Cagers get to see this movie and then draw your own conclusions AFTER you’ve seen it.
    (While there were no past Falcon players highlighted in the film, I left wondering about some of our guys that died at an early age…like Ray Easterling, for one. Who knows how many others were/are affected by CTE? Very troubling, indeed.)

    1. SG

      Thanks for the critique Grits. Definitely looking forward to seeing it.

      While it’s a completely different piece of business, everything I’ve previously read, along w/ your take on the events, reminds me of the cigarette mfrs. in the mid-to-late 90s, claiming, under oath, they didn’t know there was an issue w/ nicotine, while they were infusing an ammonia derivative to make it even more addictive.

  26. medallion

    Random thoughts from the peanut gallery (without verification on some things) – part one:
    I have read the Falcons are projected to have 20-21 million cap space based on players under contract for next year (no personal verification on that)and maybe as much as 30 million depending on some cuts (speculation involved of course).
    Some of whatever will be available will and even should (IMO) be spent on retaining some of our own URFAs and RFAs.
    Schraeder is a RFA and I think he should get paid to remain as RT.
    IMO, Our most important group of URFAs are Chester, Clayborn, and, who would have ‘thunk it’, Biermann. IMO, the next group of URFAs are Schofield, Stupar, and Wheeler.
    I would like us to resign Clayborn – he stayed healthy this year and has finally started to play more snaps at his best position – big LEO on weak side (usually RDE) for first down and intermediate down and distance situations since he can stunt to the inside. I’m not sure why that took so long, but perhaps tied to lingering injury recovery.
    If Chester is wiling to play another year at same contract price as he has, then I think he should be resigned while a rookie learns behind him. I had hopes Asamoah would come back healthy for RG, but that didn’t happen.
    If Biermann will come back for a reasonable amount, but less than his 3 million for this year, then I am o.k. with that – medium weight LEOs that have lots of versatility (including special teams) and experience are nice to have.
    Resigning any of Schofield, Stupar, and Wheeler doesn’t (IMO) matter much, but none of them will cost much. If I had to pick only two of them to resign at the same cost, I would go with Wheeler and Stupar.


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