University of Georgia Bulldogs – Open Thread

68 thoughts on “UGA

  1. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Congrats to the Dawgs for “W” over Aubarn. Any win over those cheaters is a good win.

    Not asking for Mark Richt to go but if he does I want Dan Mullen (HC) – he’s done wonders in Starkville.

  2. falcon21

    We are playing Georgia Southern and they are still in the game. No way should that be happening. It’s time for a change. Sweet Richt has got to go!!!

  3. falcon21

    Overtime against Georgia Southern, Flo, are you still loving on Mark Richt? 15 years is enough for me, I hope sweet Richt is gone!!!

  4. Seminole Warrior

    I wish nothing but the very best to a fine man and an outstanding football coach in Mark Richt. I have no doubt that his contributions to college football are far from done. Miami, Virginia, or Maryland should IMMEDIATELY put him on speed dial.

  5. Seminole Warrior

    Congratulations to Mark Richt as he takes the reigns at his alma mater, the University of Miami.

    What a week for the ACC!! Virginia Tech and Miami make GREAT hires. And in both of the talent rich areas, the men that now have the lead are going to make significant differences.

    The gap is closing my friends. Here comes the ACC!!!

  6. Dewey

    Predicted Richt to Miami when that job opened up 5-6 weeks ago. If he got fired, thought he could land there, if he wasn’t fired, figured Miami would give him a call and he might just bolt because he was sick of all the naysayers in Athens.

    10 win seasons are great. Richt practically averaged 10 wins a season. The biggest problem was not playing for championships (SEC or otherwise).

    Richt is a really good man and a really good football coach with no killer instinct, and that, in my mind was his biggest downfall (will mention another in a moment). We never blew out teams we should have. You see Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc. beat division II schools like 73-3. We never do that. 48-3, 45-14, 49-10, but never the beat down they should receive. We would constantly “play down” to lesser opponents and make games closer than they should be, or maybe even lose.

    Georgia is a hot bed for recruits, we will get a good recruiting class ever season. However, with 100-150 top athletes every year coming out of the state, and only UGA and GA Tech as top in state schools, and only 25 scholarships to give (50 between the 2 schools), top flight athletes are going to end up elsewhere. So where do they end up? Most stay as close to home as possible. Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky. I dare say most of these kids grew up UGA fans. So when they don’t get a scholarship from UGA and go elsewhere, they have revenge on their minds whenever they play UGA. Makes for a lot of rivals. Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn and GA Tech are all bitter rivals that UGA has to play every year. And typically the best players on Kentucky’s team come from Georgia and we play them every year. That’s 1/2 the season facing rivals full of players that want to show Georgia they were wrong by not offering.

    Richt’s other Achilles heal was not having 2 really good QB’s on the roster at the same time. He started with David Greene, but Greene wasn’t his guy, so he brought in Shockley. That’s the only time we’ve had an overlap of talented QB’s. Richt kind of fell in love with the 4 year starter at QB. Greene 4-years, Stafford 3-years (left early), Murray 4-years. So, what was he left with in the off years? Well, Shockley got him 1 year and an SEC championship, but he was the exception and was given plenty of playing time while he waited. Who else? Tereshinski, Cox, Mason. All guys that stuck around, maybe had to redshirt 1 season to get their 1 chance to shine. Know who else had to do this? Mark Richt when he was a QB at Miami. And Richt’s 1 season as starter went just like Cox, Mason, Tereshinski. Horrible results and finally replaced. I think Richt had too soft a spot for these guys because he was too close to their situations.

    I’ll finish off by saying I’ve been hearing a lot of 10 win seasons won’t cut it. You don’t need to win 10 every year to be successful. You need to play in SEC championships every 2-4 years to keep your job. You’re allowed a “down year” to reload every now and then. But once you reload, you’d better be back on top.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Dewey – hope you are right… big gamble changing coaches with a huge recruiting class in the making. Good luck to Richt at Miami and good luck to Kirby at UGA…. Go Dawgs!

  7. Flo-Ri-Duh

    SINISIN – I will continue, from time to time, to comment on other topics besides the Falcons on the “other side”… just because we always have. Sometimes Falcons are slow news so see no harm done. I do try to avoid politics. Thanks Arno for making this blog available but not convinced it will be used. Tradition is hard to change.

    1. falcon21

      Agree, we have commented about college football and many other off topics from day 1 on D3’s blog and it will continue.

    2. Arno

      I’m not looking to change any Cage traditions. When JJ asked for a FFL page, I thought we could try some CFB pages as a trial run.

      I’ll take down the CFB pages if nobody wants to use them. I thought the Richt convo would be intense, and so it was. By all means, you Dawg fans talk about Richt as much as you want.

      On the other hand, some of us Cagers are wearing out our scroll down toggle bar to get past all the UGA convo. 🙂

      1. falcon21

        Arno, I like what you did man, no problem and thank you. The problem is everyone does not have an avatar, if they did they would know when someone replied to their comment and it would be much easier. The CFB page is great and again, thank you!

        1. Arno

          Good point. Hadn’t thought of that.
          So I guess it’s not really an inconvenience to scroll through all the Falcons comments if you want to track the UGA convo.

          1. falcon21

            LOL, I would never scroll past a Falcons comment, I am a huge Dawgs and Falcons fan and an all around sports fan. I’m good with any sports related subject, even Tech! Things get slow from time to time and all sports are welcome, I also have no problem with the FFL talk but I’m speaking for me!

          1. JB Falcon

            Also, if I double click on your answer another windows opens at the CFB site! Change site? Click; Change window!

      2. JB Falcon

        I just came over to check the UGA page since the cage is slow. Been a lot of Dawg talk over there which is just fine with me. Dawgs/Falcons are equally interesting in my house.

  8. Seminole Warrior

    So tell me, how are you guys feeling about the Smart hire? And SEC team will attempt to take Jimbo Fisher away from Tallahassee next season?

  9. falcon21

    SW, I like the Smart hire, I like the coaches he is bringing in and the ones he is retaining from the old staff. I wish we could have got Bama’s strength and conditioning coach, that would be a big deal but it’s not gonna happen. I’m still waiting on the hire of a new DC but I’m good with everything so far. As for Fisher, Bama???

  10. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Remarks on here are few and far between mostly because we are slow to change and forget o come over here. Nice that Arno made this available though – an improvement that may be used more in the future – if UGA starts winning the big games.

    Bama 45 – Clemson 40 CONGRATS AGAIN ONE MORE TIME TO THE TIDE – maybe Dawgs can stop that roll!

    Never would have guessed such a high scoring game with two good defenses. One of the best championship games of all time. Saban’s reputation as a coach grows as with momentum going Clemson’s way he rolled the dice with an onside kick with the game on the line and won.

    Deshaun Watson (QB), Clemson was amazing and is my lead candidate, behind a tremendous OL, for Heisman winner of 2016.

  11. John Waynesworld

    There is light at the end of the tunnel for a big time WR to go to Georgia…

    So the choices are down to ND, Cal, Tech and UGA. It is good for us that none of the other 3 have anything special at QB. Cal lost Jared Goff, Notre Dame will use multiple running QBs and Tech is the same old rumblin’, bumblin’ Tech with no QBs and alot of lonely WRs.

    I just checked the Notre Dame spring game. It was a 17-7 score and all three scores were rushing TDs (2 runs by the QBs). Not something a Wide Receiver gets stoked about.

    Hopefully this young man saw our Spring Game. We were airing it out all day. Near 800 yards of passing and 3 passing TDs. It really should have been 4 but one ref made a bad call on a great catch. Side note: on that play that Kirby threw his play sheet in the air, simulating a red flag toss. He then just decided to let the call stay and moved on.

    We go deep! Sign up, kid!

    1. John Waynesworld

      UPDATE – Robertson’s decision has been moved up to this Sunday, May 1st (1:00 p.m.) at the College Football Hall of Fame.

      Having this guy as a deep threat will give our new QB and receivers much more open field to work with.

  12. John Waynesworld

    From SEC country recruiting page…

    The four-star defensive tackle from Lee County High School (Leesburg, Ga.), told SEC Country’s Zach Abolverdi why he decided to name the Crimson Tide his top team after visiting Tuscaloosa three weeks ago.

    “Discipline — a lot of discipline,” Solomon said. “You never really hear about an Alabama player getting in trouble. Never. Georgia has some problems here and there. Florida State here and there, but with Bama, it’s all about business.”

    Recruiting involves everything these days, including common sense approaches to “criminality” when it concerns campus cops and students on campus. I recently read a reply tweet from Clarke County PD, defending the UGA police arrest for a student not having a driver’s license….

    “We didn’t arrest him, but we probably would have. It is the law of the land: you must have a license if you want to drive.”

    The law of the land doesn’t say that “you must have a license in order to keep your freedom! So what they’re inferring is that jumping into your car and forgetting your wallet is tantamount to getting drunk and jumping in your car….both will take you straight you to jail.

    As most of us know (apparently not CC/UGA cops) when one are caught driving without a license, the most justifiable punishment is suspending or revoking a person’s license for a period of time, not throwing them in the local jail with the dregs of society! Also, this is not an potential immigration scenario as the cop car’s computer can spit out this kid’s life history, with pictures, in seconds.

    What an excessive and subjective abuse of power the police have, and it’s not changing for the better. It’s no wonder young folks today, of all colors and standing, hate the police.

    On a related note…my son was broadsided last weekend by a HIT & RUN driver which totaled his car (he’s okay). My son called the police with the license tag number of the getaway car. A day later, NO ARRESTS were made and the police told my son that HIT & RUN was only a misdemeanor. WTF!!!

    Rant over, I hear the helicopters approaching my house. 😉

  13. falcon21

    Who will start at QB??? I want Eason. I haven’t gotten to Athens yet, I’ve gotta go by ear and I’m hearing very little.

  14. falcon21

    A good first win for Kirby and our Dawgs, Please stop with rotating the QB’s, let Eason have it. He is gonna make mistakes but he is still better than Lambert!!!

  15. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Eason is starting now and getting blamed for the offensive problems. He’s a TRUE freshman, meaning he was in high school a few months ago. Against Vandy, UGA couldn’t run the ball – Eason started slowly but actually had a good game. The special teams looks like they have finally found a field goal kicker but their short kick off at the beginning of the Vandy game allowed a long return to the UGA 4 yard line. The special teams had another blunder when Reggie Davis stepped out of bounds returning a kick on UGA’s own 3 yard line. UGA’s defense held Vandy to around 150 total yards. UGA’s offense (mostly passing) was over 300 yards – double what Vandy got. The difference? Poor special teams play and two turnovers giving Vandy 10 points.

    Kirby Smart inherited a team deficient in some key areas: DL starters are mostly freshmen and sophs – 1 junior and NO seniors. The OL lost both their starting OT’s to graduation and there wasn’t a single starting quality OT on the roster to replace them with. They are basically starting four guards on the OL. However, the current recruiting class is very promising with four HUGE four star OL already committed. Two of them being OT’s.

    Vandy has an excellent defense and I’m not down on Kirby Smart. He just got there – give him a chance to bring in some talent.

  16. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Dawgs gutted out a tough win vs Kentucky on the last play of the game. Eason led them down to get them in field goal position and Blankenship put through his 4th field goal of the day. Not a pretty win but they showed resolve on a day when the offense lost 3 fumbles.

  17. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Dawgs 13 vs Aubarn 7
    UGA’s defense held Aubarn to 24 total yards in the 2nd half and zero 1st downs!
    On the offensive side Eason played well and solid run game but penalties and mistakes kept them out of the end zone
    Blankenship kicked 2 field goals and has made 11 of last 12. All his kickoffs were in the end-zone.
    This kid needs a scholarship Kirby – but we still need a punter.
    Dawgs whipped Aubarn up front.
    GOoooooooo Dawgs!

  18. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Dawgs are building a huge recruiting class – ranked 3rd behind Bama and the Buckeyes so far. They just reeled in a 5 star OT from Brooklyn NY… 6’7″ 350 lbs. and still in high school! D-am I’m not wanting to take that on no way no how! Only 300 lb guy I ever faced was obeast with zero stamina and I could run around him. This guy from New York doesn’t even have a gut.

  19. John Waynesworld


    There should be none in 2017. The ones that decided to come back are SMART (no pun). The ones that are leaving from the offensive line….GOOD. Have a great life in your other careers while not being on an NFL O-Line. All the future NFL QBs and RBs thank you.

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Isaiah McKenzie (WR) has announced for the draft and he will get drafted – guessing maybe 4th round. While a dynamic playmaker I question his durability at maybe 160 lbs. (being kind)

  20. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Dawgs whip TCU in Liberty Bowl. Good game and congrats to the Dawgs but I’m not loving schools with a losing record going to bowls. TCU was 6-7 going in to the game.

  21. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Isaiah McKinney (OT) a huge (pun intended) commit for the Dawgs was just helped off the field at the Under Armour game with what appears to be a leg injury. Please let it not be serious.

  22. Flo-Ri-Duh

    UGA finished ranked #3 class for 2017 football commits according to the pundits (, etc) All depends on how they produce on the field of course, but this was a homerun for Kirby Smart & co. Congrats coach….. now go get us some more!

  23. Flo-Ri-Duh

    Guess I’m the only UGA fan in The Cage? Come on guys.
    G-Day game this saturday (April 22nd) and 1st chance to look at this top 5 rated recruiting class.


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