Am I really just a voice in the wilderness?

Try venting to the Cage! It is much less painful than constantly hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, let alone beating yourself up by internally stewing. Feel free to give a good unleashing on whatever is presently rocking your boat. Like for me, all the dangerous ‘hacking’ blame games, but (purposefully?) no discussion of the despicable truths within the hacked information!

How about you? As usual, manners please.


220 thoughts on “VENT

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      JJ – I don’t know. This could get messy since the left tends to rush to the aid of lawyers when they can’t get their way. I’m predicting tons of lawsuits if the NFL insists they stand or be punished. They’re going to say the have a right to insult the flag – as the Supreme Court gave the right to burn the flag without penalty.

      I would just insist the networks keep the cameras off of them and not discuss the situation on the air. This is all political and they’re looking for publicity.

  1. SinIsIn


    *looks around*

    The hell happened in my absence?? Is this still where I come to sob into my trufant jersey?

  2. Arno

    “Last month Bob Costas, who hosted NBC’s flagship Football Night in America program for more than a decade, articulated football’s bleak forecast at a roundtable discussion at the University of Maryland, saying “the reality is that this game destroys people’s brains” and that “the whole thing could collapse like a house of cards if people actually begin connecting the dots.”

    “The cracks in the foundation are there,” Costas said. “The day-to-day issues, as serious as they may be, they may come and go. But you cannot change the nature of the game. I certainly would not let, if I had an athletically gifted 12- or 13-year-old son, I would not let him play football.”

    He added: “There is no such thing as a safe blow to the head. And then when you have repeated blows to your head, it increases the risk of permanent brain damage. Once you start having hundreds or thousands of blows, there is a 100% risk of exposure to permanent brain damage. The brain does not have a reasonable capacity to regenerate. This is something we have always known.”

    The ethical gymnastics demanded of NFL fans have grown more challenging over the past decade as the scientific evidence linking football with brain injuries mounts, forcing spectators to reconcile their thirst for the bone-crunching hits at the core of the league’s appeal with an inconvenient reality: that life-altering violence is not a bug or aberration but an essential feature.”

    1. Flo-Ri-Duh

      Arno – I don’t expect the game to be outlawed but do expect it to continue to lose popularity among the masses as the parents refuse to allow their children to play the game. I don’t have an answer. On the other hand, even a more violent sport like MMA is very popular among a select audience.

  3. JB Falcon

    Though I would mosey over here to post this link even though I think it is football related. Could be call political.

    Feel free to share.


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