SarahB Fantasy Football League

League Managers:

Jeffrey Jones (JJ) jones_jeffrey@bellsouth.net

Roddy Nixon (Seminole Warrior) seminole31@cox.net

League Office



32 thoughts on “FFL

    1. JJ

      For those wondering, JWW new trophy is on the left but we put 2016 on it cause the trophy he won last yr had 2017.

      Did they deliver on the size and spelling we picked out.

      Both look nice but I like your new one better.

        1. JJ

          Can you clear ALL except JWWs’ 5:17pm post?
          Thanks Arno, FOR ALL you do for the CAGE.

          Would like to write a little SarahB FFL Cage post when it’s the slowest time.
          Will give a easy class on fantasy football, disprove some myths, give some historical facts of our league and give some advice for those who may want to join. After a few days, would recommend you move it over to our FFL page cause it will not be a hot topic I’m guessing with non-players.

          1. JJ

            Or at least ALL before JWW’s pic? Would love to post a big pic of his trophy on our home page but not sure how. He is our CAGE CHAMPION, think one pic of his trophy is warranted, but leave that up to you!

            My GOAL in running our Cage league is to recruit ALL OF OUR REGULARS to join the league!
            Many don’t know this but this was our 15th yr.
            It’s just a comradeship on-top of what the Cage regular main page brings.

            Already have you sign-in as our first new recruit.
            Will give you some secrets that I have not told any other cagers that will greatly help you out in your rookie yr.
            #1- Don’t be a homer like FLO and draft all falcon players, big mistake. Rookies always do that and they fail!
            More on that later!

          2. Arno

            Cleared those comments.

            Sure– please write an article on the SarahB league! We have a lot of time and not so many offers for posts.

    2. JJ

      Next yr, I think the bronze statue (on the right) put on the lefts’ bigger statue 2016 stained trophy.
      Like the base better on left and the bronze player on right.
      JMHO. Thoughts?

        1. JJ

          Like the verbiage better too, what do you think JWW?

          First one says “FFL League” which translate to fantasy football league league…je ne sais pas!

          1. JJ

            Yes I’m a perfectionist about our league and our champions’ trophy, owe it to our queen, Ms. Sarah Brainerd!

  1. Arno

    JJ– The comments should begin at Jan 18, 5:17 pm. All previous comments are cleared. Hope that’s what you wanted!! Otherwise, big OOOPS.

  2. JJ

    Great idea and I LOVE IT!!!

    I would leave everything and slot this just under the SB header, the size does not bother me at all but I trust your artistic expertise.

    Posted WAY too much stuff on our main page last night when I thought I was on this page, beer goggles I blame.

    My apologies guys. There’s 2 posts from me and one long post from Flo that were directed to the whole Cage.
    Would like to keep them over there, always the salesman I am, lol.
    The rest can be deleted or transferred over to there rightful place on this page.

    Will go through them tonight and let you know later on which ones I’d like to keep over there.

    Do not want to add extra work for you so this is not time sensitive, just whenever you can get around to it.

    Thanks guys, have a great weekend!

    ps- Rooting for Jags and Vikings, How bout y’all?

  3. JJ

    Thoughts on this yr trophy
    – Replace the generic FFL symbol with Arnos’ Cage symbol at top of this page?
    – On one side, add a plate of all past champions and yr?
    – On the other side, add a plate of the final standings of that yr?

    I’ve refinished over a 100 front doors in my career and would like to add my touch to this woodwork.
    There’s nothing wrong with JWW’s golden oak stain but I think a richer stain would enhance it.
    To do this, I will buy a unfinished trophy and then send it back to them so they can add the plates and armchair guy.
    Then they will mail it to our champion.

    My favorite stain: – 1/3 dark walnut + 2/3 red mahogany, then 4 coats high gloss poly.
    Then use the copper armchair guy instead of the gold dude.

      1. John Waynesworld

        JJ, here’s the same dark stain in gold…


        Interesting that they have FFL trophies in gold (1st), silver (2nd) and bronze (3rd)….when there’s only one winner in each FFL league.

        I wonder, do they expect 10 or 12 team FFL leagues to hand out 4 total trophies a year, including the Championship match loser (silver) as well as the 2 losers from the semi-final round (both bronze)? Sounds a bit participatory, must be popular in the blue state leagues.

        1. John Waynesworld

          Sorry JJ, I missed your previous comment. I guess to each their own on the color. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my bronze one too, until I got the gold one. I guess I just judge the colors because of my Olympic Games programming.

    1. JJ

      The mock draft has changed since last yr. so it’s a good idea to practice. I prefer the old version better but this one is easier to navigate. ADP will change allot during the pre-season games so make sure you check back at the end of august!

  4. Arno

    JJ– Wondering where Flo is and if he’s ok. The WordPress email for him isn’t working. Are you in touch with him through FFL?

    1. JJ

      I’ll send him a email through our league. It doesn’t show his address though, but it does send it to whatever email he signed up with.


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