Sarah B. Memoriam

We’re taking a break from Falcons and Football to discuss something more serious. If you haven’t been a frequent visitor to The Bird Cage or are a newcomer, you may want to return in a few days when a new post about our Beloved Birds is up. This blog started a few years ago on D. Orlando Ledbetter’s blog and many of us got to know one another and developed a great rapport with each other discussing all things Falcons, football, and sometimes whatever we desired. Thus The Bird Cage was later born of many collective efforts that involved respect, dignity, compassion, and humanity. The Atlanta Falcons of course was the center point, but it evolved into so much more, thinking of each other’s well-being and genuinely wishing the best for each other and being there for comfort when some of us had tough times, even though we’d never once met in person. You could call it a “Spirit of The Bird Cage,” if you will. No one represented this more than one of our absolute favorite members Sarah Brainerd.

She was a trailblazer since was the only female member to be a huge Falcons fan in a male-dominated world of football. Sarah was tough and could mix it up with anybody regarding her Beloved Falcons. She had no problem talking about her love and passion for the Falcons. She was a true hardcore fan who refused to ever let negativity seep into her talk about the Birds, their chances for victory and success, and even in her own life. She was a rock, someone who always found the best silver lining for any given situation including a Falcons loss. Perhaps no other better trait represented her kind spirit than when some of the fellow posters were having struggles of their own, she would find kind words or poems to comfort them. Sarah was an awesome person who could always cut through the negative stuff and always welcomed opposing fans into the forum with the same respect she showed the Falcon followers. To sum it up in simple terms, she was an amazing and caring person with a wonderful light that lit up others when she was around. Most of us who knew Sarah through the bird cage didn’t have to meet her in person to know what an incredible human being she was. She loved her two dogs and being in multiple fantasy football leagues, which she took very seriously, and was quite good at too.

It is with immense sadness and grief to report that Sarah has tragically left us entirely too soon. This blog is devoted to her in her honor and memory. She wouldn’t want us to dwell on the sadness, but on the happiness that she brought to us through this forum centered on Falcons and Football. She was the true definition of a diehard Falcons fan and she loved this team through good and bad. Sarah always talked about her section being rocking and how she would be raising cane for her Birds. It was a passion she deeply cared about and she knew one day soon that she would be witness for the Parade Down Peachtree when the Falcons brought home the Lombardi Trophy. According to her close friend, in her last hours of life, she was talking about her beloved Falcons and how a Super Bowl title would be coming very soon. Even though most of us never knew her in person, we know she was a wonderful person and a fantastic human being. To say that she will be missed not just here our little football forum, but here on Earth gracing us with her warmth and kindness is an egregious understatement. Rest in Peace our sweet “Queen of The Bird Cage” as Seminole referred to her. Below are some comments she’s given over the years that represent her best. Please feel free to share your best memories of Sarah B.

1/10/11 – I got about 5″ here at the house. When I took the dogs out around 12 they seemed to think it was the greatest thing ever, running around chasing each other and trying to eat it.

1/8/11 – The Chips will fall where they fall. We will play whomever shows up and show them what the Atlanta Falcons are all about period. A little bit of Turner on the run, a little bit on Snelling on the screen, a little bit of Gonzo for the TD, a little bit – well more than a little – of Roddy down the side and when you are not looking a little bit of Jenkins too. And let’s not forget Abe, Babs, Grimes and Weems. Good luck to whomever shows up.

1/2/11 – Very, Very Very proud of our Birds. I knew we would make the playoffs this year but honestly I didn’t see this coming until after we beat the Ravens then the Packers. Once those 2 things happened I knew the Future was wide open!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!

12/19/10 – If we have a 4:00 game and they show it FOX does not get a 1:00 game. CBS is showing the JAX IND game and that is what we are stuck with. I would to see the Saints game and/or the Eagles game but unless you shell out for NFL ticket we are screwed.I hope part of the upcoming “talks” will fix some of that. I don’t want to go out today so I am stuck with JAX vs. IND.

12/8/10 – We must continue to play full out until the last game. Remember all the times the Colts “rested” their players too soon? If (when) we get the bye and home field advantage that already gives 14 days to rest and tune up. The Colts stopped playing in the last two games a couple of years then had the bye and got creamed in the 1st playoff game. You can’t lose the momentum or you lose the momentum… this is also the reason every division has games the last few weeks.

8/4/09 – Well just caught up and SW glad you are back!! Stormed a little earlier up here. Seemed to come out of nowhere. Except it was very hot and humid and the rain broke that up.

Here is my first pick on starting lineup – Erik Coleman will be starting. Inside info you say??? No I cheated a little my tickets came today and he is on the first ticket!!

Thanks CBrass, please root me on. These guys have no idea what they are in for!!! In my work league they always overlook me at draft time being the only girl and all I get no respect! But that is ok. Keeps them off their toes.

8/14/09 – Wow, now that’s a First post I’m down with. Good to meet you Coop. Welcome to The ‘Cage.

8/30/09 – 9 straight 3rd down conversions – ridiculas!!!!! We left mid 3rd Qtr pissed. Did I say ridiculas???? They better spend all day Monday practicing against 3rd & long and the screen pass… Ridiculas… Pre Season is no excuse…

9/10/09 – Well well well, again I’m here. Can’t wait for Sunday!

Rest in Peace Sweet Angel Sarah B.

14 thoughts on “Sarah B. Memoriam

  1. Seminole Warrior

    Then, now, ALWAYS….The Queen of the Cage. God bless the memory of the Queen, Sarah B. Your Warrior brother misses you so!!

  2. BA

    Very well done, and greatly appreciated by all that knew her.

    Sarah was the first cager that I met when I returned to ATL, and was always willing to be patient and explain the inside references as an outsider tried to join in. She was patient with newbies, yet was able to answer BS cagily and with finess (coated in Iron).

    Class article.

  3. Julius the Kicker

    Well Done, D3.
    I have not had chance to know her, but she seems like my kind of people that I truly miss my chance to knowing her.
    Hopefully, she can watch the Falcon from heaven, and cheer…….
    Rest in Peace….

  4. Seminole Warrior

    Happy Holidays, Dear Queen. You are always close in thought and your memory remains the eternal flame that guides us all.

  5. Seminole Warrior

    February 22….the day the Cage changed forever.

    The last conversation I had with the Queen was a discussion about smooth jazz music. She told me she was a listener of some aspect of the genre and I promised to share some of my favorites with her. We discussed cruising with the tops down on our respective convertibles and enjoying the sweet notes of a nice, instrumental piece as our minds and souls ventured into that quiet storm.

    Sarah, like sunrise and sunset, you are a constant. A pulse that sustains so many that you touched. I miss you, friend.

    So, my Queen, I find myself reflecting on your inspiration as we approach the day that God decided that he needed you more than we did. My heart still seeks your presence; I miss our chats about the Falcons, drop-tops, the weather forecast, and our Falcons. But it’s all good. I have a promise from the Divine that we will gather again one day. As with my Angels in heaven, I look forward to seeing you as well.

    In honor of my friend, my sister, the Dear Queen…..

    Mr. Paul Hardcastle

  6. Seminole Warrior

    Dear Queen Sarah,

    It has been nearly six years since you left us in an abrupt way. We STILL find ourselves missing your presence, longing for your insight, and reflecting on your grace. I hope that joy is yours as your sit to the right of the Almighty in that divine place.

    Keep an eye on us as we move on. Keep us close in thought and love. We look forward to the reunion one day. In the meantime, never forget that we love and miss you!! And that you are forever, in this forum, OUR QUEEN!!


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