2016 TeePee Sports Mock Draft


The Annual TeePee Sports Mock Draft – 2016 Edition

It’s that time once again. So without further pause, let’s get to the matter at hand.

Queen, this one is dedicated to you.

Cocoa Mel, aka Seminole Warrior, the CEO of TeePee Sports, managing a limited number of picks for the 2016 NFL Annual Selection Meeting, and acting as lead agent for the Atlanta Falcons, respectfully submit the following selections. Our vision: The building of a team core and laying a foundation for the future.

As always, I want to pay homage to my draft mentors, Sensei Ozzie Newsome and Mel Kiper. Like the great Sensei, we will NEVER reach for a player; we will simply move on to the best player available at an immediate position of need. After all, our single mission is to acquire and develop productive football players.

ROUND ONE Primary Selection: DT Vernon Butler – Louisiana Tech University

ROUND ONE Secondary Selection: DT Kenny Clark – University of California, Los Angeles


Vernon Butler

For the past two years, we at TeePee Sports have attempted to fill a critical need at defensive tackle. First, we wanted a penetrating, disruptive presence in 2014. We wanted Aaron Donald. Last year, 2015, TPS insisted on acquiring an interior presence that would aid in facilitating a more effective pass rush as well as stopping the run inside. We wanted Danny Shelton.


Here we are again and the need is still the same. Our defensive front scares no one, we still can’t find an effective push inside to aid in generating a pass rush, and we, while improved against the run, could be better. Tee Pee Sports offers TWO equally talented solutions: Vernon Butler and Kenny Clark.


Kenny Clark

Both Butler and Clark are capable of being disruptive against the interior of offensive lines. Both can handle double teams. VB and KC each move with remarkable agility for his size. Both men have the ability to move along the line of scrimmage and make plays from behind. Both are respected leaders with tremendous upside if paired with a first class defensive line coach and scheme.


I said this last season about Shelton and I will say it again this year about Butler and Clark. While they have the potential to compliment this facet, Butler or Clark are not being chosen by Atlanta to rush the passer. Rather, Butler or Clark will serve as the desperately needed interior presence (anchor) that will facilitate the ability of SO MANY others to do that.

ROUND TWO Primary Pick: OT Jason Spriggs – Indiana University

ROUND TWO Secondary Pick: DE/DT Jonathan Bullard – University of Florida


Jason Spriggs

Unlike many, TeePee Sports is not sold on Jake Matthews at the left tackle position. Matthews had only one year experience at the position before being selected by Atlanta. TeePee Sports feels that he is at his best as a run blocker so a move to guard or right tackle is what we consider best for the team long term. With that, we need a legit, true, and experienced left tackle.

Enter Indiana’s Jason Spriggs. A four year starter at left tackle, Jason Spriggs is a solid technician. He surrendered only FOUR sacks in the last TWO years and is a stellar run blocker as well. All of the traits that I love in an effective left tackle are clearly present here; he is technically solid, plays with a fire and nasty streak, and is a leader on and off the field. He epitomizes GREAT value at this point. With any luck, he becomes a Falcon and remains one for a long, long time.


The Falcons need a LEGIT presence at the defensive end position. Coach Dan Quinn needs a presence on his defensive front that is capable of being a force inside and outside. He needs a “Michael Bennett” like presence for his scheme.



Jonathan Bullard

Jonathan Bullard represents OUTSTANDING value here. In terms of defensive ends, JB appears to be the best “true” defensive end in this draft class. His work ethic, total team first attitude, willingness to play through pain, and dedication to improving all facets of his game, are critical facets that TeePee Sports really feels strongly about.



PRIMARY: OG Connor McGovern – University of Missouri

SECONDARY: OG Joe Dahl – Washington State University



Connor McGovern

The Falcons are STILL in need of OL depth across the board. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can accomplish in 2016.


The guard positions are an absolute travesty due to poor free agency and lack of draft attention. Luckily, courtesy of trips to Columbia and Pullman, the team at TPS found a pair of very promising prospects that would excel in the zone blocking scheme.



Joe Dahl

Guards Connor McGovern and Joe Dahl are both technically solid, position versatile, and leaders on the field. Both represent great value at this juncture in the draft and have the upside going forward to become very solid NFL players. CM and JD each dsiplay a diverse skill set and needed experience/possible depth as offensive tackles as well. As a matter of fact, Dahl was a full starter at the critical LT position last season, allowing only ONE sack in one of the nation’s most wide open passing attacks.



PRIMARY: LB Tyler Matavich – Temple University

SECONDARY: LB Nick Vigil – Utah State University


Tyler Matakevich

The Falcons have not had a presence at middle linebacker since the release of Curtis Lofton. That changes with the selection of Tyler Matakevich.


TM is a serious football player. He is a student of the game and one of the most tenacious linebackers in recent college football history. Had this kid been in the SEC, he would be a in the conversation as a first round selection hands down. His motor is relentless, possesses a lightning quick first step move, displays excellent anticipation skills, and very solid tackling technique. TM can be disruptive when asked to blitz and is better than given credit in his pass coverage skills. His ONLY shortfall is that he tends to be a tad overactive at times in his play but quality coaching can clean this up in short order.

The weak-side linebacker position could use some serious help as well. The Falcons could help themselves big time with the selection of Utah State’s Nick Vigil.



Nick Vigil

Vigil is an outstanding talent and represents INCREDIBLE value at this selection. If you are a fan of former Utah State star and current Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner, then you are going to like Nick Vigil.


Vigil is a focused defender that displays strong tenacity and incredible scheme focus. He is always near the ball with a fiery presence. He displays great skill in pass coverage as he displays nice closing speed, the ability to change direction in coverage, and excellent field vision. His tackling technique is very solid and he is a physical presence. He also has a legit pass rushing skill set that could surprise a few NFL defensive coordinators. In summary, Vigil could be effective at either the MLB or WLB positions.

ROUND SEVEN: TE Steven Scheu – Vanderbilt University

Alge Crumpler. What if I told you I found the second coming of this Falcons stellar performer? Well, TeePee Sports did just that.



Steven Scheu

Tight end is a position of need for Atlanta. Jacob Tamme is a serviceable band-aid at the moment but depth and reliability behind are suspect at best.


At Vanderbilt University, Steven Scheu was a steady, improving force on a perennially bad football team.  He’s quick and agile enough to gain a quick release off the line of scrimmage and is a potentially dominate red-zone force. He has outstanding hands, uses his body well as he secures the ball in coverage, and is technically solid as a route runner. Finally, Steven Scheu is solid as a blocker.

He is not a speed merchant by any means but neither was Alge. And we all know how well that selection worked out for Atlanta.


OG Jordan Walsh: 6’2” 310 – University of Iowa

OG/OT Parker Ehinger: 6’6” 310 – University of Cincinnati

C Matt Skura: 6’3” 305 – Duke University

C Austin Blythe: 6’2” 300 – University of Iowa

TE Sean Price: 6’3” 250 – University of South Florida

WR Chris Moore: 6’1” – University of Cincinnati

WR Max McCaffrey: 6’2” 200 – Duke University

WR Nelson Spruce: 6’1” 205: University of Colorado

K Brad Craddock: 6’ 190 – University of Maryland

OLB/DE Victor Ochi: 6’1” 250 – Stony Brook University

ILB Brandon Chubb: 6’ 235 – Wake Forest University

DT Niles Lawrence-Staple: 6’1” 320 – Florida State University

S KJ Dillon: 6’ 210 – West Virginia University

S Kevin Byard: 5’11” 210 – Middle Tennessee State University


Last chance for this guy.

1,467 thoughts on “2016 TeePee Sports Mock Draft

  1. marko

    For what it’s worth Devin fuller is exactly what I want to see in a seventh round selection. Perhaps he underachieved in college, at least he has the measurable qualities to succeed in the big time. Contrast his selection with Zeke Motta’s. We selected Zeke in the 7th round of the 2013 draft. He ran a 4.8 forty at the combine. He only slightly improved on it at his pro day. In short, he was DOA. Devin wasn’t invited to the combine, but he ran a sub 4.4 at his pro day. Is he a long shot? Hell yes he’s a long shot. But he’s a long shot that runs 4.3 forties. Over the years I’ve calmed down a bit on 40’s times, but 4.8 sucks for a safety and 4.38 is pretty damned good for a receiver. Devin Fuller has a fighting chance. I’d say he’s the best 7th round pick we’ve had since we selected some kid named Jamal Anderson.

        1. just "little ole" me

          I haven’t been able to find where Lampman has signed with anyone. Still hopeful that Atl at least brings him in for a tryout. Almost all the other UDRFAs on my wish list have signed with other teams.

  2. The Time is NOW

    UDFA Wish List

    Geronimo Allison WR
    Dominique Alexander LB
    Jack Allen C
    Ben Brauneker TE
    Jake Brendel C
    Devon Cajuste WR
    Jeremy Cash S
    James Cowser DE
    Dominick Jackson G
    Jacob Lampman WR
    Mitch Matthews WR
    Victor Ochi DE
    Tyvis Powell S
    Dominique Robertson OT
    Nelson Spruce WR
    Eric Striker LB
    Destiny Vaeao DT
    Avery Young OT

  3. waynesworldreview

    kudos to j”lo”m for an excellent service to the cage….
    also at the Falcons’ official site–the video segments with Steve Sabo the Dir of College Scouting were very informative…nice insight into why we selected these late round guys….
    As a frequent critic of our drafting– I’d like to say well done to our scouting dept, GM and HC. I didn’t throw a single object in anger this year. I fussed and cussed a little but nothing like Peria Jerry or some of our recent mystifying drafts. Thanks for that, guys….

  4. Chop Buster

    UDFAs signed so far:


    RB, Brandon Wilds, South Carolina

    C, Jake Reed, Indiana

    RB, De’Andre Mann, Kansas

    TE, Josh Perkins, Washington

    FB/MLB, Will Ratelle, North Dakota

    WR Daje Johnson, Texas

    WR David Richards, Arizona


    OLB Ivan McLennan, Washington State

    DE, Josh Dawson, Georgia

    CB, Brian Poole, Florida

    NT, Chris Mayes, Georgia

    OLB, Torrey green, Utah State

    Special teams:

    K, Nick Rose, Texas

  5. JB Falcon

    Looks like they ain’t done yet.

    Josh Dawson, DL, Georgia
    Daje Johnson, WR, Texas
    De’Andre Mann, RB, Kansas
    Chris Mayes, DL, Georgia
    Sharrod Neasman, S, FAU
    Josh Perkins, TE, Washington
    Brian Poole, DB, Florida
    David Richards, WR, Arizona
    Nick Rose, K, Texas
    Brandon Wilds, RB, South Carolina

  6. just "little ole" me

    I have been doing some reading on the Atl draft picks trying to get a better feel and feeling for why they were selected. I started with our 7th round pick and I am working my way backwards.

    I feel much better about the OG selection than I did initially. I think a big reason he was selected was because one of our OL coaches coached him at SJST and according to that coach they ran a similar zone blocking scheme there.

    I do not feel any better about The 7th round pick. In the getting to know article for this young man they claimed that he would compete for the return job b/c he was one of the top kick returners this past year averaging just over 24 yards per kick off return. Well he is ranked 37th for kick returners in the 2015 season. Even out of 100+ players I don’t consider 37th being near the top. There were numerous other prospect that were not selected that had much better return stats that we passed over.

  7. Flo-Ri-Duh

    nfl.com: undrafted – highest rated
    Jack Allen (C) 5.5
    Darrell Greene (G) 5.5
    Roy Robertson-Harris (DE) 5.5
    Landon Turner (G) 5.4
    Jhuerell Pressley (RB) 5.4
    Destiny Vaeao (DT) 5.4
    William Ratelle (ILB) 5.4
    Devon Cajuste (WR) 5.4
    Jay Lee (WR) 5.4
    James Cowser (DE) 5.4
    Darius Lathum (DT) 5.4
    Dominique Alexander (ILB) 5.4

  8. ajarnbangkapi

    First impression of the draft haul in its entirety before bedtime – fatigue, a feeling of being trapped in the hamster wheel of mediocrity. Flashes of an Al Davis type approach of building a team. I have literally followed this team since 1966 when Atlanta got the NFL team, and Miami got the lesser franchise award, AFL.
    I remember Tommy Nobis AND Randy Johnson, our first two picks.
    And, I remember the faded last fading days of the Smith dynasty when lesser minds set the franchise on autopilot thru a myriad of management.
    Deja Vu, in a bad way.

  9. John Waynesworld

    Here are the finals for the Drafttek game…

    Flo: 18 points
    #293 – Anthony Brown – 6th round
    (2 points + 10 points = 12 points)
    #311 – Clayton Fejedelem – 7th round
    (3 points + 3 points = 6 points)

    The TIME is Now: 34 points
    #398 – Joe Walker – 7th round
    (6 points + 3 points = 9 points)
    #326 – K.J. Dillon – 5th round
    (4 points + 20 points = 24 points)

    JWW: 40 points
    #337 – Matt Judon – 5th round
    (4 points + 20 points = 24 points)
    #378 – Cory James – 6th round
    (6 points + 10 points = 16 points)

    Please check my math or players missed. Arno, I think you had 5 guys who were one round off. Excellent guesses all!

    1. The Time is NOW

      Congratulations, JWW. Well done. I was pleased that 7 of my 10 choices were drafted by somebody, and amazed that 2 of my 3 misses were guys I felt most certain about. Thanks for the concept. It increased my research and enjoyment leading up to the draft.

      1. John Waynesworld

        Thanks, Time. For years I have been staring at Draftek’s 301-400 range and seeing some of those prospects being rated by several other NFL sites as being possible 4th – 6th rounders. Some real head scratchers, and how about Thuney and Seaumalo back-to-back in the third? Most of us had them but not there. We’ll do it again, my friend!

  10. John Waynesworld

    JLOM, I think it is a misleading comment from Dim on Fuller. I read it before from another source, something about combining the punt return and kickoff return stats which makes him lead the nation in yards on months ending in a “y”. Stats these days are slanted toward or against their subject.

    Here it is…


    Odd how it avoids much explanation. What Fuller could be is a sure-handed PR with some burst, which would eliminate the need for Hester if he’s still not healthy, plus it would be a more positive alternative to the fair-catching Weems. Shanahan may even want to turn him into our backup QB. He was listed as a QB in his freshman year.

    1. just "little ole" me

      He enrolled at UCLA as a QB, but switched positions as they had a QB named Brett Hundley who was the starter all but his senior year. The position switch does show a desire for him to get on the field. I guess I have become a bit jaded with how the FO tries to sell it’s draft picks to the Falcon nation. I didn’t get a chance to watch any game film last night or the two previous on any of the prospects. I plan on doing some of that when I have time in the near future. Maybe Mr. Fuller can win me over. The first thing he will need to do is catch the ball with his hands, not his body!

  11. Wings

    I do feel like there is a METHOD to what we have seen as MADNESS of previous years.

    It is a different approach.

    The biggest weakness has been stopping the passer. We have seen so many third down plays when our rushers were close to sacking the quarterback but the quarterback completed a pass to the tight end or running back on a crossing route for a first down.

    We are so used to the approach of adding “better rushers” that we can’t see the forest for the trees nor have our previous coaches.

    DQ is building the defense at the point where the damage is usually done – downfield. DQ wants to give the rushers a better chance to reach the quarterback.

    I am back on the train because DQ has remained constant in his approach.

  12. John Waynesworld

    I think Quinn’s 1st, 2nd & 4th round picks were taken to defend against the other NFC South quarterbacks. We needed speedy tacklers to affect strong, athletic QBs like Newton and Winston. By taking Neal and Jones we also took care of Brees’ love for his Tight End.

    1. Chop Buster

      SG, I believe Quinn’s thought is you can’t teach speed and physicality, but we can coach these guys up on technique to play their positions. I’m just happy that we’ve finally gotten faster at the LB position.

  13. SG

    SI’s Doug Farrar’s take on our first 4 picks
    “The Falcons’s personnel braintrust of Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff has had iffy results in the last few drafts, with Dimitroff as the more tenured veteran in the organization. On its face, this draft looks like another head-scratcher. The Falcons did little to address their defensive line needs, instead spending the 17th pick on Neal, who looks like a reach there. Jones is a speed linebacker with some safety-level assets—not a bad player, but perhaps another reach. Hooper should help fill a need that’s been glaring since Tony Gonzalez retired, and Campbell is another speed ’backer. In the larger view, it appears Atlanta spent draft capital on players it could have traded down to get and didn’t address its defensive line need early in a draft that has as much D-line talent as any in recent NFL history. That’s hard to swallow.​” Grade D

    1. Chop Buster

      It’s ridiculous for ANYONE to be giving draft grades before any player taken has played a down in the NFL? What are they basing grades on? Who THEY thought we should have drafted?

  14. Mike-N-Charlotte

    I really do not have a problem with the positions that were addressed or the fact that the Falcons are trying to inject some speed into the back end of the defense. I however question the way they managed the draft. I believe in the 1st round they could have traded down and still have picked up Neal. In the second round they could have traded back a little more and received additional picks. I do not have a problem with getting your player, but wish the TD and SP would manage the draft a little better. TD’s draft mismanagement has been apparent on a few occasions… Trading two second rounders to move up in the first round to get Sam Baker, drafting Akeem Dent in the third round, and trading up to get Trufant when he would have likely stil be available had the Falcons not moved.

    1. gman

      I heard that the Jets were interested in Neal at 20 and we didn’t have any trade partners. I realize we all like to bitch and moan because OUR OPINIONS don’t match what they do but in reality we weren’t hired to make the picks. And I couldn’t care less what some sportswriter’s opinion and or grade is. Let’s see in 2 years how good it really was.

      For the 4 years we’ve all been screaming about how our D couldn’t get off the field because we couldn’t defend tight ends, RB’s out of the back field and scrambling QB’s on 3rd and long. THAT has now been addressed.

      We also had a fit about our Red Zone play last year. THAT has been addressed.

      Alex Mack won’t be able to block everybody but he might just make EVERYBODY better. To an extent, THAT has been addressed.

      Not bad for 1 year of progress. Last year doesn’t really count against DQ because he didn’t know what he had on the team.

      Let’s wait and see.

      1. Chop Buster

        Totally agree gman. I have complained to no end about Dumitroff and Smitty’s lack of ability to pick players. I’m beginning to think Dumitroff was going to pick whoever Smitty wanted. The problem IMO is Smitty had no vision and was picking players with no plan on how they would be used. Arthur keeping Dumitroff leads me to believe this.

        I’m willing to give Quinn a chance to see what he can do with his type of players. He did take the defense to 16th from high 20s in his first year.


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