SarahB Fantasy Football League

League Managers:

Jeffrey Jones (JJ) jones_jeffrey@bellsouth.net

Roddy Nixon (Seminole Warrior) seminole31@cox.net

League Office

25 thoughts on “FFL

  1. JJ

    Welcome Cagers, the 2017 SarahB FF league office is open. If you would like to join, plz send me an email and Ill send you a invitation through our league. You have to click on “accept” and your in.


    If you have any questions, leave them here and I, SW or other league members will answer them. Once you go to our league page, click on settings and scoring. We our a .5 ppr league (points per reception.)

    Here’s to another great season and as always, in remembrance of the queen of the cage and our FFL, SarahB!!!

  2. JJ

    Paddy O
    36 minutes
    how does the draft line up get figured? where do I go to see how points are awarded? how about trades?

    – draft lineup is set by the inverse order of last yr and new teams go the end. It’s a serpentine draft so if you pick in the 12th spot in rd 1, you get the 1st pick in rd.2.
    – points can be seen at league home page, click on setting, then scoring.
    – trades are available after the draft and closes 11/22 at 12 pm.
    – trades have to be approved by a LM…SW or myself. This is to ensure trades are fair to both parties and no russian collusion was involved.

    1. Paddy O

      have you guys come up with a draft cheat sheet?

      some way to track who you want to pick – sort of like a draft big board? I think I’d like to play. You’ll have to be connected on that date – anyone have any problems?

      1. JJ

        There are many sites that have cheat sheets but this far out, they mean nothing. I make several and then finalize the day before our draft.

        Go to espn/ff/mock draft lobby and you will find out if your computer is compatible, most are.

        Send me a email and Ill sign you up, a $25 fee will be due in August before we draft.

        As of today, you will be drafting in the 11th spot.


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