Drafttek GM Game


Draftek GM Game

by John Waynesworld

As Larry Munson used to say, get the picture…NFL teams will pick in the vicinity of 250 players in the 2016 draft. The Draftek site goes boldly where no mock sites want to go and pushes that number all the way to 400 total prospects. Obviously some will not get drafted and eventually sign UDFA contracts while others won’t even be called. For years this site, although good at ranking top 100 players, always seem to undervalue some players greatly in their later lists. Let’s see who earns the honor this year.

Here is the link for #200-#300. We are only using players starting at #250…


Here is the link for #301-#400…


These 2 webpages will remain pretty much in the same order now that the Combine is over and the Pro Days are just beginning. So we can have a few days to figure out who to select before anyone moves too much due to a great pro day.

How to play….

Each contestant selects 10 players in the 250-400 range and guesses where they will end up being drafted by round only.



Each grouping of these prospects (250-275, 276-300, 301-325, 326-350, 351-375 & 376-400) represents one point extra credit. These points will help in tie-breakers. The lower a prospect is ranked, the more credit each contestant wins:

250-275= 1 point

276-300= 2 points

301-325 = 3 points

326-350= 4 points

351-375= 5 points

376-400= 6 points

Here are the points for the correct rounds. I am omitting the 1st & 2nd rounds due to the lottery-like odds of it happening. We will start at the 3rd round since it has happened as recently as last year (David Johnson, among others)…

3rd round (rare) – 50 points. Here is where one or two players may have a chance.

4th round (possible) – 30 points. A few players could go as high as the early 100s.

5th round (very possible) – 20 points. Several should make this cut.

6th round (likely) – 10 points. There should be at least a dozen in our range that go in this round.

7th round (very likely) – 3 points. Many in our range will be taken by the end of the last round.

Zero points awarded for players not drafted or incorrect round projections. The points for correct round along with the extra credit points for original player ranking will produce the score for each drafted player.



QB Joe Palooka is ranked #310. Contestant A projects him in the 6th round, where he eventually gets drafted…

10 points (correct round) + 3 points (extra credit) = 13 points.

NT Obie Stump is ranked #255. Contestant B projects him in the 7th round, where he eventually gets drafted…

3 points (correct round) + 1 point (extra credit) = 4 points.


In projecting a player into a higher round, the risk and reward increase. A contestant may risk one player or all 10 and project them as 3rd round through 6th round picks, or they may only project all 10 players into the 7th round and earn a minimal reward for each player. There are no projections allowed for players to not get drafted.



Be sure to check out Walter’s Football visit list here:


Occasionally a little-known name appears there that may be in our contest range.

Other sites to compare rankings:



Our time frame to look around at prospects is slightly limited. There will be movement after pro days and they begin tomorrow, so save your guesses for late next week. I will make a screen shot of the 2 lists the following morning for scoring reference to be used on draft day.


To the winner there will be hamburgers every Tuesday. To the younger folks that is an old joke. The satisfaction of being a great guesser is the prize, but I will honor your victory by gushing about how great of a prognosticator you are for at least a paragraph.

For side prizes, accolades to whoever conjures up the lowest rated drafted player (with the correct round) as well as the biggest overall correctly-guessed jump (Example: Draftek # vs Drafted #).


Good Luck!

961 thoughts on “Drafttek GM Game

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Don’t know if this has been reported but Ricardo Allen (FS), RFA (restricted free agent) has re-signed with Falcons for 2016 @ $525,000 (yardbarker.com)

  2. Arno

    Looks like a Cage lull… so here are some random thoughts.

    With the roster turnover starting, I’m reminded that the list of playmakers is more important than Offensive Coordinators and their schemes.
    Mularkey had Turner, White, and Gonzalez.
    Koetter had White, Gonzalez, and Julio.
    Shan had Julio, Devonta, and Hankerson.
    I doubt many of us would consider the 2015 version the best group.

    But Roddy, not seeing himself in decline, blamed the scheme. He said that before KS we could score twenty points a game sitting down. Here are the numbers:
    Mularkey 25 ppg
    Koetter 24 ppg
    Shanahan 21 ppg (lowest of MR’s career)

    Meanwhile, Quinn disagrees with Roddy. He blames the dropoff of productivity on turnovers. Here’s the numbers:
    First quarter of the season, ball security meant that for every offensive turnover we gained TEN touchdowns. Last three quarters of the season, lack of ball security meant that for every offensive turnover we gained ONE touchdown.

    What does ball security get you, even in a scheme Roddy (and most on the Cage) dislike? The first quarter of the season had us on a points production pace equaled only four times in the past ten years– Broncos, Packers, Pats x2.

    Could we say that even with other teams figuring out Shan (Mug the A gap, for example.), the turnovers were the most significant factor in our 2015 derailment?

    Looking forward on O, besides Shan working better with Matt, and better ball security– I’m delighted to have Mack, hopeful about Sanu, desperate for a pass catching TE, and BEGGING for a guard.

    1. JB Falcon

      And to keep the activity going I’ll add;
      “the list of playmakers is more important than Offensive Coordinators and their schemes.” Uh, that would be true but with exceptions. If you put an idiot in a Ferrari you’re probably coming in last, if you even finish the race.
      I believe you could let Shan pick among the past three OC weapons and he’d still come in last.
      The ball security/turnover situation is indeed a puzzle. I liken it to the Braves making all batters bat the opposite of their natural preference and wear their glove on the opposite hand. Your production is going down for sure but that doesn’t mean the players aren’t any good. In the case of the Falcons it seems like they started good until Shan started getting inventive therefore, shackling the players
      I’m with you on the optimism and hope I am terribly wrong about my dislike of Shan. So far he hasn’t shown me anything to be optimistic about.

        1. Paddy O

          next year will provide more evidence – is he good or not; at this point, he is not. even if it is due to untimely turn overs, how did his coaching correct the problem?

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        JB – That’s why it’s a team sport and the OC is supposed to be part of the team. To win it takes everyone pulling their weight and Shan got kind of heavy last year. He’s going to have an upgraded OL and maybe another playmaker or two on offense. It’s time for Shan to show up.

    2. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Arno – Good point. PLAYMAKERS are lacking on the offense AND defense. That’s why Flo theorizes that Falcons see options on the defensive AND offensive side in the 1st/2nd Rd. They are feeling the pressure to replace RW now. Most mock drafts and “gurus” have predicted 1st Rd defense for the Falcons – not necessarily true. Will Fuller (WR) or Corey Coleman (WR) would fill the playmaker WR role the Falcons covet but they are now both projected 1st Rd or early 2nd. The Falcons have shown a strong interest in Will Fuller. Their “Plan B” playmaker option on offense could be Hunter Henry (TE). I wouldn’t mind them taking any of these in the 2nd Rd if they are still there at 50th (doubtful) but PLEASE DQ remain focused on the DL or LB in the 1st Rd.

      Another good point Arno and it’s been repeated on here many times in The Cage; turnovers are game killers and Falcons had an abundance of blunders. If I may add – also they had an abundance of untimely dumb penalities. These problems can be and should be corrected in 2016. The new scheme takes a while to learn and execute and it’s a legitimate and understandable excuse for year #1. It’s not going to be and shouldn’t be an excuse for year #2.

      Good point #3 – With obvious numerous upgrade possibilities at UFA guard the Falcons passed! They better do something good in this draft at guard or Flo’s going to get flustered! AND ANOTHER THING – resign Chester for depth. Theres’ more than 5 OL on the team – get them involved. There’s a reason why they have a 53 man roster. 16 games plus playoffs is a long, long season – a lot of wear and tear on a guy. Keep them fresh and reduce injuries – play all 53.

      1. Paddy O

        the pressure to replace RW is self induced stupidity, especially considering the other gaping holes on the team. if you wanted to spit in Falcons fans’ face, perfect way to do it. signing spoon is an indicator that we are seriously inept.

  3. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Leadbelly – Falcons re-sign Charles Godfrey (S), age 30, to a 1 year contract. Does that mean Falcons are satisfied with Ishmael at SS? Never expected this.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Hope you are right on ‘Spoon – lost what little love I had for him when he rejected the Falcons for another team in ’15 – but glad he did ’cause I didn’t want this injury plagued “has been” any way. Now, like a roach under the door he’s back- we’re paying him AGAIN! Godfrey may make th team if Falcons don’t draft a SS in 1st three Rds. He’s backup insurance behind Ishmael.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Soliai – signs with Panters 2 years $7 mill was set to make $5 mill (base) with Falcons in 2016. After refusing to take a cut with Falcons he took a cut with the Panthers. Expect he’ seeking a little pay back in 2016.

  4. Grits Blitz

    Hope Mack gets another (this time private) physical with emphasis on any signs of CTE if he found Shanacant the main reason for signing here for less money!
    After one more year of Shan’s “I’ll show them there Atlanta fans I’m a genius” and limited offensive results, Shant’s bud-fest w/ DQ will have to end as the HC will then have to realize he will be next if not vastly upgraded. (Will Mack then demand a trade? Stay tuned, as The Branch twists in the wind.)

      1. Grits Blitz

        Paddy O – Any HC that purposely enlists T.D. for “decision-making” advice and then acts on it (like he did w/ Spoon and who knows how many others), in lawyer-speak has a fool for a client. (imo only.)
        To answer your 11:27 a.m. question, knowing what I now know about him, I probably would. Rest assured, though, I also believe even if we went 0-16, Arthur would not fire him or T.D. as that’s just not his corporate way, so he’s going to get a year 3 no matter what unless…ownership were to change hands.

      1. Grits Blitz

        Flo – No shots fired at any messenger, sir. You did a good job of bringing it to the Cage’s full attention and I, for one, appreciate it!
        Gone nose-blind to all the Branch’s shenanigans and tomfoolery now so it’s very hard to get surprised with any shock & awe that unfolds
        from Flowery Branch anymore.

  5. John Waynesworld

    Tom Compton will be fine, even though I just read that he was horrendous. Pay no attention! He is average. In 2014 he started the last 9 games of the season and was re-signed the following February 2015 so he wasn’t that horrendous. In the one game he did start against the Bills in 2015, their QB Kirk Cousins had a career day. At the end they even hugged…


    He can play and he’s cheap. Welcome to the bench, Tom.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      scout.com says compton is was a RFA with ‘Skins so they obviously didin’t want to match whatever Falcons offered. Thye list him somewhere below Tyler Polumbus (OT).

      1. Grits Blitz

        Gracious! Rated BELOW Polumbus? Didn’t DQ get rid of Po Polumbus because he couldn’t perform? Greate, Grate, Great Logic…again!

  6. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Grits – I’ll be out of here wednesday gettting my procedure done in Tifton . Just got through cutting my yard with a push mower 3 1/2 hours – starting earlier this year…. very warm down here and up to 91 degrees this afternoon! Al Gore’s global warming?

    1. Grits Blitz

      Flo – Best wishes all will go well and stay prayed-up! Tell them to treat you right in Tifton or you’ll have to “take them to school” on the backside of ABAC. (Remember a guy who went to ABAC and their fight song was something like “gee haw swayback, give ’em hell ABAC”! He kept hollering it at a UGA game in the early 70s. Wild times, wild rides, wild shows…plenty of wildlife! Too much so!)
      Seriously, stay positive and keep on keeping on!

  7. JB Falcon

    And they add more:

  8. JB Falcon

    Parms, Safety; 84 tackles (50 solo) in 2014 while adding three tackles for loss, one forced fumble and one pass defense.
    Robinson, WR; 30 receptions for 608 yards and five touchdowns. Hmm 20.27 average yds per catch.
    VanDyke CB; four starts for the team and recorded 13 total tackles (12 solo), four passes defensed, one interception, and one fumble recovery.
    All are Interesting.

  9. Flo-Ri-Duh

    UFA signings give out signals as to where the Falcons will go in the draft: Food For Thought
    #1 ILB: Worrilow 2nd tier tendered, ‘Spoon signed as backup, whiffed on UFA’s Trevathan & Freeman, draft not that deep with promising ILB’s. Probably we’ll go with Worrilow 1 more year and try again in ’17.
    #2 SS: Ishmael currently #1 on depth chart, Godfrey signed for depth & still Falcons talking to 2 UFA’s – Reggie Nelson & Walter Thurmond. Starting to feel like they will run with Ishmael for ’16 and try again in ’17 Cap starting to get tight
    #3 G: No activity here to speak of – nada in UFA period. Uneasy feeling Person is #1 on depth chart at OG right now. Fingers crossed for a starting guard in this draft.
    #4 OLB: Whiffed on Tamba Hali & the high priced Bruce Irvin in UFA. Durant’s gone. Depth chart- Brooks Reed & Tyler Starr or moving Vick Beasley? Now that’s not good. Last resort is the draft.
    #5 TE: No effort to UFA one – maybe 4th Rd for depth behind Jacob Tamme
    #6 WR: Sanu signed but whiffed on Travis Benjamin – WR roster still light on depth and talent behind JJ – the draft is a possibility – or wait til ’17
    #7 OT: Probably set with UFA signing of Bryce Harris & Compton
    #8 DT: Soliai released and no UFA signing. Still need a DT/NT enforcer – this draft is where to go.
    #9 DE: UFA’s Clayborn & Shelby are good pieces of the pass rush puzzle but we still need a dominating 3 down base DE.
    #10 CB: Talking to Brandon Boykin (CB) UFA – one CB short with Philip Adams gone and is Jalen Collins ready to start?

    1. Hamad Meander

      Flo-Ri – I’ve come to accept Levitre and Chester as our starting guards (not Person, whom I guess will back up Center). I think the addition of Mack will make both of those guys serviceable as long as Levitre doesn’t commit too many penalties. I really thought we would land Trevathan or Freeman and either one would have been better money spent than on Schaub and Weatherspoon. As far as offense goes, the addition of Mack and Sanu seems to be enough to plug the holes. We should be able to go defense with every pick in the draft. This draft sets up well for us to draft down and still get key pieces. Which means we will trade up and grab something stupid and shiny.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Hamad Meander – I too expect Levitre to remain a starter but not sure about Chester as he isnot currently signed. YES it’s far more important to upgrade ILB than backup QB but they did need a vet WR since they let Hankerson & White go. Not upset about signing Sanu but I agree he is too expensive.

    2. medallion

      #1 & #4 MLB, strong side LB, weak side LB (and coverage LB for nickel/dime packages):
      I’m more than o.k. with Worrilow at MLB for at least this year and a potential replacement for Reed at strong side LB this or next year. I have a higher opinion of Worrilow than most and saw improvement last year. I expect more improvement this year as he enters his physical prime years and continues gaining experience.
      There isn’t any back-up at MLB currently on the roster. Spoon was a weak side LB.
      Reed at strong side LB worries me based on his Houston history and even worse production last year. Here’s too hoping last year was because of his groin injury.
      Is there a reasonable back-up at strong side LB on the roster besides Worrilow? Starr could have been except he’s really slow for a LB over a straight line 40 yards. With respect to Beasley, I have advocated since he was drafted, he needs to play some LB. However, he’s almost certainly going to play over 50% of the defensive snaps as a designated pass rusher like last year when he played around 51-52% of the defensive snaps. I would like Beasley to get up to around 75-85% of the defensive snaps this year, but that would only take away 25-35% of snaps from some outside LB position on early downs and some other down and distance situations leaving a gap if Reed gets hurt or is a bust and Beasley even plays some at strong side LB.
      For a long time, I had preferred Beasley getting snaps at weak side LB because that’s usually the QB’s blindside and thought risk of injury and wear and tear less and took advantage of Beasley’s speed. I had that preference despite knowing that Seattle had moved its small LEO Irvin to strong side LB. However, I am not as certain now because Beasley apparently pass rushes much better from the left side which is where the strong side LB will be the most and I could see Beasley blitzing successfully from there.
      If Starr makes the roster, IMO his roles will be as a medium weight LEO DE taking over Biermann’s role there and as a designated pass rusher because he had test scores showing great short area quickness and agility, but with far fewer snaps than Biermann because the big LEOs Clayborn and Shelby (plus 3/4 DE type Tyson Jackson) should always be handling two DE positions on first down (barring injury).
      So, it seems to me, we still have to sign some veteran that can back up MLB and strong side LB (e.g., Stupar or someone like him) and then either draft a MLB or strong side LB or sign another veteran like Stupar. IMO, there’s no one worthy of pick 17 for either of those roles. Some liked Ragland at 17. I once wrote that might be o.k. to me. Then came the Combine and Alabama’s pro day JWW funnily (and correctly unless there is some undisclosed injury) dubbed him “Rag Arms” after the Combine. The mother ship’s paid employees recently even planted seeds to diminish the outcry from Bama/Falcons fans if he isn’t drafted by the Falcons at 17.
      IMO, weak side linebacker and coverage LB(s) for nickel/dime packages are now the biggest black holes in the defense. If a team has one good weak side LB and a decent backup weak side LB, then they might collectively be the coverage LB(s) for nickel/dime packages with the starting MLB (unless you have a star coverage MLB like Kuechely (sp?) who always stays in as a coverage LB in nickel/dime packages) as the next in line for coverage LB duties. We have Spoon (with uncertainties about remaining skills and worries about the next injury) for weak side LB and a coverage LB in nickel/dime packages, perhaps some Beasley for weak side LB until he moves to pass rushing DE in some base and all nickel/dime packages, and Worrilow as a coverage LB in nickel/dime packages.
      To quote an old girlfriend of mine: “That’s not pretty”.
      IMO, we have to get at least one weak side LB/coverage linebacker in the draft.
      I once indicated Ohio State’s weak side LB Darron Lee at pick 17 would be o.k. with me, but the factual bases behind an opinion you expressed back then about that being a bad choice at pick 17 caused me to change my opinion then. With what has and what has not happened in free agency and what has come out of Combine and OSU’s pro day, I am back to Darron Lee as being o.k. at pick 17 if we can’t trade down some.

      1. John Waynesworld

        Medallion, I am in your camp about Worrilow. The guy flat out deserves something, but what that is right now in Quinn’s mind is a mystery. In 2016 Paul may end up being a well-paid Special Team player who gets inserted into the MLB spot depending on down and distance.

  10. The Time is NOW

    From McClure:

    “2016 cap numbers for new Falcons: C Alex Mack ($4.05 mill), WR Mohamed Sanu ($2.4 mil), DL Derrick Shelby ($2.25 mil), QB Matt Schaub ($1.75 mil). Re-signed DE Adrian Clayborn ($3 mil), LB Sean Weatherspoon ($1.4375 mill).”

  11. Arno

    Is it possible to narrow down what went wrong with the 2015 O? The 6-2 1st half and the 2-6 2nd half had some fluky finishes, but you are what your record says. So over the next few days, I’d like to drop some numbers here and there while I scratch my head. One criticism of the O was that Julio was targeted too much. How did those targets differ during the two halves of the season?

    During the 6-2 stretch, Julio was targeted 102 of 306 passing attempts, one third of all targets.
    During the 2-6 stretch, Julio was targeted 101 of 302 passing attempts, one third of all targets.

    No variable to outrank poor ball security there…

    1. Paddy O

      defense adapted to the heavy focus on Julio, we did not alter our approach – I seem to remember 1 JJ fumble, and at least 3 passes intercepted while attempting to force it into him (triple covered is covered). Shan also started to run JJ on very short underneath routes, which he being covered by 3 guys really saturated the underneath coverage for everyone else. The last interception was due to a poorly designed route tree.

  12. falcon21

    You got that right Arno, what were the turnovers in the 6-2 stretch compared to the turnovers in the 2-6 stretch?

  13. JB Falcon

    Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)
    7 mins ago – View on Twitter
    Former Rams DE Chris Long is signing a 1-year deal with the Patriots, per @wingoz. Long helps replace Chandler Jones.

    1. SG

      OK JB, I’ll keep company for a few w/ this tidbit
      Of the 99 players scooped up in the first 3 days of free agency last week, how many made the 2015 pro bowl ?

  14. SG

    All 32 teams at Baylor pro day. Steelers have their DC, OC, HC & GM here. Nearly 100 NFL personnel, more today than for RG3’s workout. And speaking of Baylor, Bears coach Art Briles maintains that DE Shawn Oakman will be a draft steal.

  15. JB Falcon

    McClure is saying there is a possibility that we could get Darron(Ohio St) Lee AND Deion Jones(LSU) as linebackers, heh, heh,heh.
    Sack City!

  16. SG

    From NFL: Karlos Dansby released by Cleveland Browns. Dansby, 34, can still be an asset on a team with playoff aspirations, however. He remains an excellent coverage linebacker in addition to maintaining rare playmaking instincts. From a dot-connecting standpoint, Dansby’s former coordinators Todd Bowles, Jim O’Neil and Kevin Coyle are now with the Jets, 49ers and Bengals, respectively.

  17. SG

    Dansby = Pro Football Focus’ No. 3 inside linebacker in coverage and is a known playmaker. Est. $3.5 Mil
    Worrilow = Pro Football Focus’ 53rd-ranked inside linebacker among 60 qualifiers last season, struggling badly against the run and in coverage. $2.5 mill signed tender.

    Apparently, Dansby is leaning to go w/ a team w/ high playoff potential.

    1. JB Falcon

      Seems like all of the FA’s want to go to a playoff contender when the fact is the playoff contender is already loaded with players two notches above the FA. If he we two notches better he wouldn’t be a FA. The rare exception is the cap casualty.

  18. Arno

    @ 6-2

    7 fumbles | 7 interceptions | -2 net turnovers

    @ 2-6

    6 fumbles | 10 interceptions | -5 net turnovers

    @ 8-0

    2 fumbles | 7 interceptions | +5 net turnovers

    @ 0-8

    11 fumbles | 10 interceptions | -12 net turnovers

    Interesting that we could manage 8-8 on the year, while carrying -7 net turnovers. Worth noting: the biggest variable here isn’t interceptions but rather fumbles.

    1. medallion

      I like your mini-series of looking at differences during the 6-2 start and the 2-6 finish and differences in the 8 wins and 8 losses.
      I look forward to the continuing mini-series.
      While you probably already thought about these areas to compare, I would be curious about differences about rushing on offense and run defense. I remember our run defense was real strong early in the year in both average rushing yards allowed and total rushing yards allowed per game and then got worse in both statistical areas – I suspect injuries to Durant, Moore, Worrilow, and finally Soliai tied into that – perhaps even Reed coming back from his injury perversely tied into that. I also think our rushing stats went downhill after the fast start, but I could easily be wrong on that as I was more focused on how much better could Quinn make our previously very poor defense in his first year.

      1. Arno

        You certainly read my mind there. Next, I want to compare yards per carry, as there’s been some criticism that our blocking broke down. Want to put some numbers on it.
        Wasn’t really thinking of making D part of the mini-investigation, because our losing streak was blamed on O. The D might share more blame than I’d thought, so I should take a look.

      2. medallion

        Side notes:
        In Quinn’s 1st year, we moved to 14th in points allowed per game at 21.6 per game. In 2014, we were 27th at 26.1 per game. While those averages also include points scored by opposing teams off of interceptions and fumble recoveries returned for TDs and special teams TDs that I didn’t take the time to factor in for comparing 2015 and 2014, that seems like a real nice improvement for the defense (and perhaps special teams) under Quinn.
        Out of the 13 teams that allowed fewer points per game than 21.6, anyone want to guess how many of them played beyond the regular season? I was surprised when I counted. Based on last year, the old adage of defense wins championships seems strongly supported (to at least get you in the mix).

    2. Paddy O

      the defense made pretty remarkable improvement. I never expected the offense to be so inept – but, under Smitty, fumbles and penalties were heavily coached up. Apparently NOT under either Quinn OR Sham.

  19. JB Falcon

    Former Los Angeles Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis is signing with the New Orleans Saints, a source confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

  20. SG

    Like I’ve pointed out, no thanks.
    From Rotoworld “Although Laurinaitis put up gaudy “tackle” stats in St. Louis, he’s long been one of the most overrated players in the league. He finished 59th among 60 qualified inside linebackers in Pro Football Focus’ 2015 grades, and dead last against the run. Still only 29 years old, Laurinaitis would be best viewed as veteran depth in New Orleans. The Saints’ linebacker corps is weak enough, however, that Laurinaitis will probably be given a legitimate chance to start.”

  21. Hamad Meander

    I have a question. Sounded like on radio they said that there were only 10-12 guys in this draft that graded out as solid first round players. We draft at 17. Stupid would be to trade up, but it seems stupid would also be to not trade down. Why pay 17th pick first round for a second round talent?

  22. John Waynesworld

    HM, that sounds like a bunch of hoo-ha from a pompous grading snob! Or he could be comparing yearly NFL stats by using a minimum grade number, in this case a 6.5 rating…


    In any case it is a wild frigging guess by whoever said it.

    An O’Brien Schofield tweet yesterday in response to a Falcons fan….“By no means have I counted the Falcons out but I’m waiting for the right opportunity for my family and I. It’s a business so I’m patient.”

  23. Arno

    @ 6-2

    Total rushing 1008 | YPC 4.3

    @ 2-6

    Total rushing 603 | YPC 3.2

    @ 8-0

    Total rushing 932 | YPC 3.7

    @ 0-8

    Total rushing 694 | YPC 3.9

    Significant rushing decline in the second half. So the criticism of blocking breakdown looks valid. Now why would the 6-2 results for the first half of the season look better than the 8-0 totals? Because San Francisco, who we played at game nine, demolished our running game. The remainder of our opponents paid attention. While our rushing fell apart in the second half, our fumbles were distributed throughout our losses [@ 0-8: 11 fumbles | 10 interceptions | -12 net turnovers].

    1. Paddy O

      at least 3 losses were pretty much a direct result of turnovers; we really had a hard time getting out of our own way last year. We win those, we are 11–5.

  24. John Waynesworld

    From DOL’s article on UGA’s pro day…

    Dimitroff seem to admit that the Falcons may have “under graded” some Georgia players in the past.

    “Being this close, again, there’s always good talent at Georgia,” Dimitroff said. “Sometimes we may under-grade. This gives us one more opportunity to look at the players to see if in fact we missed something.”

    He’s got a lot of nerve talking like that. Kirby Smart should kick his ass just for being the lying mouth full of horshett leprechaun he is.

    1. SG

      “Being this close, again, there’s always good talent at Georgia, but until now, we’ve really liked the guys coming out of Wisconsin, the Dakotas and if you look at our roster, we’ve been really big believers in those coming out of Indiana and Purdue. I confess, last year New England surprised the hell out of all of us, right Scott?, when they picked up that Center from UGA and that Mason guy from Tech. So the 12 of us thought, ‘heh what the hell, Athens is just up the road, have a nice lunch then let’s go have a look-see this year.’ The highlight for me – as well as a big surprise – was getting to see my good friend Bill Bellichick there. Who knew?”

    2. Paddy O

      how would TD NOT watch the GA / GA Tech games in person? A Falcons scout should be at all nearby SEC games. If not, they are beyond inept.

      1. SG

        According to ESPN there are currently 35 Dogs (0) and 17 Jackets (0) in the NFL.
        Numbers in ( ) are Falcons.

        ICYWW, In addition to UGA, the other top progams w/ 35 or more players currently in the NFL (outside of USCal w/ 39) are ALL in the SE:
        Alabama has 42 (1), LSU 42 (2), Florida 35 (0), FSU 38 (1), Miami 43 (3). I’ll also add Clemson at 31 (2)

        I believe this list is up-to-date as it even includes DeMarcus Van Dyke out of MIami as a Falcon

    3. Paddy O

      I think TD is a lazy [bleeped] artist. He personally should be at one major college game in the region every Saturday.

  25. SG

    I confess, I may be getting just a tad too cynical.

    The other afternoon when I saw we let Nate walk the same day Worrilow signed his tender, all I could post here was “Stupar to the Saints”. We wanted fast & physical and a high level of energy and attitude and he pretty much had all that in his wheel house. Additionally, as Nate stepped in for injured LBs last year, there were at least 2 occasions where DQ stated he was impressed at how Nate picked up the different positions as quickly as he did, stating to the effect that Nate was always studying the schemes so he could step in whenever, wherever. So, we let him walk. Huh?

    Whether it’s been DLed or McClure or whomever, there’s been a helluva lot of chatter about all of the LB possibilities coming in here. And for all that, we’ve got nothing while Schofield remains unsigned and Durant’s gone because he’s injury prone but Spoon’s back. Huh?

    And we let Stupar walk while we’re signing all these other bodies for depth?

    The more I think about this, the more I’m asking myself why bother?

    SW brought a smile to my face a few weeks back when he stated that it would take a presidential term to turn this thing around. Well that smile’s gone now. The way this is shaping up, 4 years maybe far too optimistic.

    1. Paddy O

      you have detected the FO BS PR narrative. The Boston Red Sox had that with their recently fired GM, Ben Cherington. I thought Smitty was a BSer, but Quinn appears to be obviously dishonest, or stupid. When your leaders buy their own BS, you lose. Hence, our last 3 years. TD should have been long gone – now we find out Quinn thinks his advice is valuable. Rookies don’t know their ass from their elbows, this includes coaches.

    2. Paddy O

      at this point, and after the recently concluded SMitty experience, I will be shocked if we win with Quinn. I suspect he’ll be fired in another 2 seasons, and AB will hire another rookie coach, then wonder why there appears to be such a huge learning curve. Arthur is a sports management idiot.

      1. JB Falcon

        “The more I think about this, the more I’m asking myself why bother?” SG, I tend to feel the same way about this time of the year. With the recent changes and lack of, or sideways, activity it is getting very hard to summon up any optimism. We have a couple of more weeks before the draft so all we can do is take a stick and stir around in the sand!
        Your comment about the Pro Bowl FA’s was surprising to me. I suppose the system mandates that incompetent cap management requires teams to actually cut Pro Bowl players to pay for the greediness during FA?

        1. SG

          JB – I looked at it as only 5 Pro Bowlers were on the market in that crazy 3 day mix that saw most teams paying top dollar for players who’s great press clippings were a couple of years old – or – who never had any great press clippings to begin with.

    3. gman

      My guess is that they took an arrogant approach to Stupar and thought no one else would sign him. Typical Dimwitoff.

    4. Wings

      I am with you, JB and Paddy O. It was Stupar who had the very best defensive play of the year. I don’t remember which game, but he was fast and aggressive to tackle an opponent behind the line of scrimmage. He always had energy and a great attitude.

      My attitude is approaching the “I don’t give a D@mn” level.

  26. Hamad Meander

    I’m bored. When I’m bored, I mock.

    1. Emmanual Ogbah – DE – Oklahoma State. We trade down toward the bottom of the 1st round and pick up a 5th rounder.
    2. Shilique Calhoun – DE – Michigan State – doubling up on ends forces the Vic Beasley move to OLB.
    3. Kyle Murphy – OT – Stanford – swing tackle could also move inside if needed.
    4. Evan Boehm – OG/C – Missouri – huge center could take a guard position
    5. Nick Vannett – TE – THE Ohio State University – why not.
    6. Andy Levitre – ugh. He played for us last year, guess we still have him.
    7. Malcolm Mitchell – WR – UGA Our first pick from Athens in centuries

  27. SinIsIn

    Hi Cagers, sorry I have been AWOL. I have been following your conversations periodically, and it’s been a ray of sunshine in a pretty lousy few months, so I just want to extend my appreciation to you all for that. I will make an effort to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get back into the groove around here. This blog couldn’t exist without all of our contributions, and I am sorry I haven’t been holding up my end of that.

    I know I have asked for this info before, but I can’t seem to remember it for the life of me. Who is the acting secretary of our Cage FF League? If I could get said person’s email address, I’d appreciate it. I need to contact that Cage member and arrange to issue (hopefully through PayPal?) my share of our league dues so JJ can be awarded his jersey. He made sure I got mine last year, and I have been neglecting my obligation to him. I would like to make good on it, so if that person could reply to my post with the relevant info, I will take care of that this weekend.

      1. SinIsIn

        SG, thanks for the reply back my friend. I don’t think JJ is the secretary/accountant for us tho. I THINK it is LRD, but I wasn’t certain, and didn’t want to take a stab in the dark and misappropriate the credit if it was someone else who’s been doing the ‘dirty work’ collecting dues and awarding prizes and such. Hopefully the right person sees my post and responds accordingly. Thanks for trying to help me out tho, certainly appreciated sir!

        1. JJ

          Sinisin, LRD is the CFO. You can email him from our espn ffl home page. He sent out a email about a month ago with the paypal acct. It might help if he puts it out again on the cage’s ffl. Feel free to ship me that trophy! 🙂

          If LRD agrees to it, cagers can use that paypal acct for the upcoming draft competition. $5 – $10 entry fee would be plenty for a trophy/jersey.
          Will leave that up to Arno and you faithfull cagers during this off-season!

  28. JB Falcon

    It sure will be nice if we ever, ever, get to the point where we are one of these 12 teams. They did not have to grapple around in the FA pool sifting around like a bunch of homeless folks through everyone else’s cast offs. They have built their teams mostly through the draft, as it should be. Thanks to TD & Co we have to overpay for 2nd string players because 95% of the players we have drafted have been busts.
    Yes, Arthur, TD is a genius and he has the record to prove it! BTW, money can’t buy everything.

      1. SG

        “The reality is that teams don’t want to be stuck spending in free agency, and more often than not, spending big money just creates new problems. Organizations know this, but in the desperate search for talent, they delude themselves into believing they can be the exception to the rule.”

        Says it all doesn’t it?

    1. The Time is NOW

      Yeah, JB. Sure do wish we could be like those teams. Teams like:
      the Bills (8-8), – who have cap woes that leave them no ability to sign FA’s;
      the Browns (3-13);
      the Cowboys (4-12);
      the Colts (8-8) – who appear to be saving for Luck’s big contract, without protecting their investment (sound familiar?);
      the Rams (7-9) – “…with most of their defense hitting free agency, the Rams had to pick and choose whom to keep”;
      the Steelers (10-6, but major cap woes leave them needing to free up cap space before they can sign their draft picks);
      the 49ers (5-11) “…[not signing free agents is] crippling the 49ers, who have a roster decimated by unexpected retirements and nearly $60 million in cap space”;
      or even the Seahawks (10-6) – which “…needs to figure out what to do with its offensive line, which is in shambles after years of allowing free agents to leave.”
      Wow, that’s 8 of the 12 teams listed. Hardly the models of success you imply.

      I agree that to be successful long term a team has to build through the draft. But the premise of your post is overly simplistic, unrealistic, and not supported by the situation of the majority of the teams listed, imo. I believe selective use of free agency signings is a useful component of team building in today’s NFL.

      None of the above should be construed as support for TD, or his fruitless attempts to build the Falcons into consistent contenders. I am on the record that he should have been shown the door with Smitty for his failures, which continue to haunt our beloved Birds.

      1. JB Falcon

        “I agree that to be successful long term a team has to build through the draft.” (TIN)
        Thank you, exactly my point. I did not write the article and if you got something out of it other than that you’re welcome to it. If my posts are too simplistic and unrealistic for you perhaps you should quit reading them, or, not read more out of them that was intended.

        1. The Time is NOW

          Wasn’t trying to misrepresent your intentions, JB. If I did, I apologize. My response was prompted by the way I read these words:

          “It sure will be nice if we ever, ever, get to the point where we are one of these 12 teams. They did not have to grapple around in the FA pool sifting around like a bunch of homeless folks through everyone else’s cast offs. They have built their teams mostly through the draft, as it should be.” (JB)

  29. SG

    EDITED POST from earlier.

    According to ESPN there are currently 35 Dogs (0) and 17 Jackets (0) in the NFL.
    Numbers in ( ) are Falcons.

    ICYWW, In addition to UGA, the other top programs in the country w/ 35 or more players currently in the NFL are mostly in the SE: Alabama has 42 (1), LSU 42 (2), Florida 35 (0), FSU 38 (1), Miami 43 (3). I’ll also add Clemson at 31 (3).

    Outside the SE, only USCal w/ 39 (0), Ohio State 36 (1) and Oklahoma 35 (0) consistently produce NFL talent to a high level.

    I believe this list is up-to-date as it even includes DeMarcus Van Dyke out of MIami as a Falcon
    Reply ↓

    1. JB Falcon

      Good job which proves the obvious. I wonder what the player breakdown is for the source of the Falcons that have been drafted.

  30. Wings

    Oh, I have decided that I am never getting on any more buses and trains. You never arrive at the desired place.


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