Roster Analysis: Part I


First up, it’s quarterbacks.

by Dewey


Man with the vision.

It’s that time of year again. Following a season of improvement and disappointment, Coach Dan Quinn now has his first “full” off-season to dissect his roster. He’s had a full season to decide who currently fits, who still has a chance to fit, and who just needs to be sent on their way. Now, these are just my opinions, I obviously have no idea what DQ really thinks or what the FO and King Arthur have in mind. This year, I’m starting on this earlier, so some minor changes might happen to the roster after I post, but I wanted to be able to get this all in before serious FA starts. I know FA is still 2 months away, but last year I ran this too close and over half of my summary never made it to these pages. It’s a shame too, it was brilliant insight, I nailed 100% of my predictions (ha!ha!). Anyway, the other reason I’m starting early is because I’m going to break them up into smaller parts. Last season, the post was quite long and I’m sure folks got tired of reading before you finished. Here’s how it will be broken down into separate posts, I will send them to Arno as I finish them, when he posts them will be completely up to him.

Part I-QB’s

Part II-RB’s and FB’s

Part III-WR’s and TE’s



Part VI-LB’s

Part VII-DB’s

Part VIII-Specialists(may include this one with another, haven’t decided yet)

Let me just add before I start, this team has a lot of holes. By my count, there are at least 15 positions that could use major upgrades. That’s a lot to improve upon and obviously would take a miracle to accomplish in 1 off season. That being said, if the front office doesn’t look at each and every player, and I mean every one of them, and decide if keeping them or moving them would improve the TEAM, then this could be a long rebuilding process.

Anyway, let’s get started and tear up this roster so we can start winning big on a regular basis….

Part I – Quarterbacks


On the same page?

MATT RYAN-under contract through 2018 season, $23,750,000 cap charge

Cut pre 6/1-$18,400,00 dead money, $5,350,000 cap savings

Cut post 6/1-$8,000,000 dead money, $15,750,000 cap savings

Trade-same numbers as cut pre 6/1

Had one of his best statistical years as far as completions, %, yardage. But his TD’s were down and his INT’s were up and seemed to come at the most inopportune times. At points of the season, it looked like his arm strength had diminished and he just seemed lost and locked in on 1 or 2 targets (1st read option then check down). These all seem to be traits of QB’s under Kyle Shanahan. Was Ryan a victim of an OC and a new system? Is our franchises best QB ever starting to lose it? Will he look much better in his 2nd season in the west coast system?

SEAN RENFREE-under contract through 2016 season, $686,474 cap charge

Cut pre 6/1-$11,474 dead money, $675,000 cap savings

Cut post 6/1-same



Mop up duty…

So far, the best thing you can say about Renfree is he’s been better than anyone else we’ve had in training camps. Thanks to iron man Matt Ryan, Renfree hasn’t had to take a meaningful snap yet(has gotten some mop up duty in 2 blowouts). The next best thing you can say is the price is right.

MATT SIMMS-futures contract

6’3″, 210lbs
Son of former Giants QB, Phil Simms
Signed with Louisville, transferred after freshman year to El Camino College in California. Later transferred to Tennessee where he started his senior year, only to be benched after the 8th game.
Was signed as an UDFA by the Jets in 2012
Saw action in 3 games in 3 years. Career stats: 19-39, 195 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT


All about competition.

Asked for and was granted release.

Signed with Buffalo prior to 2015 season.
Was given start in final preseason game, looking like he might win backup job. Final series of game, in trying to break a tackle, in inadvertently threw the ball 20 yards backwards. Bills lost, Simms cut the next day.

Signed as member of Falcons practice squad on 9/7/15

MY CONCLUSION: Matt Ryan is statistically the best QB this franchise has ever had. And he’s got the heart of a lion. But like I said earlier, if the front office isn’t going over this roster with a fine tooth comb, looking for whatever moves could be made to make the TEAM better, then what’s the point of having a FO. If I were GM, I would be on the phone to every other GM in the league to see what they would be willing to give up for Ryan. Someone might completely blow us away to the point where we (or at least I) would forget about the trade up for Julio. I doubt it would happen, but you never know unless you ask. And before anyone says I’m saying we need to trade Ryan, I’m saying I would look, just like I said last season with Julio. If I’m blown away by a deal, I make the trade, if I’m not blown away, then MR is our QB in 2016. Sean Renfree is a cheap backup, but I’m not completely sold on him should Ryan finally be dealt that death blow that we’ve all been waiting for behind 3 years of a horrible offensive line. I would bring in a veteran backup with some of that cap space we have, and if we somehow attain more draft picks, I would use a late pick on a project QB. One thing for sure, more bodies need to be added before camp starts.

PREDICTION: Ryan doesn’t go anywhere and the subject of shopping him around doesn’t even come up. Another veteran comes in as a FA to compete with Renfree for the backup spot. An undrafted FA is brought into camp just to be another warm body.


413 thoughts on “Roster Analysis: Part I

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Breaking News ( Kirby Smart names new DC – Mel Tucker who was the defensive backs coach at Alabama and has a long coaching resume including the NFL.

      1. Seminole Warrior

        Yes he was. And a darn good one at that. He SHOULD have gotten the call in ATL before the travesty known as Mike Nolan was called. Got a bad rap in Chicago where age, injury, and poor drafting had destroyed what was once a proud defensive unit.

        He is a Saban disciple and the move is a darn solid one for the first time HC at UGA.

        1. Seminole Warrior

          And like most Saban disciples that are effective DCs, he is a great teacher of both the overall scheme as well as the secondary. Again, great move by your young coach.

        2. Chop Buster

          That’s right. He definitely should have been the DC instead of Nolan. Smitty should have hooked Mel up.

  2. Seminole Warrior

    SW’s Way Too Early 2016 projected Offensive Line (Revision One):

    Left Tackle: Jake Matthews
    Left Guard: Jeff Allen (FA)
    Center – Ben Jones (FA)
    Right Guard: To Be Determined
    Right Tackle: Ryan Schraeder

    In one day, I took a 60% liability and reduced the risk by 2/3rds. Yes!!!

          1. Seminole Warrior

            As I have said before and as I firmly believe, we could take several of us cagers, meet at Buffalo Wild Wings with AB, he gives us access to the capital, and we could have this team contending for a playoff position/run in very short order. I have no doubt about it. Why?

            We have that extra factor that executives do not……WE TRULY CARE ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND HAVE A GENUINE DESIRE TO WIN!!!!!

      1. SG

        JB, I’m reading your “To Be is really Determined” as a swipe at our recent “Holy mother f’in $^8+,… the season starts next week and we need a C, and another G”….) etc., etc..

        1. JB Falcon

          You actually read more out of it than I put into it but your are right! We do have to consider what the new FO was left to work with.

        1. SG

          Pretty sure some of our ’15 starters will remain to be backups, if for no other reason, they’ve had a year in the system – not to mention we can afford them. For me, even before I knew of his injury, I thought Chester showed some needed fight and resilience.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      SW – Check out Kelechi Osemele (G), Ravens – He’s a UFA.

      Jake Matthews (OT)
      Jeff Allen (G)
      Ben Jones (C)
      Kelechi Osemele (G)
      Ryan Schraeder (OT)

      Could we possibly get THREE UFA’s on the OL and use the draft to fill LB’s, DE, DT and SS?

      * William Moore (SS) is one of my favorites (when healthy) but I can see Falcons releasing him or making this his last year. Don’t think they would trade a life long Falcon but they let Harry Douglas go.

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      OK – Guess Kelechi Osemele (G) can’t zone block? D-am I loved the way he pancakes his victims. What I really want is not a zone blocker but a zone/power blocker. Powerful and Agile – any out there?

  3. Dewey

    J.R. Sweezy, G, Seattle, 6’5″, 300lbs. 26yrs old.
    Natural fit.
    Will cost $3mil/year.
    Get this guy at 1 guard spot, go bargain at the other spot to compete with holdovers, draft a C, keep our OT’s, BINGO!

    1. Seminole Warrior

      I like the way you are thinking, brother. But given his solid production over the past three years once he heard the starting role, as well as the issues that the Seahawks had with consistency on said line, I think that they will seriously attempt to lock him down. But I like the move.

      He would represent the final piece of the pie.

      And how would we get there? Easy IF we are willing to make the tough choices.

      We here at Tee Pee Sports have EIGHT cuts that we can make between 1 March and 1 July 2016 that would result in $28.5 million dollars in cap savings for the Atlanta Falcons.

      Repeat, $28.5 million dollars in cap relief with a hair over $10 million in residual dead money on the remaining contract balances due.

      I’m ready to pull the trigger.


      1. JB Falcon

        SW, you’re giving directions, I’m just driving, since we ain’t totally lost, keep them thoughts coming. See ya’ll tomorrow!

      2. Dewey

        Thought Sweezy might be a long shot. Curious what Seattle’s cap situation looks like. Got quite a few cuts in mind myself, haven’t bothered to figure cap savings. The good thing about going “all in” on a FA olinemen is the cost is much easier to swallow than for a WR or RB.

        We just need to be careful about cuts. Some have mentioned Soliai, but honestly, who else do we have to fill that spot. Jarret’s good, but not that type of player. Hageman can man handle most linemen one-on-one, but can’t hold up against 2. Mbu? Showed some nice play, but not enough to count on full time.

        Lay it on me, who’s some of your cuts.

        1. Seminole Warrior

          I’m all in for 2016 as my commitment to restoring the TRUE strength of this team…its offense while we still have time to maximize the veteran talent in place on that said unit.

          That allows the defensive mastermind that Quinn is SUPPOSED to be to work his magic on that side with youth and the draft.

          We need to get younger and turn those young lions loose. Hell, are we really thinking that we are a SERIOUS playoff team in 2016 anyways? Heck, Lovie Smith just went from two to six wins with a baptism by fire of a core of young rookies and second year players on offense. We need to follow the example.

          My first wave of cuts include: Devin Hester (3 million), Paul Soliai (5.4 million), William Moore (4.8 million), Tyson Jackson (4.8 million), Andy Levitre (4 million), Justin Durant (2.8 million), Matt Bryant (2.55 million), and Mike Person (1 million). TOTAL CAP SAVINGS: $ 28.4 million with a residual “dead money” due balance totally $10.1 for the group.

          1. Seminole Warrior

            My front office is following the EXACT model that Pete Carroll used when he took over the Seattle program. Get rid of the dead weight, get younger, infuse talent and experience where needed via selective free agency, and build through the draft.

          2. Grits Blitz

            SW- I’m on the same page except for “Money” Matt Bryant. Yes, he’s got some age and incurred that nasty injury in ’15, but should he return 100%, he’s the best clutch kicker I’ve seen since future HOF Morten A..
            Yes, eventually he’ll need replacing as they all do, but I just think when the game’s on the line, he earns his 2.55 mil, and we could do far worse.

          3. Flo-Ri-Duh

            SW – I expect Soliai (NT) and Mike Person (C) to stick. Soliai, after he lost around 30 lbs, actually showed up on the field in ’16 and his dead money is pretty steep if he’s cut. Could draft his replacement – really like Austin Johnson (DT, Penn State, 6’4″ 324 lb…. With Stone & Gradowski likely gone will need a backup center – Person at $1,000,000 and around $300,000 dead money if you release him, would make a decent backup to keep for now. Can’t replace ALL these guys in one year as we also have as ,I counted 18, contracts that expired this past season. Will have to re-sign or replace these guys.
            [this info:]- all these contracts expired – found 4 that are RFA (restricted free agents)
            Flo’s Outlook: Re-sign 8 – Bye Bye 11 [That leaves 11 spots to fill in draft/UFA/Trade or Undrafted Free Agents
            #1 Adrian Clayborn (DE), age 27 – re-sign
            #2 Chris Chester (G), age 32 – No
            #3 Gino Gradkowski (C), age 27 – No
            #4 Kroy Biermann (DE), age 30 – No
            #5 O’Brien Schofield (OLB), age 28 – re-sign 1 yr
            #6 Jake Long (OT), age 30 – re-sign 1 yr
            *#7 Ryan Schraeder (OT), age 27 [RFA] – re-sign
            *#8 Paul Worrilow (ILB), age 25 [RFA] – re-sign
            #9 Ben Garland (G), age 27 – No
            #10 Shane Graham (K), age 38 – No
            *#11 Ricardo Allen (FS), age 24 [RFA] – re-sign
            #12 Charles Godfrey (SS), age 30 – No
            #13 Phillip Wheeler (OLB), age 31 – No
            #14 Tony Moeaki (TE), age 28 – No
            #15 Phillip Adams (CB), age 27 – No
            #16 Bryce Harris (OT), age 26 – re-sign
            #17 Nathan Stupar (OLB), age 27 [RFA] – re-sign
            #18 D.J. Tialevea (TE), age 24

      3. Flo-Ri-Duh

        SW –

        Mike Pouncy (Dolphins) – $9,000,000 per yr – highest paid center

        Kevin Zeitler (Bengels) – $8,000,000 per yr – highest paid guard

        * Andy Levitre (falcons) – $5.375,000 in ’16 – SIX yr escalating contract expiring in 2019 – average out at $7.8 mill per yr!
        TD outdid himself with this contract- If he’s cut Pre-June 1st: $1.25 mill DEAD MONEY/ cut Post June 1st: $4,125,000 DEAD MONEY
        EXPECT LEVITRE GONE PRE-JUNE 1st – will try to trade him but doubt there will be any takers at that price due to his lack of success
        “There’s a SUCKER born every minute” – PT Barnum – Levitre found his sucker.= TD aka Arthur Blank

        Trent Williams (Redskins) – $16,000,000 per yr – highest paid tackle

        1. SinIsIn

          Wow, that made me nauseated to read. We agreed to paid this mediocre (and I think that’s being pretty generous) drive-killing penalty machine just shy of what the HIGHEST paid G in the whole friggin league makes? Damn TD, you dumb!

          And you’ve been retained… Is it possible to drown in your own tears?

    2. JB Falcon

      You talking RG? SW has already suggested a good LG. O or D? I’m confused (That’s what my psychiatrist says)

      1. Seminole Warrior

        JB F,

        We rebuilt the line!! Pops the corks. We in the Cage have rebuilt the offensive line in one day. Yes!! And we did it for a little under $40 million dollars over five years.

    3. Seminole Warrior


      You made me do it!! My THIRD free agent deal of the day. HISTORIC MOVE….SW advocating free agency in a major way.

      So, here is comes once again FOR THE FINAL TIME:

      Once more, given my careful FA approach that is well known in the Cage, I offer the following proposal to JR Sweezy.

      Five years, $16.5 million with a $2.5 million dollar signing bonus; annual $2.8 million per year.

  4. Seminole Warrior

    SW’s Way Too Early 2016 projected Offensive Line (Revision Two): A major assist from my man, Dewey.

    Left Tackle: Jake Matthews
    Left Guard: Jeff Allen (FA)
    Center – Ben Jones (FA)
    Right Guard: JR Sweezy (FA)
    Right Tackle: Ryan Schraeder

    Yes….we now have a legit ZBS themed offensive line that is young, talented, and locked down for the long term. And we have an nice amount of cap space to begin EARLY talks with Matthews as his rookie deal’s end is within sight at the end of next season.

      1. Seminole Warrior

        I would welcome the chance to present my proposal to him. It can’t be any worse than most he has seen over the past five to seven years as it relates to free agency. LOL

        1. Flo-Ri-Duh

          SW- Are you answering the want ad in the AJC for a GM? They won’t say over the phone who they represent….. you have to go in. I already tried – pays well.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      With Matthews contract expiring in ’18 , you are correct, his contract should be negotiated at the end of ’16 season – but Noooooooooooo if TD is still around. His M O is that he procrastinates til AFTER the ’17 season and pisses Matthew’s agent off by keeping them waiting.

  5. Roger

    The elephant in the room is that we are ignoring Koetter. He took Ryan to the next level, and is apparently
    being noticed for his work with Crablegs. I think we hired the wrong guy. We need to welcome him back.

  6. Chop Buster

    Blank Confident in Quinn-Dimitroff Partnership

    Quinn Recaps 2015 Season
    This is a statement from Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank:

    My commitment to our fans is to put the best possible product on the field each year. No one is satisfied with an 8-8 record, but I am very pleased with the direction of our team under the leadership of Dan Quinn and confident in his long-term approach. No question, we took some positive steps forward this year and have a good foundation our existing coaching staff can build upon.

    Over the last week, we have conducted an exhaustive review of every area of our team. Through this process it has become very clear to me that Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff have built a productive working relationship over the last 11 months. There is very good alignment between Dan and Thomas on the direction we need to go to improve our team and I believe maintaining the continuity of that relationship, with Scott Pioli continuing to assist Thomas, is the right way forward.

    We are going to make a number of changes to our pro personnel and college scouting departments and that process began this week. It will take some time, but we will be adding talent on the pro personnel side and re-organizing both of these groups to best align with the shared vision of Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. I expect these changes will produce positive results for our team.

    We are very grateful for the ongoing support of passionate Atlanta Falcons fans and will keep working hard to deliver a team they can be very proud of on and off the field.

    1. ajarnbangkapi

      Chop – Thanks for the quote from Blank – I have two quick take-aways

      1) Key word from our legacy oriented owner – “continuity”

      2) Grunts in the scouting dept are being scapegoated and scrapped to show “something is being done” – Kinna like having massive layoffs in a corporation when the top brass makes poor business decisions or loot the company with bonuses to themselves.

      Remember, The Falcons are a for profit corporation just in it for the profits, and THAT is our owners background.

  7. Arno

    “We are going to make a number of changes to our pro personnel and college scouting departments and that process began this week. It will take some time, but we will be adding talent on the pro personnel side and re-organizing both of these groups to best align with the shared vision of Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. I expect these changes will produce positive results for our team.”

    We’ve had a better success rate with our later picks, evidence that the pro personnel side came to Dimitroff’s rescue. At this point, all I can hope is that Quinn makes Mr. Dimitroff first priority in developing his underachieving ‘players.’

  8. dawsondevitt Post author

    All I have to say is that it ultimately was Quinn’s call and he wanted TD to come back. I know we want to blame Blank, but if Quinn had wanted his “own guy” than Blank surely would’ve agreed.

    It is what it is. Whether it be Quinn’s sole influence or not, we had arguably one of our best drafts under Dimwitt and one of the better (not great, mind you) FA signing classes.

    Schofield, Clayborn, Adams, Tamme, Durant (when healthy), Moeaki, and Wheeler all filled holes decently well. Again, I’m by no means saying it was great (far from it), but it was decent in the context of how piss-poor this team is talent-wise.

  9. Flo-Ri-Duh

    According to Schultz in the AJC, Shanahan will also be retained. Only guys fired were the scouting department? From the results of previous drafts I didn’t think we had a scouting department. Strange – after arguably their best draft in years the scouts are fired? As they say “the beat goes on”.

  10. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Seminole Warrior – Maybe Mel Tucker will work out for UGA but I would have kept Pruitt. NFL coaches haven’t faired well at UGA. Grantham & Shottenheimer were disasters and were probably got Richt fired.

    1. dawsondevitt Post author

      To be fair Flo, Pruitt didn’t want to stay. He wanted to go back and coach under Saban and for his alma mater he played for. As well, working under Saban is his best bet to get his own HC shot.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        I know D3 – just saying I was happy with Pruitt. Understand that Pruitt wouldn’t have stayed around longer than a year or two more – when Saban probably retires.

  11. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Riley Ridley (WR), younger brother of Calvin Ridley (WR) who is the star receiver for Bama – commits to the Dawgs!

    SW- One more thing and then I’ll get off of the Dawgs – as long as Kirby Smart is there I’m not that terribly concerned with who the new DC is. Smart will be overseeing the defense – much like Saban.

    1. SG

      Listening to 680 while doing the road warrior thing this morning. Brian Finneran in reference to AB’s letter said, and I’m paraphrasing, “the scouting depts. are being the scapegoats, but players, (prospects), want to talk to scouts that’ve actually played the game.” He (and Shapiro), went on to dis the “scrawny” guys that have made up the scouting departments.
      My Take: So our GM, in 8 years, never recruited a knowledgeable / experienced scouting staff. This explains a lot – including most of those Big 10 fails.

      On another point, Brian noted that he’s not quite as fond of the ’15 draft class as others – noting specifically the Collins pick. On seeing JC for the first time in August thought “he’s just too stiff……..can’t rotate at the hips quick……..that’s something a guy in the secondary needs to be able to do.”
      My Take: If DQ’s thumbprint was truly in on all the research of this draft class, and the NFL draft analysis is correct (, Finneran could well be be wrong. Just hoping he’s not Dez Southward 2.0.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        SG – Jalen Collins needs experience – played only a short time in college. Southward, a tremendous athlete, lacks football instincts. They tried to turn a track guy in to a football player. I don’t see that in Collins but his bet position may turn out to be safety – which we shall soon need if William Moore leaves.

      2. Paddy O

        please. the entire scouting staff would be TD hires. TD is trying to weasel out of taking responsibility. Another version of Chip Kelly.

        1. Flo-Ri-Duh

          Paddy O : TD may do the contracts for the scouts but surely DQ and Poili will give him input on who they want as scouts since they are responsible for who is drafted. Pioli has been around a long time and is knowledgeable on who the scouts are and who is good. Getting them to join the Falcons may not be that easy if they are employed by – the Patriots or Broncos but money talks.

    2. Grits Blitz

      A.B. has now officially made it clear he is pleased with T.D. and ,supposedly, so is D.Q.! (D.Q., if this doesn’t work out for you, remember your chosen alignment decision while gazing in the mirror.)
      Now, the only fair and gentlemanly thing to do on A.B.’s part is to stick with D.Q. about a decade – win or lose – to be consistent and accepting of whatever the results may be. All equates to me there will be no SB even remotely in sight. Might as well go on a salary-dump purge, like the Braves.
      May A.B. enjoy his new nest but count me totally out of condoning his decisions by funding his low expectations folly even one thin dime.

      (Ajarn – your last sentence at 10:40 must be the sum total of A.B.’s priority with his toy football club and I agree with you as his “talk” about a quality product on the field no longer passes the smell test… to which he long ago went nose-blind.)

      1. Paddy O

        O brien, the Braves beat writer, actually thinks the Braves have done a good job adjusting their roster. I think the Braves will lose 100 games.

  12. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Vaughn McClure ( – says Dirk Koetter is definitely the lead candidate fro HC Bucs and that when Roddy White said if Falcons cut me I have options” – he meant the Bucs – because he a Koetter are close. Maybe Bucs will TRADE for him? Can’t see Falcons getting better than a 4th Rd for RW under the circumstances. Still would like RW to stick with Falcons in ’16.

    1. SG

      Agree 100% Flo and not just because I’m sentimental. I believe RW still has gas in the tank when utilized on the field. But if he’s not going to be used, a a draft pick would be good.

  13. Hamad Meander

    So, Arthur keeps Dimitroff on the payroll. A job that most of us could do better. I’m not being unrealistic either, I think most of us on this board could be better draft and free agency pickers than Thomas. I would hazard a guess that Arthur Blank, who owns an NFL team, knows less about football than most of us. He knows a heck of a lot about business though, and keeping Thomas is bad business.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Believe it or not Arthur Blank was a DB in high school…. don’t know how good he was or wasn’t. I’m hopeful, that with this last draft being more successful, that DQ and Pioli now make the decisions on WHO is on the 53 man roster. TD staying is disappointing to me because he’s incompetent.
      He’s still evidently in charge of contracts – to bad.

    2. Paddy O

      if the Falcons are BAD again under Quinn, why would anyone be excited to go into a white elephant of a fugly stadium?

  14. William...Birdman

    Breaking news Cam Newton Can’t play anymore this year . Something about the PED scandal . He can not play in playoffs

    1. Hamad Meander

      April Fools Day is 3 months away. The NFL would never let this happen. Bad for business. Maybe you are confusing Cam with Peyton, whose wife is currently taking HGH (yeah, right).

    1. SG

      LOL. Name a season his name hasn’t been floated? The dude has it made w/ his MNF gig, the special editions he does for espn reviewing prospective QB talent, speaking engagements, his life in Tampa Bay, etc…….

      1. Paddy O

        gruden is still young. talking vs coaching, especially with the anal accountant mike tirico would get old quick

  15. William...Birdman

    Maybe I got up wrong this morning are something . I was on Facebook and the article came up . It said Cam was benched for the Playoffs . I went back to copy it and now I can’t find it . But I swear it was there . And I ant been drinking are nothing else . It was there and now its gone. Dam it I will keep looking and also turn on the NFL network to see if somebody ant playin tricks on me . GO figure

  16. Flo-Ri-Duh 1/8/16 Falcons
    #1 Reggie Ragland (ILB), Bama , 6’2″ 252 lb [ So long to Worrilow]
    #2 Su’a Cravens (OLB), USC, 6’1″ 225 lb [Coverage skills top line- replaces Durant]
    #3 Charles Tapper (DE), Oklahoma, 6’3″ 283 lb [Clayborn’s replacement?]
    #4 O.J. Howard (TE), Bama, 6’6″ 242 lb [ToyBoy bye bye]
    #5 Crowd Noise –
    #6 Levitre –
    #7 ?

    * Better pray we get OL UFA’s with this draft.

    1. Hamad Meander

      I’m not going to freak out over this mock, as I think Ragland, Cravens, and Tapper could really upgrade the defense. Not sold on Howard, as I’ve seen him drop too many balls that Tamme wouldn’t drop. Nice to have speed and size, but you gotta catch the ball. I can see the Falcons going Ragland though, as he does so many things for the ‘Bama D – he’s a run gobbler, a tight end coverer, and a speed rusher at DE when they line him up there. I’d probably prefer to see some OL in the first three picks.

  17. William...Birdman

    Sorry guys . Bewilders me .LOL I know I read it .. This is strange to me . Makes me wonder about myself.

    1. Hamad Meander

      At the very least, Dimitroff could read The Falcons Cage and get valuable insight into this year’s draft and free agent market. I mean, it’s gotta be better than the information he has gotten and used the last several years.

  18. Seminole Warrior

    The more things change, the more the stay the same.

    After a busy day, a day in which I could not help but just shake my head upon hearing that the status quo would be retained in Atlanta once again, I actually paused to take a deep breath rather than get upset. See, my friends, just like many of you, I saw this coming. I was not at all surprised.

    One of the first things I did was quickly go to the AJC to see what the reaction would be. And I was surprisingly shocked to see that Mark Bradley actually was in agreement with myself and most Falcon fans. He asked one significant question…..why?

    1. Arno

      I listened for Buck and Kincade’s reaction today. Kincade ranted his typical this-is-a-disaster stuff. Buck sounded the most sarcastic and depressed I’ve ever heard him. Said he’d given up hope for the Falcons.

      1. Seminole Warrior

        My brother, I truly understand Buck’s feelings. See below. (And I have NEVER heard one of his broadcasts before).

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Because AB runs the show and DQ didn’t object. With many of his powers stripped from him TD is pretty much AB’s charity case….. didn’t want him homeless.

  19. Dewey

    So, Dimwitt’s sticking around. At least I won’t have to come up with a new nickname for a new GM.

    Question: What sense does it make to change the scouting department now?
    Hopefully, our scouting department has been working tirelessly all season, watching and evaluating players IN ACTION.
    Even if Pioli has all the scouts notes, it’s still completely different eyes/minds for the stretch run.
    Come to think of it, the entire time frame for hiring/firing GM’s is bass ackwards anyway.

    Let’s be innovative, let’s fire the whole FO when the season starts. That way, the new GM can have the season to evaluate/scout.

    Still holding out hope.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      “When everyone is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking.” General George S. Patton

      A PERFECT description of the Falcons front office.

  20. ajarnbangkapi

    Just spitballing here, but–

    As an owner ages (AB for example), does “The Path of least resistance” law kick in? This certainly applies in a LOT of societal and business situations, in my experience.

    Then again, Thoreau is reputed to have said ” The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men”

  21. Seminole Warrior

    Today was the end for me. After threatening to do so for months, today I made a phone call.

    Today, I relinquished control of my seat in section 209 of the Georgia Dome. Some fourteen years after giving myself that seat as a personal gift upon my retirement from active duty, I today gave it back to the Atlanta Falcons.

    Why, SW? Why?

    Simply, I’m tired of being played for a damn fool. Today, Arthur Blank accepted mediocrity. Today, he retained a guy that has been, more than anyone in the last FIVE years, been responsible for a negative trend as it relates to my beloved football team. Arthur Blank has facilitated the scapegoating of dozens of fine men over the years and when he had the chance to right the most prolific wrong of all, he just stepped aside.

    AB had no problem demoting Rich McKay. He had no issues at all getting rid of the most successful coach in franchise history. TD has more “failure” stamped on his body of work at this time than either of those men. But he gets yet another “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

    This owner is the captain of a ship of fools. He is the executive director and supervising producer of a classic “B” movie. And the supporting cast is now being scapegoated while the lead actors get “false acclaim”.

    So I am to believe that a first time head coach, one now with one year of on-the-job experience, is supposed to be able to work with a regressing “general manager” and re-build the personnel department? What in the hell am I to see in DQ that would make me believe that he is this great evaluator of people, that he is this great architect that can construct a stable football operation.

    How many more of the Cleveland “95 gang that are not working in Foxboro am I to believe are going to reunite in Atlanta to save the day?

    What team is the Mighty Quinn going to raid in order to put in place a legit scouting and personnel department a mere 15 days and 22 days before the East West Shrine and Senior Bowl games, respectively.

    Last year, it was Mike Smith that was the latest sacrifice.

    This year, Arthur, Dan, and Thomas want me to REALLY believe that this is now all on Lionel, DeJuan, Bob, Mark, and Billy. I’m not buying into the lies any more.

    In FIVE days, they have conducted an “extensive review” of all facets of the team. “Continuity” was the key word we heard in keeping this front office together.

    Continuity produces results. The Atlanta Falcons have not done so for some three years. They are the epitome of regression. And nothing I saw or heard nothing from Arthur Blank today makes me feel like that is going to change anytime soon.

    I love my Atlanta Falcons. For so many years, I, like many of you, have endured the mounting losses and the criticism of family and friends alike for following this jolly band of habitual losers. Every now and then, we have a few moments in which we stood in wonder and amazement at the special occurrence, whether it was a division title or that one precious Super Bowl appearance.

    But how long does this guy expect us to play the role of Foo-Foo the Fool? In his eyes, we are simply passengers on a ship of fools. We are to believe that this inept organizational structure is going to finally, after time and time again, get us to the promised land. This guy is no different than Jerry Jones and the travesty that he has made of the once proud Dallas Cowboys. No matter what he does, he knows that we will come.

    The Falcons are OUR team and if we endured them under Rankin and Taylor, we damn sure are not going to bail on them now. The AMB Group is WELL aware of that fact and now, they are exploiting it if you ask me.

    So, friends, here will come yet another spring. Millions more of his money will be wasted. Perhaps, Bruce Irvin will become a Falcon. If Roddy White balks and does not take a pay cut, if they have the guts to release him and he ends up in Tampa, they may even try to “heal the wounds” by trading for Calvin Johnson. Come on… know you would love to see CJ and JJ on the same field!!

    I’m a Falcon fan for life. But today, a nice chunk of my budget officially shift its home. I will buy a few single game tickets. I will watch them from home. My first game in the new car dealership will be a college football game and thereafter, I may visit a time or two a year.

    But my dreams took a hit today. This owner failed me today. He had a chance at a fresh start and he missed it. We will regret it.

    The football team will improve over time. It’s just natural that will be the case. But today, retaining the front office and sacrificing yet again a few loyal soldiers, the AMB group and its leader proved to me once more that he and the Group are nothing more than corporate raiders that are in it simply for the ride.

      1. Seminole Warrior

        Same thing the Queen Kitten stated here….minus the beer plug!! My grand-daughter said it means more money in her piggy bank.

    1. Dewey

      Sorry to hear that SW. Maybe, if there were more like you, and all could pen their reasons for cancelling as eloquently as you have, and all shared their reasons with AB, something might be done.

      On second thought, all Arthur really needs is for big businesses and corporations to re-new their seats, which they all will without batting an eye, and Arthur will sleep well at night.

      Once again, sorry SW. But we will, here in “The Cage”, enjoy getting your point of view during the games on the Sundays you don’t venture to the “nothing-promised” land.

      Sad indeed.

      1. Seminole Warrior

        Thanks brother. I will always be a Falcons fan but this clown, Arthur Blank, has lost my respect forever. My focus will be on the men that wear the uniform and proudly attempt to give us what we want, a winner and eventually, a champion.

        A concept that I am convinced a businessman knows nothing about…..especially one that has gone from selling hammers and nails to owning the world’s largest indoor luxury car showroom.

        1. falcon21

          This team was really close to being a great team for a long time at one point but AB said he wanted this team to be more explosive, so we have the best WR in the game now because TD, under AB’s wishes sold out our future to get him.

    2. ajarnbangkapi

      SW- Very eloquent and ultimately the only effective response.

      I suspect the marketing/sales dept will have someone that filters responses like yours from senior management, don’t want feedback that makes it look like someone paid to be smart, isn’t (been in companies like that).

      AS was previously noted, the TV gives a GREAT view of the action and with a DVR you cab pause, rewind, etc.

    3. SG

      Well stated, SW. Nice editorial for the AJC op-ed section. If it were to be published, it’d be interesting to see how many would chime in w/ their support.

  22. Flo-Ri-Duh

    According to the Ravens, under Marc Trestman, began running the stretch-zone run blocking system in 2010 and they have continued to run a stretch-zone blocking system in 2015 but have added some “variations”.

    SW- Article by on Ravens selecting Javorius “Buck” Allen (May 2, 2015) with the 125th overall pick in the draft.
    “At 6’0″ 221 lb, Allen should be a force in the backfield. Allen has the patience to wait for holes to develop, an excellent trait to have in the Ravens’ ZONE BLOCKING SCHEME”. “”2014 also saw Gary Kubiak at the helm of the Ravens’ offense. Kubiak ran a ‘west coast’ offense with a ‘ZONE BLOCKING’ offensive line scheme. The change in scheme was a large part of the turnaround of the Ravens’ offense”.

    That’s probably enough to say – Kelechi Osemele has been playing in a ZONE BLOCKING scheme so I assume he can zone block and not just POWER BLOCK?

    Wanted to make sure I knew zone blocking when I saw it on film so I looked up several internet sites that confirmed – yes indeed Kelechi Osemele (G) plays in a zone blocking scheme and he can also POWER BLOCK which they use at times.

    At Iowa State Kelechi Osemele also played in a zone blocking scheme – according to profile of him “he understands blocking with angles and within a scheme”

  23. Dewey

    Since Dimwitt is staying around, I say it’s high time he started earning his keep….
    1) Get us some more cap space so we can go after the players we want/need to in FA without having to worry about spending limitations. Also, he must do this without causing a drastic drop off of our current talent level. And not saying we go out spending willy nilly either. But if there’s a level 1 or level 2 FA we could land that could really help the team, let’s not face any limitations.
    2) Get us some extra draft picks. Everyone knows that the backbone, heart, guts of your team is built through the draft, and we can’t do this with only 4 picks (I’m not counting the 7th rounder as that’s a long shot at any real contribution). And you need to add these picks without costing us any picks now or in the future.

    I don’t believe these to be unreasonable requests and they are, afterall, in his job description.

    He’s shown he can dig a hole, now let’s see if he has what it takes to dig himself out.

    We, the members of “The Cage”, will be watching.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Dan Quinn and Pioli are now in control of WHO we draft and also who we get as UFA’s and in TRADES. Unfortunately, TD can still screw up the contracts. That’s what I’ve read and what I believe.

        SW – According to While Kelechi Osemele was there they changed to a permanent “ZONE- BLOCKING” scheme as opposed to a ‘MAN BLOCKING’ scheme. Instead of a lineman blocking a specific man, he will block a space. (April 12, 2009)

        According to the Ravens also use a ZONE-BLOCKING scheme. (May 2, 2015)

        So, Kelechi has been zone-blocking since at least 2009 and still zone-blocks today. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting senile when I watched the films as I identified it as zone-blocking…. but someone said he was a POWER BLOCKER and couldn’t zone block. Thank goodness – I haven’t lost my mind after all.

        I had a lot more references but the friggin’ blog monster ate it – may show up later.

        Kelechi Osemele, 6’5″ 333 lb, 5.33 40 “Has great athletic ability and gets to the line very quickly. He understands blocking with angles and within a scheme”.
        strengths: extremely strong, natural run blocker. Explosive off the line. Was a tackle at Iowa State but could be a better fit at guard ( where he is in the NFL).

        He’s still the guard I want the Falcons to sign and Ravens just signed Marshal Yanda (the other Ravens’ guard) to a huge contract. From what I’ve read the Ravens have recently extended other large contracts and cap space is tight. May not be able to afford to keep Osemele.

        1. Seminole Warrior

          Flo, stand corrected. My sources never reflected Iowa State as a school that used the ZBS. Upon review of your link, I was enlightened.

          Thanks for the insight. We will see how it all plays out. I’m aware that Baltimore was a ZBS themed team during my man Gary Kubiak year there in 2014. Am surprised to see that Marc Trestman kept the concept though in the few games I saw of Balitmore this year, they looked more power than ZBS. Transitioning perhaps thus making KO the odd man out?

          We will keep a close eye on the situation. Either way, I think that both of our staffs have identified guards that will significantly upgrade our OL posture.

          1. Flo-Ri-Duh

            SW- Wasn’t talking about you… someone else was adamant that Osemeli wasn’t a zone-blocker. So, I wasn’t trying to correct you. Unless I’m directly addressed I don’t usually comment on incorrect statements as some are very sensitive about it. If I’m wrong, I want to know. Won’t bother me.

  24. SG

    When you read the AJC’s Michael Cunningham’s 7:00 PM post, it makes complete sense. What the article doesn’t say is that if AB trashed Spike, he’d have to hire a new GM. The new GM, in turn, would have to subscribe to Quinn’s vision – and power. TD already does go along w/ that because his ass is lost if he doesn’t. Great read.

    1. Seminole Warrior


      The jackass has THREE general managers on the payroll as it stands. As a matter of fact, he has, directly or indirectly, demoted all three during their times in Atlanta. So either he pays them damn well for nothing (CLEARLY evident over the last three years) or he simply has no clue what the hell he is doing when it relates to owning a football team.

      As far as the Mighty Quinn and his vision (if there is one), I would suggest that he would have “faith” in a Seattle protege’ such as Trent Kirchner or Dan Morgan. Am I off there? After all, they were key components of that franchise re-construction.

      1. SG

        Heh, I’ll not argue w/ the bizarre and unnecessary 3 headed monster that’s in place, but we’re not going to change that. As Cunningham alluded, like it or not, TD, albeit largely by luck, is being rewarded for rapidly increasing the value of the franchise.

        As for a DQ Seattle colleague that could provide a more experienced and fluid hierarchy, I’m not questioning their creds, but wouldn’t they, as I said, be coming in after the fact – after DQ had already established the vision AB has bought into?

          1. SG

            No problem brother. We have all been continuously disappointed w/ the way this parade keeps going in circles while we’ve been continuously fed BS trying to convince us it’s actually going forward.

        1. Dewey

          Yes, but there is a big difference between working hand-in-hand with a competent GM and having a GM who’s just there in name only, piggybacking along for the ride. I outlined 2 things Dimwitt could/should be working on right now to show he has some type of idea what his job entails…..
          -increase cap space without decreasing our overall talent level
          -increase draft picks without costing draft picks

          Surely he can do these 2 things then let Quinn tell him how to fill out the roster

          1. SG

            A sympatico GM & HC? Yes, in a perfect world you’d think right?
            Maybe the Falcons are re-engineering the concept.

          2. Seminole Warrior

            Fair points my brother. But can we even dare to dream that this regime will give such incredible ideas consideration. I guess we have no choice.

          3. Chop Buster

            Dewey I couldn’t agree more. If he can waste money and draft picks, let’s see him do something smart for once, by increasing the cap and getting more draft picks by wheeling and dealing. We’ll see what type of negotiator he truly is.

      2. Flo-Ri-Duh

        SW- he doesn’t need a GM if DQ/Pioli are responsible for the roster. He just needs someone skilled and intelligent enough to negotiate contracts and keep the books.

        1. Seminole Warrior

          TD contracts?

          Tyson Jackson, Paul Soliai, Dunta Robinson, Ray Edwards, the Sam Baker extension. The defense rests.

          1. Chop Buster

            SW, I don’t have a lot of confidence in TD’s contract negotiating skills either–guy just keeps giving Arthur’s money away to mediocre players.

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      SG- That crossed my mind. If AB is to try to hire a new GM after he has given some of the GM’s “power” to DQ/Pioli it might be an ego thing. The new GM usually wants to take charge over the draft and UFA’s – though the coach is part of the consulting team of course.

  25. Greg Mendel

    Don’t panic. TD’s still employed here, but without any real power. Quinn has the power (over TD, conferred by Blank). The question is whether Quinn can be both head coach and general manager. I’d prefer a real GM and a head coach — not in the same body. I’m also willing to give it time. Of course I/we have been doing that for 50 years.

    1. Seminole Warrior

      GM, I’m with you. I believe in shared responsibility. Managers handle the administrative work; coaches mentor and develop players while influencing results on the field.

  26. Arno

    SW– you hit on the ONE most wrong-footed word in Blank’s press release– and frankly, I’m disgusted.

    “…the direction we need to go to improve our team and I believe maintaining the continuity…”

    CONTINUITY??? How does Dimitroff’s record, a six game losing streak, and a Matt Ryan implosion justify continuity? Continuity is the last thing we need right now. We need a revitalized starting point.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      “continuity” – the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time”…. In this case the consistent existence or operation of incompetence.

  27. Dewey

    Look at the team photo Arno posted at the top of the page….
    Quinn flanked by Dimwitt and King Arthur.
    King Arthur flanked by his right hand man, Rich McKay.
    Dimwitt flanked by his right hand man, Pioli.

    There’s your “power pyramid”

  28. Flo-Ri-Duh

    “Quinn Is Clearly The Man” . Article today in AJC…. don’t know if this has come up but article says it was all up to DQ – whether TD stayed or went. Yes, DQ has the GM power – if not the title.

  29. Grits Blitz

    Warrior – two like minds, my friend. It is indeed tough to have “hope” when Arthur has continually flashed, teased, and only talked about it – along with having pure disdain for hope’s traveling companion, “common sense”.
    I reached my conclusions per posts on 1/6 @ 1:04 and 1/8 @ 1:25. Your post on 1/8 @ 8:22 cements a serious decision from a true fan that, alas, nobody in the FO will care about in the least as they have proven to also be hearing-blind.
    I, too, made that decision earlier (painful at the time), but have NEVER regretted doing so since. Yes, we are Falcons fans for life, but we don’t have to be “held-up” monetarily by the CCC (Chief Clown in Charge) or his minions any longer by investing (with condoning implications) in his corporate gouging of PSLs or 1st-class tickets to, as Dewey alluded, the never-promised land of a true SB victory.

    Long live the tre’ bro-mance!
    May D.Q. be a very quick study with all his “final decision” authority since he will now own ALL football won-loss outcome responsibility…while the skybox buds sit back w/o any real accountability of their own. (Wonder when it may dawn on D.Q. they just “played” him? Ah, the corporate way.)

  30. Dewey

    Using SW’s model to fix the OL via free agency, or some reasonable facsimile, my draft would go something like this….

    Rd 1-Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson, 275lb 3 down DE. As adept at getting to the QB as getting to a RB.
    Rd 2-Jordan Jenkins, DE/OLB, Georgia, next in a long line of UGA grads to far exceed in the pros what he managed in college.
    Rd 3-Tyler Matakevich, ILB, Temple, heat seeking missile to the ball or anyone touching it.
    Rd 4-Kyler Fackrell, ILB/OLB, Utah State, great football instincts, nose for the ball, can rush the passer and play pass defense.

    Now I just need Dimwitt to find me 2 late 4th or 5th round picks. I have 2 players I’d really like to snag…
    Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah, 6’3″, 230lbs, 4 year starter
    Bryce Williams, TE, East Carolina, 6’6″, 260lbs, Can stretch the middle of the field a la Gronk, Graham.

    7th round, who knows who will be available, take speedy WR/KR or QB project if one’s available.

    My way too early, living in a fantasy land defensive front 7…..
    LE-Jordan Jenkins
    UT-Grady Jarrett
    NT-Ra’Shede Hageman
    RE-Shaq Lawson
    SLB-Kyler Fackrell
    MLB-Tyler Matakevich
    WLB-Vic Beasley

    Nickel situations, Hageman comes out, Lawson slides inside, Beasley moves to DE spot Lawson was in. Matakevich/Fackrell stay in as they are better cover LB’s than anything we currently have.

    1. SG

      Wow Dewey, that lineup would be a great source for optimism.

      Though I don’t think Spike is capable of any maneuvers that could gain those late 4th and 5th round studs you like, I’d hope that w/ guidance from DQ & Pioli, something could be worked out.

      1. Dewey

        Concur. Dimwitt doesn’t know how to get something without giving up something greater. A 4th this year would probably cost us a 3rd in 2017….

        Meanwhile, given he could find trade partners, he could trade down 5-6 spots in 1st and 2nd rounds and be able to achieve the desired results, but that concept is too far out there for him to comprehend.

  31. SG

    Tragedy to triumph: AJ McCarron’s 25 years shaped by series of special moments.

    Another reason I’m pulling for the Bengals: Nice read about the courage of AJ McCarron, (I liked the reference the author made to Lao Tzu but he should’ve checked that the philosopher lived BC).

  32. SG

    Ex-Browns’ QB Brian Hoyer leading the Texans’ playoff push. Oh, and the backup QB? Brandon Weeden.

    Be grateful you’re not a Browns fan.

  33. Greg Mendel

    From Cunningham at the AJC:

    “The three-headed arrangement still doesn’t make sense from the outside, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that Quinn believes it works, and Quinn is Blank’s guy. Quinn wants Dimitroff as his right hand, and so Blank gave him what he wanted.”

    The “three-headed arrangement” in Cunningham’s view is that TD and Pioli are essentially working for Quinn, that the three are definitely not equals. If he’s right, Quinn (based on his inside track with AB) can get rid of the other two at will. That’s a lot of leverage, and a lot of pressure on TD to find and sign exactly what Quinn orders. Overall, the Falcons 2014 draft was one of the most productive since TD took office, possibly because of Quinn’s influence and clout. He’ll have more of both this spring.

    I have the impression Blank is heavily relying on Quinn. Whether it’s genuine trust or a gamble in Blank’s mind, the team’s fortunes are in Quinn’s hands. If Blank decided to put his money on Quinn to that extent, it might explain why TD was kept. Why bring in a new, powerless GM to make decisions Quinn will be making anyway? Desperate to keep his job, TD should be an above-average go-fer.

    1. SG

      ” If Blank decided to put his money on Quinn to that extent, it might explain why TD was kept. Why bring in a new, powerless GM to make decisions Quinn will be making anyway? Desperate to keep his job.”

      I came away w/ the exact takeaway, GM

      “TD should be an above-average go-fer.”
      Hmmmmmmmm. 😉

    2. Arno

      “Why bring in a new, powerless GM to make decisions Quinn will be making anyway?”

      So that the new, powerless GM could at least offer something constructive.
      (Good post, GM. You might want to bring it forward to the new page.)

  34. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Heads Up Dawg Fans: U.S. Army All-American Bowl at 1:00 pm Saturday (today) NBC

    If you want to get a look at several of the guys being recruited by UGA and some of the “commits” -they will be mostly on the East Squad
    Derrick Brown (DT)
    Brian Burns (DL)
    Marquez Callaway (DB)
    Ben Cleveland (OT) – commit UGA
    Jacob Eason (QB) – commit UGA
    Mecole Hardman (DB)
    Jaleel Laguins (LB) – commit UGA
    Isaac Nauta (TE)
    Demetris Robertson (WR)
    Julian Rochester (DL)
    Binjimin Victor (WR)
    Nigel Warrior (DB)
    Malek Young (DB)

    These guys are on the East Team and being recruited by UGA.

    There are a couple on the West Squad:
    Dylan Crawford (WR)
    Tyler Vaughn (WR)

  35. dawsondevitt Post author

    Saturday Greetings Cage!!!!

    In terms of the BS we all knew was coming, I’m simply at peace with it. I kind of had my implosion on Sunday after the Falcons choked to the Aints. I was enraged, more about the general state of the franchise instead of the singular loss. I became enraged. Yelling, cussing, and even let it affect my mood for the entire day (something I vowed to stop doing and have mostly accomplished). Even though I’m not that happy it happened, it was very cathartic. It allowed me to simply be at peace with it (I’m not going to lie and say that my giddy excitement over getting Kirby Smart and a great future in Athens hasn’t helped). Anyway…………….

    As Wings mentioned earlier, it’s not like we can control any of this anyway. Simply put, when he didn’t fire Dimitroff last year, we should’ve known it wouldn’t happen this year. And to be honest, this is clearly what Quinn wants. I don’t agree with it all. Dimwitt should have been gone last year, but he wasn’t.

    All I can have now is hope. So trying to look at some positives…………

    1) I still believe that Quinn is the right guy. Pete Carroll’s book “Win Forever” is one of my favorite all time books. I’m not saying that Quinn is Carroll, but I believe that he is his biggest mentor and he’s one of the best coaches in the game, if not history (IMO, at least).

    2) Maybe he hasn’t earned it, but Quinn is certainly in charge and I feel more confident in him than I do Dimwitt. Pioli taking over the draft produced one of the better ones we’ve had, time will tell of course, but it has a lot of potential.

    3) Free agency was a mixed bag, but as I mentioned yesterday, this roster is undergoing a vision change. There were certainly busts (Reed, Hankerson, Person, etc), but there was some quality ones as well (Schofield, Clayborn, Wheeler).

    4) Great article from Michael Cunningham on how good of a job Quinn did with the defense in year one This should only get better with another likely defensive heavy draft and offseason.

    5) He clearly has the players. We all thought the players were tuning him out, but the Carolina win showed they hadn’t and several going out of their way to talk about how awesome he is (Babs guaranteeing Falcons will go to Super Bowl under Quinn — obviously acknowledging he may not be a part of it).

    6) Yes, the offense was a mess and I wanted to fire Shanahan on the spot. I still have reservations, but he showed that he MAY be willing to adjust and compromise. Matt Ryan should do better after a year in the offense. He should’ve done better, but he completely changed offensive philosophies after having the same one (essentially) for 7 years.

    7) Maybe, FINALLY, HOPEFULLY, they will fix this GD OLine!!!!!

    8) Rome wasn’t built in a day. Pete Carroll went 7-9 first two years, lost in divisional round, and finally won a Super Bowl.

    At the end of the day, It Is What It Is, we have no control over it and can only hope. Life’s too short to let something out of our control get me upset and pissed off (If the Kirby Era wasn’t currently under way in Athens, I may not be this positive 🙂


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