By John Waynesworld



What a road trip! Our Falcons taking on the beasts of the league at their places and looking better than most of the other 31 teams in the league. We had to take a 1-1 split as we underestimated Seattle’s Nike referees, but overpowering the world champs  at Mile High Stadium the week before set the tone for the Seahawks game. What a great game it was.


This team under Quinn is gaining confidence every week and it is becoming more evident that last year’s free fall was simply the first-year blues of a new coaching staff getting used to their players and vice versa. The two are now as one.


This year’s team has an undeniable bond to it, one that Quinn, the coaches and the players helped nurture throughout their first off-season together. The practices and film sessions are intermixing and it shows in the games. We make halftime adjustments that work! Exciting times are ahead! Welcome home guys!


  1. medallion

    Per the box score:
    Tight End receptions: zero. Tamme is missed more than most would have guessed.
    Wide receivers not named Julio: 3 catches for 16 yards – until Gabriel’s catch.

  2. Flo-Ri-Duh

    My wife “volunteered” me to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the “homeless” today so I just got here. Never knew we had so many “homeless” in Douglas, Ga. Must have been at least 600 and most of them drive nice cars.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Hamad – I’m here for now – since 1982 except for one year. I used to sell Rx drugs to hospitals and pharmacies – went to Nichols every week. They used to have 2 drugstores – only one now. The place is lost in time – still 1960 there!

        1. Hamad Meander

          Yeah – I bet real estate is real affordable down there. Maybe when Atlanta gets too crazy, I’ll retire to the country. Coffee County might be too country for me though…….if you see any Meeks down there, tell them their cousin from the big city says hello.

          1. Flo-Ri-Duh

            Hamad – This place is “over run” with Meeks. The ones I know are good people. May favorite town in south Georgia is Valdosta. I’m here because my wife’s family is here. It’s Ok but no Chick Filet or Publix – keep hearing they are coming.

  3. JB Falcon

    M Bryant misses his first extra point since his rookie season and JJ drops a pass that was right in his hands. I guess an earthquake is next.

  4. JB Falcon

    Well, I answered the door and it way a really scraggly looking guy named “Really Sh!tty Game” wearing a Falcon jersey. He said he just got his azz whooped and wanted to know I had some kind of spare balls laying around. He wasn’t sure what kind of balls, just any would do. All I had was a deflated ball autographed by Brady.

    1. Gman

      Isn’t that the truth. Did we scrub the game plan that’s been working so well? Maybe it was that our trenches got their asses handed to them today. And Matt showed shades of last year. If every team puts pressure on him like today we could see a lot more deer in the headlights looks from Matt. I just don’t know. Something was very off.

    1. The Time is NOW

      A whoopin – starting in, but not limited to, the trenches. Special teams coverage was particularly bad, forcing Bosher to contribute to preventing a TD return at least 3 times (once after he was already obviously injured).

      This was a stinker. Now we have to live with the stench for a couple of weeks. Still, if you had told me before the season that despite losing to TB to start the season the Falcons would be 6-4 at the bye, and in first place by a game and a half – I woulda taken that. This was a game where the offense couldn’t get it done. The defense and special teams weren’t able to pick em up….

  5. Flo-Ri-Duh

    I missed 2/3rds of game but will play it back later if it recorded. 1st of all Eagles have a good defense- especially DL. Falcons still have same weaknesses that showed up today – interior OL couldn’t keep pressure off of Ryan and interior DL couldn’t hold up against the run. We’re about 4 to 5 starters away from being a top tier team.

    1. Chop Buster

      I swear it feels like some of these games are fixed. I’ve said it before and will say it again, every time we focus on throwing the ball to Julio and not spread it around, we lose games. AND when does Matt Ryan throw interceptions? When we constantly throw the ball to Julio.

      1. Paddy O

        really BAD scheme. Nothing innovative. Nothing effective. Why not use the FB run set more? Eagles were getting a lot of push, and the FB would have helped.

        1. Gman

          I saw a lot of out of the backfield routes that were wide open but we kept airing out downfield of short in the middle. I looked like last year when Matt was panicked a trying to get rid of the ball as fast as he could. He didn’t seem to be doing much checking down.

        2. Chop Buster

          Sometimes I believe there are things going on behind the scenes that affect our play calling. Cough, Cough…Arthur Blank. It seems we don’t go to Julio some games and then someone steps in and says throw Julio the ball and the entire offense becomes Julio. Defense is still young and got a LOT OF GROWING to do. Jackson, Hageman are a waste of space on the DL. Two Guards and RT is needed. Schaeder is not good against good DEs. This year will be a learning year for the young guys (while we win the division) and we need to fix both lines in the off season.

  6. waynesworldreview

    About the only comforting thought is that both NO and CAR lost, too….
    Our worst performance this year against one of the leams I hate the most…..

  7. Greg Mendel

    I watched the game amid constant distractions.

    “We’re about to sing ‘Happy Birthday.’ Where’s grandpa?”
    “I’m watching the damn ball game! Leave me alone!”
    “But the candles are lit and your grandson is starting to cry!”
    “Tell him to finish the vodka I gave him if he wants any cake!”
    “He’s screaming that you’re an ‘arthritic old fart who can’t pass gas or catch a cold.'”
    “Oh, yeah? Tell him to come in here and watch the Falcons!”

  8. Paddy O

    that was a 2015 game. talk about a horrendous game plan.

    At what point does DQ or our DC start making plans to cover RB’s up the middle of the field? Isn’t there a LB who might want to do that? This was a Mike Smith defense day.

    1. Greg Mendel

      True. If I was distracted, the Falcons were in a coma. I’m still positive, though. I’ll write that game off as “growing pains.” We have a “bye” week coming up. Dunno if that’s good or bad.

      1. Paddy O

        team still has a MIke Smith hang over. Byes did not seem to do much for Smitty teams. this team does not appear to like long off periods either.

      2. Flo-Ri-Duh

        With all these injuries and a long season the BYE week is much needed.
        Nov 27 – Cards
        Dec 4 – Chiefs
        Dec 11 – Rams
        Dec 18 – 49’ers & Humperdink
        Dec 24 – Panties
        Jan 1 – Aint’s

  9. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Jet Lag – Three difficult games played in about 18 days: Packers, Bucks, Eagles and no bye for the 1st 10 weeks of the schedule. Injuries and the long season with no break finally wore on them. A bye week is much needed. Heal up, rest up and come back strong.

  10. Grits Blitz

    Can’t decide which “news flash” is more disappointing…
    Falcons Can’t Maintain Game-Winning Momentum (having yet to “turn a corner”) OR Arthur Gifts TD a 3-Year “Extension” for The Falcons’ Future?
    1. Again, this team in N-O WAY resembles the ’98 SB team that played “next victim up” every week on that schedule. (Hope we’ve heard the last of the extremely premature SB talk, in the spirit of keeping it real, as this team is definitely not ready to “make a run” this year. Previously cautioned we should wait until after beating Philly, Arizona, & KC, but the Kool-Aid was just too tempting.)
    2. Hats off to Philly as they have what a good O line looks like blowing open holes/bowling over individual man-ups. (They showed what they can do to a D line that still doesn’t have top quality players in place to counter.)
    3. DC, Smith, still has no players &/or scheme to stop TEs. (Eagles – another team that could have feasted all day long if they wanted to and a pattern that continues week after week…now going on year #2!)
    4. Starting to see a glimpse into the future with life after Bosher and it ain’t very pretty. (Coaches best be contingency planning…for this season.)

  11. Mike-N-Charlotte

    Is it just me or did the no huddle offense disappear? All game it seemed like Philly’s defense brought the pressure…just to reset and bring it again.

  12. Arno

    After pushing around the Bucs, we got pushed around. Falcons looked like a .500 team yesterday, inadequate on the LOS. Whose fault is that? As I said earlier, signing TD to an extension was premature. Let’s hope getting Coleman back will provide a spark.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      .500 team – close but slightly better. Maybe a 9-7 team or a 10-6 team at best. Still, that’s improvement but we don’t have the OL/DL yet to get to the Super Bowl. A playoff game is all I expect this year.

  13. Paddy O

    speaking of penalties – that call on Perkins was pure BS, Perkins NEVER tried to block – the LB ran into his side. the TE has the right to set up for potential pass.

  14. lrdcage

    my 02. No need to panic. So we lost to Philly, in Philly, and right before a bye week. Birds are beat up, and need a rest.
    Our D is horrendous, but shocked at how out of it, our O was. I believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that our O was sitting on their ___ watching our D get its butt whipped up and down the field. The Eagles had the ball for almost 3/4s of the game. If our O is not on the field, cannot get a rhythm established… I think that is when we should have went no huddle… but you cant, as the D is gassed already and if our O flies down the field, then our D never has a chance to remove their heads from their ____.

    Step back from the ledge…….

    1. Mr B

      I sort of agree, Bryant did not have the type of game we have come to expect from him, and JJ dropped a key pass late….If your gonna lose, lose when your best players are off. That said, the only way we are going to get the rid of the “choker” is to play up to the same level in November and December as we have been. If we end up 5th in the league in offense after leading in week 9, finish 9-7 and get bounced early from the playoffs, that it is SOS.

  15. JB Falcon

    Well Fellers, it ain’t like we haven’t been here before. Remember the 12-4 season when we couldn’t seem to lose. We’d beat teams that we weren’t supposed to and lose ones that we shouldn’t have. We’ve already beat several teams that everyone thought we wouldn’t and there’s no reason why we can’t continue on the same pace. Most teams, barring multiple injuries, will improve as the season goes on and our team, especially with all of the young players we have, should show a lot of improvement with each game. If there is a good side to losing the last game it was that a lot of weaknesses showed up that, maybe, we needed to see.
    All we need to do is get into the dance and we have a chance so, no, I will not get SB thoughts out of my mind. We’ve all seen teams get into the play offs by the skin of their teeth and then go on to win it all. In my opinion, we are the perfect team to do that. How many of the Cubs fans do you think really, really, felt like they would win it all?

  16. icndark

    Here’s what’s funny. Two amazing blueprints were established this weekend. How to beat the Pats and Falcons. I won’t bother with minutia.
    I hope we’re really pissed at us.

    ‘Shede needs to play more. Just sayin’. Shede +Jarrett=Interior line. In half our games this would work. You know, the half with the correct *game plan resulting in a lead after the first quarter. Yeah, (*)that one.(Idiots!)

    Here’s why they’re idiots.
    Let Matt Freakin’ Ryan Do It!
    I can’t say that “Freakin'” is his proper middle name, but I can say I’m drunk.(I’m druk)
    So there ya freakin have it. Let him do his thing and quit getting in the way.(Ya know, like last year…) Just sayin’ 😉

    *a cohesive offensive attack based not on what we do best, but a massive offering of WTH? W/a side of Wt#.

  17. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Jacob Tamme (TE) is looking at the possibility of surgery on his seperated shoulder which would cause him to miss the remainder of the season – a big loss for the Falcons. Tamme, age 31, is currently in the final year of his contract and I doubt he’s back in 2017. Toyboy (TE) is also in the final year of his contract at age 25. Hooper (TE) is running hot and cold and he’s not been bad for a rookie but is he starting material in a high powered offense? I was pushing for Hunter Henry (TE), Arkansas, in the previous draft. In this upcoming draft I’m looking at another Arkansas TE product: Jeremy Sprinkle (TE), 6’5″ 254 lb, a 4.72 40, excellent hands and a matchup nightmare for LB’s. He’s projected to go mid to late 3rd Rd. Shan likes his TE’s and I could see more firepower brought in there. Hooper & Sprinkle in 2017?

  18. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Up 15-13 with 13 minutes left, the Falcons ran the ball just one more time the rest of the game against the Eagles. – Jonathan Jones (twitter)

    To that I will add these game stats:
    Rushing Attempts Total 13
    Yards Per Rush 3.7
    Total Rushing Yards 48

        1. Mr B

          Goes with zone blocking. Either you go with more agile guys who can run and get out on the 2nd level, or you go with brute strength and push em back. However, there is no excuse for running the ball only 13 times. Bill Parcell said, it is not about YPC, but number of rushes.

  19. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Falcons Draft 2017 / / FAST & WAY MORE PHYSICAL Phase II
    #1) Dan Feeney (G), Indiana, 6’4″ 310 lb.
    * zone blocking BEAST – led the way for Tevin Coleman’s 2,000 yd season in college

    #2) Vita Vea (NT/DT), Washington, 6’5″ 332 lb.
    * “Movement skills are remarkable as he can stop-start to corral ball carriers in space like someone 75 lbs. lighter; a load inside that stands up to double teams to hold the line” – nfl.com draft analyst Chad Reutar

    #3) Daeshon Hall (DE), Texas A&M, 6’6″ 265 lb.
    *His ability to rush the passer has scouts excited. A former LB that outgrew his position and converted to DE is getting better as he becomes comfortable with his new position and has 3 1/2 sacks in his last 3 games. – NFL media Lance Zierlein

    #4) Jeremy Sprinkle (TE), Arkansas, 6’6″ 255 lb.
    * “will be under-drafted but should develop in to a Sunday starter. Scouts are impressed with his overall game. His blocking and disciplined route running are very good and when the ball is thrown his way he catches it. He has excellent hands and good speed.” – draft insider Tony Pauline

    #5) Damore’ea Stringfellow (WR), Mississippi, 6’3″ 229 lb.
    * Nice size & physical WR with deceptive speed became #1 target replacing 1st Rd pick Laquon Treadwell. Also an excellent blocker on the outside. – Anonymous NFL scout

    #6) Daniel Carlson (K), Aubarn, 6’3″ 218 lb.
    * All-SEC 1st team 2015

    #7) Tyus Bowser (OLB), Houston, 6’3″ 244 lb., 4.7 40
    * Has the size, speed and range to develop in to an NFL starter – cbssports.com

    1. Hamad Meander

      I like this. I think we can get better a higher talent level going DT/DE first, then OG in the second, but who knows. I do know we need to upgrade every position you have listed.

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Hamad – Thanks. Normally I would rate the DT position ahead of G. I’m making an exception because Dan Feeney is by far the best guard prospect in this draft (my opinion) and a future All-Pro. I don’t see any DT’s that will be around in the 2nd half of the 1st Rd to compare.

    2. Grits Blitz

      Flo – Your mock drafts keep getting better and this one is your best work to date!
      Kudos for ensuring these “trenchmen” have the size NECESSARY to man-up!!!
      (And, yes, another LB or two wouldn’t hurt in FA, another OG in add. to big Dan, and a big, fast DE.)

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        Grits – Appreciate your candid opinions oh Great One. Falcons have had a major roster turnover the past two years – for the better. They’re getting younger and more talented. According to spottrac.com 25 on the roster are in the final year of their contract. TD/DQ are going to be busy.

  20. JB Falcon

    “The loss of Tamme, who caught 22 passes for 2010 yards and three touchdowns through eight games” Don’y ya just love reading stuff written by LeadBelly? 91.4 avg yds per catch!!!

    1. Hamad Meander

      That really would hurt – losing a guy who goes 90+ yards a catch. I would have thought those were Julio’s stats….

      1. Flo-Ri-Duh

        That can lead to a discussion of Tamme (TE). At age 31 and facing shoulder surgery – not to mention a dropoff in production – he’s done with the Falcons as this is the final year of his contract. He was good for the short term – moving on.


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